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Machining Clamps Information

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Machining clamps are used for machine setup and tool or part fixturing.


Types of Machining Clamps


The most common types of machining clamps include:


  • Cam clamps have an eccentric cam that locks against the side of the workpiece by tightening a screw.
  • Cylinder clamps use a cylinder to apply force above or below a workpiece. The cylinder provides the moving action to secure the part between the cylinder head and a mechanical stop.
  • Swing clamps are fixturing and set-up clamps that are used to secure a jig or fixture. The jaw swings out and away from the clamped part to achieve clearance for part removal.
  • Hook clamps are a type of swing clamp.
  • Pull clamps have a clamping pin or screw that is inserted through a hole in the workpiece into a hole on the pull clamp. When the clamp is engaged, the clamping pin is pulled down and the workpiece is clamped into place. Pull clamps may be manually-actuated (by means of a lever) or hydraulically-actuated.
  • Push clamps are machining clamps that have a piston or jaw that pushes and clamps against the workpiece when the clamp is actuated.
  • Retracting clamps are machining clamps that have a retractable clamping arm for fast part loading and unloading.
  • Side or edge clamps have a moving jaw that, when actuated, clamps against the side of a workpiece.
  • Toe clamps are low-profile clamps that butt up to the side of a workpiece. As they are tightened, a wedge moves the jaw downward and forward to provide a positive force against the side of the workpiece.

Clamp straps and clamp strap assemblies are used for multi-angle clamping and are also commonly available. Types of clamp straps include:


  • Tapped or tapped heel clamps
  • Forged clamps
  • Finger tip clamps
  • Nose clamps
  • Forked clamps or u-clamps
  • Gooseneck clamps
  • Plain clamps
  • Taper nose clamps
  • Step clamps



Product specifications for all types of machining clamps include:


  • Capacity
  • Clamping width
  • Clamping force
  • Actuation method
  • Clamping method
  • Application
  • Materials of construction
  • Features 





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