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Energy production and exploration services providers specialize in electrical power generation, oil and gas exploration and extraction, fuel refining, and other utility-related services. An energy exploration service generally includes services related to exploration of components that can be used to provide fuel and energy. Electrical power generation can be performed by rotating turbines attached to electrical generators. The turbines are driven by using steam, water, wind, or other fluids. An oil and gas exploration service includes exploration and production activities such as providing support services to oil and gas industries, oil refining and gas processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, maritime transportation, and refined products and distribution. Fuel refining is the process of converting crude petroleum, or crude oil, into high-value products. Many energy production and exploration services are commonly available.

Energy production and exploration services provide a number of services to produce, store, and distribute fuel. Electric utility companies perform home energy utilization analysis to improve electric power utilization. Electrical power generation and heat generation can be done using solar power, fossil fuels, syngas, biomass, or biogas as a fuel source. Electrical power generation plants can achieve efficiencies between the ranges of 55% to 80%. Co-generation gas turbines (COGT) offer efficiencies of up to 60% because they generate power both directly by combustion of natural gas. These energy production, mines and exploration services also use residual heat to generate electricity from steam.

Oil and gas exploration services are energy production and exploration services that provide development and production of crude petroleum and natural gas. Oil and gas exploration services have huge storage capacities and large fleets of tankers and other specialized vessels, which are used to move crude oil and refined products. The fuel refining process requires complex and expensive processing equipment. Fuel refining consists of three main processes including separation processes, upgrading processes, and conversion processes. The process of petrochemical fuel production involves the production of propane, which is a by-product of two other processEnergy production and exploration servicesEnergy production, mines and exploration services generate fuel products to meet most industry specifications.

Energy production and exploration services provide fuel generation and exploration services that can be used in many applications. For example, electrical power generation services are used to construct large scale centralized projects and to generate and transmit the electricity required to fuel growing economies. Coal mining and uranium mining is primarily used by the nuclear power industry to produce energy. Most petroleum products are used to produce energy. Energy production and exploration services must obtain a permit from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) prior to engaging in strip or underground mining operations.

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