Mining Wear Parts and Excavating Wear Parts Information

Mining wear parts and excavating wear partsMining wear parts and excavating wear parts are commonly-replaced components that are used in mineral and aggregate extraction and processing. Examples include buckets, shovels, teeth, dragline parts, grinding mill liners, crawler shoes, links, clevises, and wear plates. Wear parts or wear liners for draglines, power shovels, and tunneling machines are used to replace worn or damaged components in crushing machines, milling machines, grinding machines, and size reduction equipment. In this way, mining wear parts and excavating wear parts enable mines and quarries to operate efficiently. Although these commonly-replaced components are used mainly in the extraction and processing of minerals and aggregate materials, some are used with scrap and raw materials. 


There are many types of mining wear parts and excavating wear parts. Choices include:

  • arch plates
  • blow bars
  • bucket pins
  • dipper pins

Bucket parts and bucket components also include bucket castings, bucket lip centers, bucket lip wings, bucket teeth and adapters, buck wear packages, and cast bucket lips. Other types of mining wear parts and excavating wear parts include check plates, conveyor chute liners, and crawler shoes. Drag chains, dragline arches, dragline bucket protection, dragline centerline sockets, dragline chain, dragline end links, dragline vertical hitch components, and dragline vertical hitch parts are also available.  

Choices for mining wear parts and excavating wear parts cover dump blocks, excavator bucket protection, feeder deck plates, ferrule dump sockets, ground engaging tools (GET), gyratory and jaw crusher liners, hoist chain, loader bucket protection, quarry and mining grizzly screen, and rigging parts. Additional categories of mining wear parts and excavating wear parts include shovel bucket protections, shovel drive sockets and idlers, shovel rack and pinions, track pad pins and bushings, track pads, weld-on adapters, and wear caps.  


Mining wear parts and excavating wear parts differ in terms of materials and features. Specialized materials for replacing wear parts include metal overlay clad with a harder alloy or carbide layer, cast manganese steel, high-chrome cast irons, Ni-Hard, cobalt alloys, cemented carbides, hardenable stainless steel, tool steels, martensitic steels, and austenitic steels. Manganese or high nickel steel can attain an austenitic structure, which work hardens and transforms to a harder martensite layer during end-use. Impact and wear resistance is provide by combining materials such as manganese steel wear strips, carbide wear buttons, or high chrome cast iron plates bonded to a ductile steel backing. 


Mining wear parts and excavating wear parts are used to repair, maintain, and upgrade machinery and equipment such as backhoes, bucket excavators, cable shovels, continuous miners, dippers, dozers, draglines, dredging machines, earth movers, excavators, hard rock mining machines, and loaders. Mining wear parts and excavating wear parts are also used with tunneling and micro-tunneling equipment; mining equipment and strip mining equipment; shovels such as power shovels, steam shovels, and wire rope shovels; rippers, road headers, and trenchers; and track excavation machines, wall shearer loaders, and wheel loaders.

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