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Film camera diagramFilm Cameras use photographic film, usually plastic coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, that when exposed to light forms a latent image. A chemical process called film developing is later applied to the film to produce visible images. Film cameras can be single shot or motion cameras and generally use 35mm film to capture the images. Still image cameras and film motion cameras capture the images through a similar technology but with different processes.

A still image camera captures images by a light gathering lens. The light passes through the aperture, the shutter opens, and then the light is exposed to the film. The shutter then closes and the image is now imprinted on the film. The shutter opens when the operator pushes the button to take the picture.

A motion film camera captures images via a light gathering lens which passes through a prism past the shutter. Light exposes the film and the shutter closes and the image is then imprinted on the film. In a motion camera the shutter opens and closed automatically 24 times a second with a continuous flow of film. Each time the shutter opens a new single image is exposed creating a single frame of the movie.

To control the amount of light that exposes the film the camera uses the shutter to control the length of time of the exposer. Another factor that affects film exposure is the ISO rating or number. In digital photography the ISO number is controlled by the camera, but in film photography the ISO number is controlled by the film. Each roll of film has an integrated ISO value that needs to be determined before the photographs are taken.

After the film has been completely filled with exposures the development of the film begins. The film development process involves various chemicals and a timed sequence to produce a negative that is used to produce pictures and motion film.

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