Glass Materials Suppliers in Ohio

Glass materials have a random, liquid-like (non-crystalline) molecular structure. They are excellent thermal insulators and electrical insulators, and have high dielectric strength. At ordinary temperatures, glass materials are relatively strong, inert, biologically inactive, and corrosion resistant.  (more)
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Technical Glass Products, Inc. - OH (352 Products)
Address:  881 Callendar Blvd., Painesville Township, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Distributor, Service
Description:  World Leaders in the Fabrication & Distribution of Fused Quartz Technical Glass Products, Inc., was founded in 1990 as a fabricator of Fused Quartz Glassware. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in TGP becoming America’s fastest growing supplier of stock shapes and... (more)
OMEGA Engineering, Inc.
Address:  OMEGA Engineering, Inc dba OMEGADYNE 149 Stelzer Court, Sunbury, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Distributor
Description:  Exceeding Your Expectations: Since its inception in 1962, OMEGA has grown from manufacturing a single product line of thermocouples to being an established global leader in the technical marketplace, offering more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for measurement and control of... (more)
Saint-Gobain NorPro
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  Saint-Gobain NorPro serves the oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical/chemical, and environmental industries with highly-advanced ceramic based products for fixed bed reactor processing, heat and mass transfer applications, as well as drilling and exploration. Saint-Gobain NorPro has... (more)
Address:  3840 Fishcreek Road, Stow, OH
Address:  3840 Fishcreek Rd., Stow, OH
Astro Met, Inc.
Address:  9974 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Auto Temp, Inc.
Address:  950 Kent Rd., Batavia, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
Business Type:  Service
Description:  Bullen Ultrasonics is the technology leader in ultrasonic machining. They have developed and perfected machining methods to match the demands of applications requiring ultrasonic processing. With their considerable experience in precision machining, coupled with their state-of-the-art... (more)
Address:  1301 Miller Williams Rd., Eaton, OH
Address:  4613 Camden Road, Eaton, OH
Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass
Address:  40 Illinois Ave., Cincinnati, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Cleveland Glass Block
Address:  4566 East 71st Street, Cuyahoga Heights, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Ferro Corporation-Electronic Material Systems
Address:  7500 East Pleasant Valley Road, Independence, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Fred Silver & Company, Inc.
Address:  8180 Granville Road, Mount Vernon, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Glass Block Supply Company (The)
Address:  1213 Medina Road, Medina, OH
Business Type:  Distributor, Service
Isorca, Inc.
Address:  1226 Weaver Drive, Granville, OH
Business Type:  Distributor, Service
L.J. Star Incorporated
Address:  PO Box 1116, Twinsburg, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  L.J. Star is a customer-focused company that is simple to do business with because it has the most expertise in process control applications/industry requirements, along with remarkable customer service and delivery. Because our products are critical to operational safety, we deal with our... (more)
MacPherson & Co., Inc.
Address:  95 Pelret Industrial Parkway, Berea, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Address:  811 Madison Avenue PO Box 799, Toledo, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Pyromatics Corp.
Address:  9321 Pineneedle Drive, Mentor, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  Pyromatics' uses patented technologies to not only manufacture standard grades of fused-quartz but also uniquely-engineered materials with tailored thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Pyromatics is the only known company that utilizes molding as a manufacturing process to... (more)
Quality Quartz Of America, Inc.
Address:  9362 Hamilton Drive, Mentor, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  Quality Quartz of America, Inc. manufactures and supplies fused quartz products for a variety of industries including the fiber optic, investment casting, semiconductor, biomedical and lighting. Quality Quartz has well over 20 years of experience in the design and development of products.... (more)
Quartz Scientific, Inc.
Address:  819 East St., Fairport Harbor, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer