Corrosion Protection Services Providers in Texas

Corrosion protection services mitigate environmental or chemical attack through the application or installation of coatings, liners, cathodic protection, sacrificial anodes, and corrosion inhibitors. (more)
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Wallner Expac
Address:  22 Spur Dr., El Paso, TX
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Description:  Wallner Expac  |  The Leading Manufacturer of Expanded Metal IGNITING INNOVATION, EXPANDING SOLUTIONS Since our inception in 1959, we have evolved from a simple shop to a state-of-the-art, world class manufacturing entity with facilities in Georgia (2), Texas, South Korea,... (more)
Impreglon, Inc.
Address:  Impreglon Surface Technologies 6421 Lozano Drive, Houston, TX
Business Type:  Service
Description:  MARKET LEADER IN TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION SOLUTIONS Impreglon, Inc. has grown to become a market leader in the development and application of high performance coatings. With application solutions based on fluoropolymers, plastic, metal and ceramics, or... (more)
REM Surface Engineering
Address:  2107 Longwood Drive, Brenham, TX
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Distributor, Service
Description:  REM Surface Engineering is the pioneer and undisputed leader in the field of metal surface finishing. While other companies use abrasive machining to lap, grind, and hone individual parts, REM’s revolutionary Isotropic Superfinish Process (ISF®) employs non-abrasive... (more)
Aaxon Labs Inc.
Address:  4113 Murray Ave. PO Box 162148, Fort Worth, TX
Business Type:  Service
Bass Engineering
Address:  3200 Brent Road PO Box 5609, Longview, TX
Business Type:  Service
Brown Corrosion Services, Inc.
Address:  PO Box 940638, Houston, TX
Business Type:  Distributor, Service
Courter-Hall Company
Address:  1910 North First Street, Garland, TX
Business Type:  Service
Curran International, Inc.
Address:  4610 Vicksburg Lane, Dickinson, TX
Business Type:  Service
Element Materials Technology
Address:  Element Houston 222 Cavalcade Street, Houston, TX
Business Type:  Service
Description:  We couldn’t talk about ourselves without first saying a thing or two about the challenges our clients face every day. It’s their constant growth and innovation, after all, that have come to define who we are and what we do. Whether in the Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, Power... (more)
Ellison Group
Address:  1611 Headway Circle Building 1, Austin, TX
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Galvotec Alloys, Inc.
Address:  6712 South 36th Street, McAllen, TX
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Gartner Coatings, Inc.
Address:  2433 Max Road, Pearland, TX
Business Type:  Service
Harrison Electropolishing, L.P.
Address:  13002 Brittmoore Park Drive, Houston, TX
Business Type:  Service
Description:  Harrison Electropolishing L.P. is a privately owned company that specializes in electropolishing, passivation, precision mechanical polishing, and oxygen cleaning services. Harrison has the capability to offer these services at your job site anywhere in the world or at their Houston facility.... (more)
Houston Plating & Coatings, LLC
Address:  1301 Georgia PO Box 418, South Houston, TX
Business Type:  Service
Innovative Corrosion Control, Inc.
Address:  1385 Wald Rd., New Braunfels, TX
Business Type:  Service
JW’s Pipeline Integrity Services
Address:  1840 Hutton Drive, Suite 190, Carrollton, TX
Business Type:  Service
Kargo Petroleum & Energy Services Ltd
Address:  3300 South Gessner, Suite 204, Houston, TX
Business Type:  Service
Metal Coatings Corporation
Address:  PO Box 630407, Houston, TX
Business Type:  Service
Nalco Champion
Address:  7705 Highway 90-A, Sugar Land, TX
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
North American Survey Corporation
Address:  5904-F Spring Stuebner Rd., Spring, TX
Business Type:  Service