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Take the Cost and Complexity Out of Vibration
Fluke Vibration Solution Center
  Take the Cost and Complexity Out of Vibration Analysis

The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester helps you locate and diagnose common mechanical problems with a straightforward three-step process, saving you time and money.

See the cost savings for yourself with a complimentary vibration diagnostic report, "The Fluke 810." Get answers now.

No Minimum Order Requirements
Interpower Corporation
  No Minimum Order Requirements

With a wide range of North American and international cord sets in stock for same-day shipment, Interpower Corporation is ready to help you with your electronic component needs. Customize your cord sets to your specifications; we offer custom lengths, colors, and packaging with a 1-week manufacturing lead time.

From 1 piece to 1,000 pieces or more, we offer no minimum order requirements. Call our Customer Service Department at 800-662-2290, or order online at

Are You Making Smart Safety Decisions?
American National Standards Institute, Inc.
  Are You Making Smart Safety Decisions?

Safety standards in the workplace are key to ensuring worker safety, protecting the environment, and improving productivity. A wide range of safety standards are available from the American Ladder Institute (ALI), American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), ASTM, NEMA, NFPA, ISO, International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and many others.

Find safety standards for construction, clothing, equipment, workplace surfaces, signage, occupational health, fire safety, handling of chemicals and gases, labeling and safeguarding standards for equipment, and more.

Learn more about ANSI.

Color Change Temperature Labels and Ink
LCR Hallcrest
  Color Change Temperature Labels and Ink Formulations

Thermochromic inks, pigment, and coatings provide a cold, touch, or high temperature color change for packaging and labels; available in a temperature range of -10° C to 69° C.

Permanent color change temperature labels, 29° C to
290° C.

Thermax® non-reversible color changing labels are oil, water, and steam resistant, offering inexpensive evidence of temperature achieved for industrial/quality temperature management applications.

Photochromic ink changes from colorless to color after UV exposure; used for textiles, ceramics, and plastics.

Biodegradable Gadgets Come of Age
  Biodegradable Gadgets Come of Age

Green and recyclable gadgets are making inroads in the consumer electronics market. This report highlights five popular gadgets that utilize cardboard, recyclable plastics, and more. Can you envision a cardboard vacuum cleaner fabricated from all recyclable materials? How about an energy-harvesting mouse that utilizes piezoelectrics and is constructed from biodegradable cork and recycled plastics?

More from Appliance Technology

What if You Could Calculate Energy Loss in Dollars?
Fluke Power Quality
  What if You Could Calculate Energy Loss in Dollars?

The Fluke 434 Series II Energy Analyzer. Coming in January 2012.

Be the first to learn more!

World's First Flying Sphere
  World's First Flying Sphere

Developed by Japan's Ministry of Defense, this spherical flying machine features vertical takeoff and landing, can hover for eight minutes, and hit a top speed of 37 mph (60 kmh), thanks to wings. Targeted for search and rescue operations beyond the capability of conventional aircraft, this uniquely designed flying ball will undoubtedly find use in surveillance and reconnaissance missions. See it in action.

More from Aerospace Technology

Go Directly to DC with Smart Network
  Go Directly to DC with Smart Network

Conversion of AC grid power to DC to operate computers, compact fluorescent lights, and other small electronics results in energy losses as high as 45%. This inefficiency is addressed by the Smart DC network, a system encompassing solar panels and lithium-iron batteries to store off-peak power. Along with DC sockets and a hub directed by a smart meter to manage the flow of electricity, the network supports low-power DC devices. The hub determines the amount of electricity stored from the solar panels and battery.

More from Alternative & Renewable Energy

Get a Complimentary Trial of the IEEE Xplore®
Digital Library
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
  Get a Complimentary Trial of the  IEEE Xplore® Digital Library

The IEEE Xplore® Digital Library provides instant, full-text access to all IEEE journal articles, conference papers, and standards — all the cutting-edge research in all aspects of technology.

Get a complimentary trial for your company.

Clear Automation Tray and Box Elevator
Clear Automation, LLC
  Clear Automation Tray and Box Elevator

Clear Automation designed this elevator as a component of our automated solutions. The operator loads trays or boxes onto shelves. Full shelves advance upward to present a new shelf. As space becomes available in the adjacent machine, shelves advance downward to place the trays onto a conveyor, carrying them out to the machine. The elevator is self-contained and is easily retrofitted to existing machines. It features a touchscreen HMI, stainless steel construction, and adjustable width.

Updated White Papers on Bearings… Must Reading
AST Bearings LLC
  Updated White Papers on Bearings… Must Reading

AST Bearings has just updated and published dozens of white papers and technical documents about bearings. Articles include: Proper Handling, Lubrication, Tolerance/Precision Levels, Radial Play, Retainers, Shelf Life, Hardness Conversions, Bearing Materials, and much more.

