Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers Suppliers in Colorado

Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers use the energy-state transitions between vibrational and rotational states of CO2 molecules to emit at long IR, about 10 ┬Ám, wavelengths. These lasers can maintain continuous and very high levels of power and are typically used in cutting, welding, etching, and marking applications. (more)
Epilog Laser Corp.
Address: 16100 Table Mountain Parkway, Suite 300, Golden, CO 80403 USA
Business Type: Manufacturer
Description: Who is Epilog Laser? In business since 1988, Epilog Laser has worked hard to become the leader in the laser engraving, cutting and marking industry. We are innovators. We are problem solvers. We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems, right here in our... (more)


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