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Kids Invent Future of Food Safety
Kids Invent Future of Food Safety

Dean Kamen, mastermind behind the Segway and inventor of other revolutionary devices, founded For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), an organization designed to get kids (and their parents) excited about science, technology, and engineering. This year, FIRST sponsored the Food Safety Youth Invention Challenge, inspiring teams of youth participants to develop solutions that would ensure the safety and quality of our food supply. Some of the winning inventions include a smart sticker that warns when food is stored at improper temperatures, a milk pitcher that detects spoilage by measuring pH levels in milk, and an erasable barcode that ensures spoiled meat never makes it past the checkout. This video shows the winning teams' inventions in action.

Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's ONLINE Material Handling & Supply Chain Technology Event — September 19, 2012
Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's ONLINE Material Handling & Supply Chain Technology Event — September 19, 2012

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Frozen Food Packaging
Frozen Food Packaging

Brentwood Plastics, Inc.

Brentwood Plastics Inc. features low temperature stable polyethylene film (LDPE) for individually quick frozen (IQF) vegetables and meats. Designed to seal through contaminants at maximum speeds. Available as single-layer plain or corona treated for flexographic printing packaging, either for pre-made bags or form/fill/seal roll stock. Learn more...

Food Packaging
Food Packaging

LINDAR Corporation

At LINDAR, our food packaging containers can be made of various plastics — PET, PLA, PP, or HIPS are just a few that we form. We work with different plastics materials because many of our customers have different and specific applications and use requirements.

It's Not Wastewater If You Recover the Potential
It's Not Wastewater If You Recover the Potential
Dow Water & Process Solutions

Focused on advanced separation technologies for wastewater treatment, Dow is committed to maximizing the vast potential in the world's reusable water, working with industries and communities to recover water, energy, nutrients, and other valuable components of wastewater streams. In the world's vast sources of wastewater, we see potential in every drop.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Fighting Fire with Fire A molecular biologist at the Agricultural Research Service has developed a patented technology for isolating the antimicrobial enzymes that some viruses use to kill bacteria. The enzymes can be manipulated so they only attack a particular pathogen — for example, Staphylococcus aureus — reducing the reliance on antibiotics as well as the risk of inevitable resistance. The researcher hopes the enzymes, called endolysins, can replace the use of antibiotics to treat foodborne intestinal diseases in cattle and chickens.

Food Grade Ink and Traceability — Food Industry
Food Grade Ink and
Traceability — Food
Videojet Technologies Inc.

The reliability and print quality provided by Videojet products is an essential factor in an industrial food production environment. Production is often carried out in damp environments, and Videojet systems are designed to work reliably, even in tough conditions.

Plant and Food Inspection Systems
Plant and Food Inspection Systems

Leica Microsystems, Inc.

We've become accustomed to a huge selection of exotic fruits and vegetables available fresh in stores. Sometimes, though, goods flown in from far away carry along pests, fungi, or viruses, invisible to the naked eye. To address this, these plants undergo strict inspections. Microscopy systems from Leica Microsystems, Inc. make these inspections easier.

Lonestar Food Freshness and Flavor Monitor
Lonestar Food
Freshness and
Flavor Monitor
Owlstone Inc.

Incorporating Owlstone's proprietary FAIMS spectrometer, Lonestar can detect freshness or degradation of food, individual flavor compounds, or groups of aroma molecules. Exceptional limits of detection, combined with simple sample introduction and the ability to reprogram the detector for different compounds, make Lonestar suitable for a broad range of online and lab-based applications.

High-pressure Food Processing Systems
High-pressure Food Processing Systems

Avure Technologies, Inc.

Avure Technologies is the world's largest manufacturer of High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems for the packaged food industry. HPP is a non-thermal process using water under very high hydrostatic pressure to produce packaged foods that are safer, longer lasting, more natural, and better tasting.

Traceable® Waterproof Food HACCP Thermometer
Traceable® Waterproof
Control Company

Control Company's Traceable® waterproof food HACCP thermometer features easy-to-use membrane switches and a rugged ABS body making it ideal for food labs, food processing, food preparation, and brewing. Waterproof construction allows it to be used in labs, plants, wash-down, and all food areas.

Food Safety Certification Audits
Food Safety Certification Audits

DNV Business Assurance North

A significant number of food suppliers are moving to implement certification audits primarily as a risk management tool. In general, food suppliers see the need for a lower cost of implementation and a more consolidated/harmonized set of standards for third-party food safety certification.

A New Vision in Sorting

A New Vision in Sorting The safety and quality of a food product can depend on getting a full view of the entire item, and thanks to the new full-object, line-of-sight imaging system on this sorter, manufacturers can see their products from all sides. Designed with two proprietary cameras and a unique metal-mesh catenary C-Belt to properly position products, the sorter views the product from both the top and the bottom, while the C-Belt launches the product in-air to remove foreign material.

Help with Pest Control Management

Help with Pest Control Management This report explains how the Food Safety Modernization Act and other regulations are forcing many companies to examine their overall pest control processes and technologies. These new laws put the emphasis on food contamination prevention, as opposed to response, giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration greater enforcement authority. The report also explores ways pest management companies can transition from "service providers to partners" in meeting the new standards with their customers.

Alliance to Avoid Food Scandals

Alliance to Avoid Food Scandals China has had its share of food safety issues, such as aflatoxins in dairy products, but now a new alliance of government officials, business leaders, and public policy experts hopes to more effectively address these problems. Part of the agenda involves more open and honest assessment and reporting of food safety and credibility problems, such as exposing the use of sub-standard components to make higher profits. One participating company has adopted a zero-tolerance non-smoking policy, professing that it provides for a cleaner, healthier plant and better products.

Safety in a Kit

Safety in a Kit A portable food safety test kit has been certified to identify Salmonella in whole and ground chicken, ground beef, and lettuce — common carriers of the dangerous food-borne pathogen. The fully-integrated and affordable test kit features real-time PCR testing technology, widely accepted as the gold standard in the industry. Unlike current systems, there is no need for specially-trained staff or an extensive laboratory set-up.

A Really Cool Contamination Cure

A Really Cool Contamination Cure Researchers have discovered a cool idea for decontaminating foods. A cold plasma process, which combines electricity with a gas like oxygen, is showing promise as a way to rid certain foods like almonds, apples, and tomatoes of microbes. Typically used to clean electronics, the process is waterless and chemical-free. Next challenge: implementation on a commercial processing line.

Pathogens with Purpose

Pathogens with Purpose In a laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology, scientists decked out in hazard-proof moon suits prepare a giant 500 lb spinach salad that is intentionally contaminated with 5,000 gallons of dirty water. The point is to test the effectiveness of various decontamination techniques, from sanitizing solutions and biofilm disrupters to handheld ultrasonic washing machines that vibrate the germs right off the greens.

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