Informative, authoritative, and conclusive, these bearing white papers are must reading and great resource material.

Quality Aluminum Pipe Fittings Since 1933
Latrobe Foundry Machine & Supply Co.
  Quality Aluminum Pipe Fittings Since 1933

Latrobe Foundry Machine & Supply Company manufactures and machines high-quality American-made aluminum pipe fittings in numerous stock sizes and styles, plus custom aluminum castings. Latrobe Foundry products are used in the agricultural, chemical, construction, and marine industries, and many more. Learn more

New Valveless, Durable, Metallic Quick Connectors
Oetiker, Inc.
  New Valveless, Durable, Metallic Quick Connectors

The PG 200 Series quick connectors from Oetiker are a new valveless, metallic connection element for fluid transfer in tube and hose conduction systems; for quick and toolless assembly. More info...

Contact Surface Pressure Indicating Sensor
Sensor Products Inc.
  Contact Surface Pressure Indicating Sensor

Pressure indicating sensor film quickly and accurately measures pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting surfaces. Film changes color proportionally to force applied, providing a photographic-like pressure profile. Complimentary sample. More info...

Boost Your Productivity with SmartPlant® 3D
Intergraph Corporation
  Boost Your Productivity with SmartPlant® 3D

The latest release of SmartPlant® 3D offers powerful rules and relationships that automate repetitive tasks, enforce design standards, ensure design integrity, and protect design consistency. Benefit from enhanced support. More info...

Alpha's New Indoor 48 Vdc Power Enclosure
Alpha Technologies Ltd.
  Alpha's New Indoor 48 Vdc Power Enclosure

The new CXPS-48-500-IWM indoor power enclosure is designed to easily wall mount and provide 48 Vdc power with battery backup, making it the ideal solution for space constrained applications. More info...

Premium Grade, Super High-bay LED
Ecopower, Inc.
  Premium Grade, Super High-bay LED

Super high-bay LED: Canadian-made; exceptional illumination capabilities at 50 ft; 370 W; 100,000 hrs; 67-87% savings; dimmable; and wireless. Deployed in arenas, mining, power generation, manufacturing, paper mills, and hangars. More info...

Tired of Using "Office" Solutions to Author
Manufacturing Work Instructions?
Sequence Software
  Tired of Using 'Office' Solutions to Author Manufacturing Work Instructions?

Download our complimentary copy. Software solution for authoring and deploying shop floor work instructions. Replacements for Word and Excel, our packages are manufacturing-specific solutions for work instructions. More info

WaterMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter Detector
Azbil North America, Inc.
  WaterMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter Detector

The WaterMAG electromagnetic flow meter detector is a high-performance, highly-reliable flowmeter developed with Yamatake's proven MagneW flow measurement technologies. Provides superior process flow rate measurement. More info...

GE Autosampler for High-volume Laboratory
GE Analytical Instruments
  GE Autosampler for High-volume Laboratory Applications

The GE Autosampler succeeds the Sievers 900 Autosampler and features a robust new design for handling high-volume laboratory applications. The GE Autosampler easily integrates with the Sievers TOC Analyzers. More info...

Systems Engineering — Excellent Career Advancement
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Corporate and Professional Education Division
  Systems Engineering — Excellent Career Advancement

Master of Science in Systems Engineeringonline. Degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute are based in practical theory, and taught by faculty with field experience. Ranked as a leading technology university.

Power Harvesting Enables Wireless
  Power Harvesting Enables Wireless

Power harvesting may be the technology that brings wireless sensing to its tipping point. One expert suggests that these sensors can realize their potential only with a wireless power source. Batteries have predominantly filled this role, but their operational limitations and costly disposal requirements are significant problems. This report explains power harvesting's capabilities and benefits and examines applications of vibration and thermal (see video) technologies.

Learn more about ZigBee® chips

Smartest Pen Yet?
  Smartest Pen Yet?

Smart pens have been introduced before, but this one stores sketches in digital format. Capable of writing on any paper, the Inkling saves any sketch — stroke by stroke — allowing it to be viewed in any graphics program, layers notwithstanding. Via software, digital files are transferred to your computer and can be exported to such graphic applications as Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro/Designer.

Learn more about drawing software


Frozen Pond

We know that at a temperature of approximately 4° C, water begins to expand before freezing (0° C). Why is this fact important for the fish in a pond?

Answer / Discuss

Comparing Tactile and Optical Technologies for Surface Texture Measurement

"A look at both of these technologies shows their applications tending to diverge rather than compete as technology develops. Since the introduction of optical surface measurement systems some years ago, proponents have lauded the superiority of this technology, and predicted the imminent demise of more traditional tactile-based systems. Optical, they say, is faster, easier, non-destructive, and ultimately a 'truer' representation of the surface being measured than the simple tracings of a probe." Read this article in its entirety.

This article is provided by Mahr Federal Inc.

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