Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies Information

How to Select Broadcasting, Studio and Theatrical SuppliesBroadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies are used in the planning and production of television shows, radio programs, movies, films, plays, concerts, and other audio or video recordings. Suppliers may serve a variety of industries, or specialize in one or more applications. Often, providers of broadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies are located in areas with television and movie studios, radio stations and sound stages, and related facilities.

Types of Broadcasting, Studio and Theatrical Supplies

There are many different types of broadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies. Some examples include:

  • Period costumes
  • Theatrical curtains
  • TV or movie sets
  • Theatrical lighting products such as light dimmers, stage lights, and spotlights
  • Broadcast booths
  • Cameras and monitors

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Video Equipment

How to Select Broadcasting, Studio and Theatrical SuppliesBroadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies include many different types of video production equipment beyond cameras and monitors. Examples include:

  • Complete console systems - May feature moveable turrets with a multiple track design for the placement of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors.
  • Broadcast and production consoles - Modular devices that consist of components such as production and master consoles.
  • Editing and graphics consoles - Used in the non-linear editing of film.
  • Data and security devices - Includes command and control rooms and technical operations centers.
  • Accessories

Audio Equipment

Broadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies for audio applications are used in a variety of recording and programming applications. Products include:

  • Audio mixers - May be powered or non-powered. USB mixers for studio recording are a common type.
  • Audio monitors - Used by sound engineers and other personnel who specialize in audio quality and control.
  • Speakers - Specified according to size and wattage. Types include column speakers, ceiling speakers, and wireless speakers.
  • Amplifiers - Specified according by wattage. Features include independent channel volume controls.
  • Portable sound systems
  • Signal processors
  • Surge protectors
  • Audio cables
  • Headphones and headsets
  • Sound testers
  • Wireless communications devices
  • Audio Workstations


AES11 - AES recommended practice for digital audio engineering - Synchronization of digital audio equipment in studio operations

CSA C22.2 NO 166 - Stage and studio luminaires

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