Radar Systems and Products Information

Radar systems and radar products have synchronized transmitters and receivers that send radio waves and detect their reflections from objects, surfaces, or sub-surface structures. Radar systems and products include a wide variety of devices that use these reflections to locate objects, and can function on land or underwater.


Radar systems and radar products transmit pulses of electromagnetic waves through a directional antenna. Objects that intercept those waves reflect them back to the radar system receiver where the signal is processed into electronic data that can be represented visually, using a cathode ray tube.


Radar systems and products are used to gauge where an object is located in reference to the radar. Radar systems and products are also used to monitor a moving object’s speed and direction in relation to the radar. Law enforcement agencies use radar to determine the speed of traffic on highways. Devices that perform radar speed measurement are typically handheld guns that both transmit the signal and receive the signal reflected from a moving car. Radar systems and radar products are used extensively in military, defense, and transportation applications. Commercial airliners use a radar product to warn of approaching obstacles or enable air traffic controllers to assist a pilot in heavy weather. Geo radar is special ground penetrating radar that is used to locate objects underground, including buried pipes or utility cables, underground storage tanks, hazardous waste drums, archaeological sites, and unexploded ordnances or land mines. Radar systems and radar products are also used to track weather systems and monitor precipitation. Regional radar systems are frequently used by meteorologists to predict local weather conditions. Another unique use for radar is the continuous measurement of products stored in large tanks or vessels. A radar level measurement device is mounted on the top of a vessel and uses electromagnetic waves beamed downward onto the surface of the material in the tank. The signal reflected back to radar systems and products relays the level of product left in the tank.