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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Electronic Device Design Special Edition
Electronic Device Design
Developing Vibration Energy Harvesting
Developing Vibration Energy Harvesting

To open the way for developing vibration energy harvesters, Midé Technology offers the Slam Stick, a portable data logger-accelerometer combo that collects acceleration data from all three axes of a vibration source. The unit's configuration and analysis software creates a profile by defining the amplitude and frequency of the mechanical energy. This helps designers decide if an application is suitable for vibration energy harvesting by determining how much power can be extracted. The Slam Stick also helps end users obtain maximum power from Midé harvesting devices by tuning the harvester to match the frequency of the vibration source.

BiDi Screen: A Bidirectional Depth-sensing LCD for Gestural Interaction
BiDi Screen: A Bidirectional Depth-sensing LCD for Gestural Interaction

The BiDi (bidirectional) Screen is an LCD-based device that combines both optical sensing and display — that is, touch and gesture interaction — into a single, thin device. Built on recent developments in the graphics and imaging research communities, the BiDi Screen may lead the way to next-generation mobile and embedded device interfaces.

No Minimum Order Requirements
No Minimum Order Requirements

Interpower Corporation

Interpower Corporation has North American and international cord sets in stock with same day shipments available. Value-added options are available upon request such as custom length cords, packaging, labeling, socket strips, and more! From 1 piece to 1,000 pieces or more, we offer no minimum order requirements. With just a 1-week manufacturing lead time on nonstock power cords and cord sets and over 4 million parts in stock, Interpower Corporation is your one-stop shop for power system components.

Download CAD Files — View and Print Your Parts
Download CAD Files — View and Print Your Parts
Accurate Screw Machine Corp. (ASM)

Electronic hardware, precision fasteners, captive screws, posts, spacers, and more. Viewable 3D images and downloadable DXF, PROE, IGES, and STEP drawings of precision machined fasteners and electronic hardware. CAD On-Demand, view/print your part anytime, anywhere! Your parts, custom designed or off-the-shelf, delivered fast. ASM leads the industry, consistently supplying highest-quality.

Custom designed and off-the-shelf electronic hardware and precision fasteners for the electronics, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and metal fabricating industries. Always fast, reliable, and competitively priced.

Morphing Circuitry

Morphing Circuitry Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a nanomaterial, composed of silicon- and polymer-based electronics, that can redirect the flow of electrical currents. The scientists intend to use the new class of material to create an all-purpose component that can reconfigure itself into a resistor, transistor, diode, or rectifier, based on commands consisting of different sequences of electrical signals. Using this technology, electronics makers hope to build devices that can morph their circuitry to become different products to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Get a Complimentary Trial of the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library
Get a Complimentary Trial of the IEEE Xplore®
Digital Library
IEEE — Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

The IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides instant, full-text access to all IEEE journal articles, conference papers, and standards — all the cutting-edge research in all aspects of technology. Get a complimentary trial for your company.

Industry's Fastest Intelligent Power Module
Industry's Fastest Intelligent Power Module

Avago Technologies

The new ACPL-x484 optocouplers operate at 10 MBd, doubling the speed of existing IPM optocouplers for more efficient performance. Available in three different compact packages that reduce PCB board space. For more information.

Get the Brands You Trust
Get the Brands You

Allied Electronics, Inc.

Allied keeps your world connected. With brands like Alpha Wire, Belden, Panduit, TE Connectivity, Amphenol, Harting, and more, think Allied for reliable Interconnect, Cable Management, and Wire and Cable solutions. Visit us here for more.

A Camera That Captures Living Images

A Camera That Captures Living Images Built upon the technology of the Stanford Multi-Camera Array, Lytro has developed a digital light field camera that captures "living images." The camera's micro lens array captures more light data, from many angles, than a conventional camera. Because of the richness of the data, you don't have to worry about fast-moving subjects or low light. The technology allows you to adjust the focus of the images on a computer after the picture is taken. Experts believe the technology can be scaled to fit into smartphones.

Miniature, Precision Regulated DC to HV DC Modules
Miniature, Precision
Regulated DC to HV DC
EMCO High Voltage Corporation

The C&CA Series provide clean, reliable, high-voltage in a shielded, PC mount package. Featuring precision 0 to 100%. Programmability, very low ripple, and EMI/RFI, these cost-effective power supplies are ideal for integration into compact, sensitive equipment.

Application Specific Design Guides from Newark/element14
Application Specific Design Guides from
Newark / element14

Application Specific Design Guides — Designing for lighting or alternative energy? Need the latest in sensing? Newark/element14 has electronic device solutions ranging from the latest components and development boards from TI, Microchip & Analog Devices to the latest in connectors and cables from TE connectivity and Molex.

Mouser Shipping New STM32 F4 Series
Mouser Shipping New STM32 F4 Series

Mouser Electronics, Inc.

STMicroelectronics STM32 F4 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontrollers (MCUs) open the door to the digital signal controller (DSC) market with a family of devices that are pin-to-pin and software compatible with the STM32 F2 series but with more performance, DSP capability, more SRAM, and 2.4MSPS ADCs.

High-efficiency Processors for Mobiles

High-efficiency Processors for Mobiles ARM's Cortex-A7 chip and big.Little architecture answer consumers' call for higher performance and greater energy efficiency in processing platforms for mobiles. Targeting entry-level devices, the A7 delivers five times the energy efficiency of its predecessor, the Cortex-A8. For higher-end systems, the big.Little architecture provides greater performance and energy efficiency by combining an A7 with an A15 multicore chip on a single SoC. The A7 performs basic tasks, while the A15 handles compute-intensive functions. Power management selects the most appropriate processor for the job.

Opening the Way for Augmented Reality

Opening the Way for Augmented Reality With the emergence of powerful mobile processors, high-quality cameras, and faster wireless networks, it's time for greater use of augmented reality. To remove one of the last barriers, Total Immersion is making its applications development platform D'Fusion Studio available to developers. The tools offer a number of advanced functions, such as superimposing 3D objects on real-world views. The software supports the iOS, Android, and Microsoft Kinect platforms. Total Immersion will work out licensing agreements with developers who use the software.

Subconscious Mode Prolongs Battery Life

Subconscious Mode Prolongs Battery Life The power-saving mode of old-style wireless devices isn't what it's cracked up to be. The devices may not be sending or receiving data, but they're consuming comparable energy simply listening for incoming information. To remedy this, researchers have developed Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening, which slows the device's clock to one-sixteenth its normal speed. Couple this with a new method of encoding message headers that can be recognized in a low-power subconscious mode, and you extend battery life by as much as 54%.

Double the Bandwidth of Your Touchscreen

Double the Bandwidth of Your Touchscreen The real estate of a small touchscreen is precious. Why clutter it with mode buttons? Researchers have developed the TapSense, a touchscreen that eliminates these controls by using a microphone to distinguish sounds made by different parts of the finger — fingernail, knuckle, fingertip, and finger pad — when they tap the screen. With this technology, you can assign functions to each input. The system can also tell the difference between inputs from different materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal.

Breathing New Life into Energy Harvesting

Breathing New Life into Energy Harvesting Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are developing a device that could convert air flow from human breath into enough electricity to power implantable biomedical devices. The current technology uses piezoelectric microbelts that generate electricity via resonant oscillation. In one experiment, the microbelts produced enough energy to operate a small electronic device. Ultimate success requires the development of a device small enough for the real-life application, flexible enough to be deployed in the body, and robust enough to withstand long-term use.

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