Abrasive Compounds and Abrasive Slurries Information

Diamond lapping compoundAbrasive compounds and abrasive slurries are used to improve surface finish or flatness. They consist of fine abrasives in slurry, bar, powder, or paste form.


There are many different types of abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries. Examples include:

  • buffing compounds, plastic buffing compounds, and metal buffing compounds
  • lapping compounds, valve lapping compounds, and specialty lapping compounds
  • polishing compounds, stainless steel polishing compounds, and cultured marble polishing compounds

Other types of finishing compounds are also available.


Abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries may be specific to a particular machine or type of machine. For example, honing machines use specific abrasives to correct the geometry and alignment of machined holes. To create a very smooth or flat surface with an extremely fine finish, lapping and polishing machines also use finishing compounds. Parts are processed between one or two large flat plates. Typically, one plate is stationary while the other rotates. Abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries for machines that use a stone or stones with very fine grit to produce surfaces with a very fine surface are also available.


Abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries include extremely fine-grit slurries that are used to manufacture precision spherical shapes for ball bearings. They are used with impregnated cloths and ropes, as well as for metal polishing, concrete polishing, and even sharpening metal blades. Abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries include crystalline powders for general polishing and lapping applications, synthetic and natural compounds for water-soluble or oil-soluble lapping machines, slurries and suspensions that are specially designed for providing superior finishes, and polishing fabrics or pads. Typically, polishing pads are used on hard surfaces such as ceramic and optical glass.

Abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries for metal polishing are sometimes called rouges. These products come in different colors and differ in terms of abrasiveness. Metal polishing compounds are developed for use on specific ferrous, non-ferrous, or precious metals. Stainless steel finishing compounds are also available. Concrete polishing compounds are used with specialized floor sanding equipment. These concrete sanders are fitted with a series of diamond-impregnated disks that gradually sand the surface of the concrete to a smooth finish. Commercially, abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries for restoring antiques or sharpening cutlery are commonly available; however, these products may not be suitable for industrial applications.

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