Adsorption Equipment Suppliers in North Carolina

Adsorption equipment is used to bind molecules or particles to a surface. This process is used for the reclamation or remediation of process effluents including wastewater, liquid, gas, vapor, air, and contaminated soil. (more)
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Controls & Instrumentation Company, Inc.
Address:  7950 West Winds Blvd., Concord, NC
Business Type:  Distributor
Sensors Safety Products
Address:  6003 Chapel Hill Road, Suite 117, Raleigh, NC
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  Powerful, effective chemicals are crucial to businesses every day. Employers and managers must protect workers against known hazardous effects and chronic conditions. Regular monitoring of exposure levels reduces concerns of workers, claims, lost productivity, absenteeism, workman’s comp.... (more)
SPX Flow
Address:  13320 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Charlotte, NC
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Address:  P.O. Box 1839, Skyland, NC
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service