Traction Coatings and Friction Modifiers Information

Traction coatings and friction modifiers control the friction, binding, or adhesion between two surfaces. They are primarily used to increase traction and prevent slipping on rotational components such as belts (as belt dressing), reel drums, and pulleys. Traction coatings may also be used as anti-slip coatings on floors. The coating may be permanent or temporary, depending upon its intended applications.


Traction coatings typically consist of a solid abrasive material — such as sand or carbide — within a flow material such as epoxy. The abrasive material gives the coating its textured, traction-promoting consistency and may vary between products and industries; for example, sand is frequently used in temporary coatings in the transportation industry, whereas a permanent solution is more suitable for industrial processing use.


traction coatings and friction modifiers selection guide     traction coatings and friction modifiers selection guide  traction coatings and friction modifiers selection guide

(l to r) An epoxy slip-resistant coating; a latex anti-skid coating for concrete surfaces; applying sprayable belt dressing.

Image credit: Superior Industries | Underhood Service | A & M Industrial