Parking Control Systems and Products Information

Parking control systems and products are used in automobile parking enforcement and management. Examples include parking meters, ticket dispensers, toll barriers and parking partitions. A parking meter is a device that allows the collection of revenue from people for providing parking facilities. A parking meter also enables the assurance of turnover in particular parking spaces and prohibits parking when there is not enough parking spaces or there is a security risk. A ticket dispenser can work with transient ticket dispensing applications and is used to process transient tickets, accept magnetic monthly cards and credit cards. A ticket dispenser can also control back-out and stolen tickets. A toll barrier is used to collect revenue to use a toll road or a tall bridge. A toll barrier can allow customers to electronically pay their tolls while traveling at highway speeds. A parking partition involves additional excavation, structural frame, sloped vehicle access ramps, and basement perimeter walls to separate parking areas from other enclosed areas. Other parking control systems and products are commonly available.


Parking control systems and products are user friendly and ensure easy use for customers. A secure parking control system includes security gates, pay stations, and ticket dispensers. A parking control system can control access and generates revenue in parking lots and garages. A parking meter is usually a small box, which can accept coins, swipe cards such as a credit card or a smartcard into a slot. A parking meter processes the coins into a currency detector and validates a credit card or smart card. A parking meter consists of a timer, which is set within the meter. A dial or display on the meter indicates how much parking time is remaining. A ticket dispenser includes stand-alone or online operation, built-in diagnostics, backout ticket buffer, voice announcement, and low ticket indicator. A parking management system helps to optimize resources, reduce pollution, and speed parking patrols. An automated parking system is an ideal solution for resolving a parking space problem. An automated parking system requires 35% less floor space and turns parking machines into fully programmable wireless payment terminals. An automated parking system enables payment of parking fees at any station, over a wireless network. A garage parking system helps find where to stop and park a car when it has entered a garage. A garage parking system consists of ultrasonic sensors, which measure the distance between the bumper of a car and walls or other objects, and turns on lights to indicate where to stop. Parking control systems and products are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.


Parking control systems and products are used in many parking places. Parking meters are generally used by municipalities to enforce their parking policy and mobility management policy. An automated parking system can be integrated into almost any new construction or rebuild project. Parking control systems and products should adhere to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.