Electrochemical, Photochemical, and Chemical Milling Services Providers in Washington

Electrochemical, photochemical and chemical milling services use etching, electrochemical, and photochemical processes to create unstressed, high-precision parts. (more)
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Acu-Line Corporation
Address:  4204 Russell Road, Unit F, Mukilteo, WA
Business Type:  Service
Asko Group (The)
Address:  434 North 35th Street, Seattle, WA
Business Type:  Service
Northwest Etch Technology, Inc.
Address:  2601 South Hood Street, Tacoma, WA
Business Type:  Service
Description:  Photo Chemical Machining:    A metalworking process that produces precise parts in thin metal. Using a photographic process the image of the shape is developed on a resist laminated sheet metal.  The unprotected surface of the metal is chemically etched away resulting in a... (more)