Deburring and Deflashing Machines Information

deburring and deflashing machinesDeburring and deflashing machines remove burrs or dross, smooth or deflash parting lines, round off sharp edges, and radius corners on machined parts, castings, forgings, molded components, and welded assemblies.

Finishing, cleaning, polishing , dusting (dedusting) is accomplished through a relative motion and pressure between the brush and the work piece. The bristle scrape up against the surface removing a minute amount of material. The rotary brushes are rotated and/or reciprocated or oscillated while the work piece is pushed against the brush face. On finishing or cleaning of large surfaces such as sheet metal or floor, the brush face is pushed against the work surface.


Most deburring and deflashing machines consist of a steel housing with a motor, spindle, brush mount mechanism(s), control system for motor speed, feed rate , and/or tension or pressure between tool and work piece surface. The machine may have a conveyor or table for mounting and feeding parts.


Deburring machines remove burrs from machining, grinding or drilling, round off sharp edges, and radius corners on machined parts, castings, forgings, molded components and welded assemblies.

Deflashing machines remove flash, dross or parting lines on castings, forgings, molded components and welded assemblies. The sharp edge of a parting line or flashing could be considered a burr, so in some respects a deflashing machine is a subset of deburring machines. However, specialized deflashing tools is sometimes used in presses or press like equipment to shear the flashing from a part. This type of deflashing machine is not a subset of deburring machinery. 


  • Rotary speed
  • Dimensions of tool/brush/abrasive

  • Workpiece speed or feed rate


Deburring tools are classified based on the technology used. Common deburring methods include:

deburring machine

  • Brush deburring/deflashing

  • Abrasive disc deburring

  • Abrasive belts deburring

  • Abrasive flapwheel deburring

  • Mounted point deburring

  • Carbide burr deburring

  • Metal file deburring

  • Cutting blade deburring

  • Trim press deburring

  • Thermal deburring

  • Cryogenic deflashing

  • Trim press deflashing

  • Shearing edges

  • Wxtrusion deburing with abrasive compound

  • Media deburring

  • Tumbling deburring

  • Vibratory deburring


Deburring machines can be found in the aerospace, automotive, or marine industries. These machines are also used in electronics including on PCB boards, electrical contacts and electrical connectors. 

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