Windshields and Vehicle Windows Information

Windshields, windscreens, and vehicle windows provide visibility for personnel inside aerospace, marine, roadway, and railway vehicles while protecting occupants from oncoming rain, insects, and debris. Types of vehicle windows include front windows or windshields, side windows, sunroofs, and rear windows. Windows are typically made from tempered glass, polycarbonate plastic, or acrylic plastic. For military, security, or dignitary protection, bulletproof glass is used to provide occupants addition protection from ballistic projectiles. Bulletproof glass or transparent armor consists of laminates or glass and polycarbonate or acrylic. Some transparent ceramics can be used in the laminate to increase performance or reduce weight.


Side windows and sunroofs typical have the ability to slide open or closed using a manual or electric drive. Windows on a marine vessel often swing open on hinges. Vehicle windows may contain embedded heating elements for an automatic defrost feature. Some windows contain an embedded antenna. Side and rear windows are sometimes tinted to provide a cooler interior and privacy for occupants.

Auto windshield selection  Fighter canopy

Image credits: Prescription Windshields; U.S. Dept. of Defense