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Lead acid batteries are made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide with a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water electrolyte solution. (more)
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Address:  Customer Technology Center 181 Metro Drive, Suite 100, San Jose, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment. Our products are used in many industries, including: Automotive Water/wastewater Transportation Power... (more)
HydroLynx Systems, Inc.
Address:  950 Riverside Parkway, Suite 10, West Sacramento, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  HydroLynx Systems, Inc. manufactures Real Time Data Telemetry Systems. These systems provide our customers accurate and timely hydrological data. Our customers use this data to make decisions that protect lives and property in their communities. Building on the many years of experience as... (more)
Address:  101 Main St., 3rd Floor Oceanview Promenade, Huntington Beach, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
U.S. Battery Manufacturing Co.
Address:  1675 Sampson Avenue, Corona, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Ameresco Solar
Address:  38340-E Innovation Court, Suite 504, Murrieta, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Amstron Power Solutions
Address:  28918 Hancock Parkway, Valencia, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
At Battery Company, Inc.
Address:  28337 Constellation Road, Valencia, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
B&B Battery USA, Inc.
Address:  6415 Randolph St., Commerce, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Batteries Direct, Inc.
Address:  339 S. San Antonio Road, Suite 2A, Los Altos, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Battery Specialist
Address:  4268 Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Battery Specialties
Address:  3530 Cadillac Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Distributor
Description:  Battery Specialties, located in Costa Mesa, California, is a leader in portable power solutions. They offer the following battery products: Alkaline Carbon Zinc Computer Lead Acid Lithium Lithium Ion Lithium Manganese Dioxide Nickel Cadmium Nickel Metal... (more)
Battery Systems
Address:  12322 Monarch Street, Garden Grove, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Clary Corporation
Address:  1960 South Walker Ave., Monrovia, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Concorde Interspace Battery Corporation
Address:  2009 San Bernardino Rd., West Covina, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Danen Battery
Address:  10725 Springdale Ave. #2, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Electronics Warehouse
Address:  2691 Main Street, Riverside, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Energy Sales, Inc.
Address:  1380 Borregas Ave., Sunnyvale, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Expocell Group, Inc.
Address:  2002 E. Locust Ct., Ontario, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Fullriver Battery USA
Address:  4030 Adolfo Road, Camarillo, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Geyer Electronic America, Inc.
Address:  270 E. Douglas Avenue, El Cajon, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer