Heat Treating Services Providers in California

Heat treating services perform thermal treatments to modify the properties of metals and metal alloys. Common processes include annealing, austempering, case hardening, conventional hardening, homogenizing, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), martempering, normalizing, precipitation hardening, shot peening, solution treating, spheroidizing, stabilizing, and stress relieving. (more)
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Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Description:  The International Partner of Choice for Engineered Technical Ceramics    For over 100 years, industry leaders have turned to CoorsTek for solutions to the world's most perplexing engineering and manufacturing challenges. CoorsTek meets these challenges with... (more)
Address:  CoorsTek Sales - Fremont 41348 Christy Street, Fremont, CA
Address:  CoorsTek Ventura - Gaiser Precision Bonding Tools 4544 McGrath Street, Ventura, CA
Peridot Corporation
Address:  1072 Serpentine Lane, Pleasanton, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Description:  PRECISION MANUFACTURING ISN’T EXACTLY A SUPERHERO POWER [Unless the survival of your project depends on it.] Welcome to Peridot. Faster than a speeding deadline. Able to leap huge engineering obstacles in a single facility. It's a partner! It's a specialist!... (more)
Solar Atmospheres, Inc.
Address:  8606 Live Oak Ave., Fontana, CA
Business Type:  Service
Description:  Unsurpassed quality and capacity for the vacuum heat treating and brazing of metal parts Solar Atmospheres specializes in vacuum heat treating, vacuum brazing, vacuum carburizing, vacuum nitriding services and thermal processing research & development. Solve your metal... (more)
Abrisa Industrial Glass
Address:  200 South Hallock Drive, Santa Paula, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Distributor, Service
Description:  Complete Glass Fabrication & Optical Coatings Solutions Abrisa Industrial Glass is a division of Abrisa Technologies and is a global supplier of high quality, fabricated glass components, optical thin film coatings, and custom glass designs and solutions for a wide variety of industries.... (more)
Accurate Steel Treating, Incorporated
Address:  10008 Miller Way, South Gate, CA
Business Type:  Service
Aero-Mechanical Engineering, Inc.
Address:  5945 Engineer Drive, Huntington Beach, CA
Business Type:  Service
Aerocraft Heat Treating Company, Inc.
Address:  15701 Minnesota Ave., Paramount, CA
Business Type:  Service
Altair Technologies, Inc.
Address:  41970 Christy St., Fremont, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Address:  7001 Eton Avenue, Canoga Park, CA
Business Type:  Service
Burlington Engineering, Inc.
Address:  220 W. Grove Avenue, Orange, CA
Business Type:  Service
Byington Steel Treating, Inc.
Address:  1225 Memorex Dr., Santa Clara, CA
Business Type:  Service
California Brazing
Address:  37955 Central Ct., Newark, CA
Business Type:  Service
California Fine Wire Co.
Address:  338 So. Fourth Street PO Box 446, Grover Beach, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
CAMCo Furnace
Address:  370-G Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  CAMCo Furnace is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen coldwall brazing furnaces with inert/reducing and high vacuum atmospheres. CAMCo Furnace offers a full range of high-quality production high temperature furnaces, vacuum furnaces and hydrogen furnaces for use in heat treating and brazing... (more)
Certified Metal Craft, Inc.
Address:  877 Vernon Way, El Cajon, CA
Business Type:  Service
Continental Heat Treating, Inc.
Address:  10643 S. Norwalk Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA
Business Type:  Service
Coulter Forge Technology, Inc.
Address:  1494 67th Street PO Box 8008, Emeryville, CA
Business Type:  Service
Craftech Metal Forming, Inc.
Address:  24100-B Water St., Perris, CA
Business Type:  Service
Ditec Manufacturing
Address:  1019 Mark Ave., Carpinteria, CA
Business Type:  Service