Paint Brushes and Applicators Information

Paint brushes and applicators are used to apply paints, adhesives, sealants, oils, cleaners, acids or etchants, mortar or cement treatments, and other coating products to surfaces. There are many different types of paint brushes and paint rollers. Choices include wall paint brushes; varnish and synthetic varnish brushes; sash, flat sash, angled sash, and oval sash paint brushes; artist and flat artist brushes; marking brushes and round brushes; trim rollers and economy rollers; disposable or throw-away brushes; bent handle brushes and paint pads; and foam brushes and polyester brushes. Special feature include cardboard, paper core, or PVC core rollers; plastic handles and polyester bristles; long, hardwood, or titled handles; camel or goat hair bristles; and flagged edges and chiseled edges. Specialty paint brushes and paint rollers are also available.


Selecting paint brushes and paint rollers requires an understanding of product features. Paint brushes differ in terms of bristle materials, handle materials, size, brush angle, and applications. Choices for bristle material include polyester, nylon and other synthetic products as well as natural materials such as goat hair, horse hair, and camel hair. Paint brush handles are usually made of wooden, metal, or plastic. Paint rollers are equipped with either a center-mounted handle or a side-mounted handle with threads for mounting on an extension pole. Roll covers are graded and may include a spatter shield. Typically, roller cover nap is specified in inches or fractions of inches. Paint rollers with smoother naps are used to apply paints to plaster, drywall, metal and other smooth surfaces. Refill rollers with rougher naps are used to apply flat paints to brick, concrete, stucco, and other textured surfaces. Paint trays are common accessories for paint brushes and paint rollers.


Suppliers of paint brushes and paint rollers offer many different types of artist, marking, detail and forensic brushes. Art brushes for sign making, decorative, and other types of painting may be designed for use with acrylics, alkyds, fired glazes, oils, or watercolors. Art brush bristles are often made from ox hair, goat hair, sable hair, squirrel hair, or hog bristles. Brush handles vary in length and may have a flat, angled, rounded or fine tip. Products with a double row of bristles are also available. Marking brushes carry product specifications such as trim, size, overall length, and units per package. Detail brushes have sharper tips than standard paint brushes and paint rollers.