Frequency-to-Voltage Converter Chips Information

Frequency-to-voltage converter chips provide an analog voltage output as a function of the input signal frequency. A frequency-to-voltage converter chip can be accommodated to be used at unipolar, bipolar, and at differential input voltage. In a frequency to voltage converter circuit, a 1 mA current is shot in the integrator input for a fixed duration of time whenever the value of the comparator threshold circuit becomes negative. The amount of charge passing through the capacitor is directly proportional to the increase in the frequency. The voltage gets stabilized only when the value of leakage current passing through R1 and R3 circuit becomes equal to the value of current passed into the capacitor circuit. This operation of frequency to voltage results in the output voltage as low-voltage systems, whose value is equal to the input frequency. There are many types of frequency-to-voltage converter chips. Examples include AD650 frequency to voltage converter chips and LM2917 frequency to voltage converter chips. AD650 frequency to voltage converter chips is best suited for use in high frequency and low non-linear operations. The frequency to voltage circuit of an AD650 can also be used as a high-resolution analog to digital converter. A LM2917 frequency to voltage converter chip is a monolithic to voltage converter and is used in cruise control and speedometer applications. Other frequency-to-voltage converter chips are commonly available.

There are several ways in which frequency-to-voltage converter chips function. A frequency-to-voltage converter chip works on the principle of regulating the input current feed to the capacitor for equalizing the output voltage to that of the input frequency. Frequency to voltage conversion in an AD650 frequency to voltage converter circuit should have a total supply voltage of 36 volts and differential input voltage of +/- 10 volts. In addition, the signal frequency outputs should not exceed the maximum value of 10 KHz on a full scale. An AD650 frequency to voltage converter circuit should also have a storage temperature of -55 to +150 ºC. Frequency-to-voltage converter chips are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.

Frequency-to-voltage converter chips are used in many applications. Frequency-to-voltage converter chips are widely used for home and clutch control and touch or sound switches. In addition, frequency-to-voltage converter chips are widely used in speedometers, tachometers, speed governors, and breaker point dwell meters. Frequency-to-voltage converter chips should adhere to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.