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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Fast Growth for Auto Composites

Fast Growth for Auto Composites Carbon fiber composites for the automotive market are expected to take off like a top fuel dragster, clocking a compound annual growth rate of better than 30% by 2017. According to a new study by Frost & Sullivan, growth in these lightweight composites is being driven by the demand for better fuel economy and lower carbon emissions. But while the growth rate is impressive, it's not what it could be, the study suggests. The high cost of producing carbon fiber, longer manufacturing cycle times, and the reluctance of OEMs to move away from metal-based assembly lines will continue to constrain demand.

A Study in Sustainable Timing
Metal Powder Industries Federation
Where Great Ideas Take Shape
General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

A Study in Sustainable Timing The high utilization rate of material and processing energy has made the net-shape manufacture of variable valve timing components by powder metallurgy a truly sustainable success story. Improved fuel efficiency (5%-10%) and minimized emissions have resulted in global acceptance of this engine-design technology.

Where Great Ideas Take Shape General Plastics specializes in developing unique polyurethane, chemistry-based solutions, centered on our signature LAST-A-FOAM® rigid foam and board for composite cores, prototypes, tooling and die. We support engineers and designers teams in diverse industries. Our customer service, engineering and CNC teams work closely with you from concept to completion.

Fiber and Fabric Heat Processing Solutions
Glenro Inc.
Carbide Spiral Burr Tool for Carbon Graphite
Superior Tool Service, Inc.

Fiber and Fabric Heat Processing Solutions Glenro process heating technologies effectively heat treat fiberglass, carbon fibers, and woven fibers. From heat cleaning to drying and curing applied finishes or resins, Glenro has effective process and equipment solutions that will satisfy your process criteria. Learn more.

Carbide Spiral Burr Tool for Carbon Graphite New Solid Carbide Burr tools for cutting carbon graphite have new geometry to increase the amount of cutting flutes, resulting in a superior tool with superior performance. These tools cann also be coated for longer life with AlCrN or PVD diamond being a great choice for the hardest jobs. Learn more...

Processing & Analysis Techniques . . .
Rare Earth Elements for Critical Applications
Nippon Yttrium Co., Ltd.

Rare Earth Elements for Critical Applications  Nippon Yttrium Company a leading supplier of rare earth materials, utilizes the most advanced processing and analysis techniques providing the highest quality rare earth elements (REE) and alloys. REEs are critical to leading products and opportunities. Materials are available for spray coating and parts manufacturing. Contact us for your REE needs.

Glass & Ceramics . . .
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Nanoceramics Benefit Medical Devices

Nanoceramics Benefit Medical Devices Ask anyone what a breathalyzer is used for and there's a nearly 100% chance the answer will be a device used by law enforcement to detect a person's alcohol level. Now, however, thanks to advances in ceramic sensor nanotechnology and nanomedicine, hand-held breathalyzers and other such non-invasive medical devices could be used by diabetics to monitor their glucose levels or by lab personnel to detect a range of disease markers using breath-based diagnostics.

Smart Glass Works Better Than Blinds

Smart Glass Works Better Than Blinds Curtains, blinds, and louvers are destined to become relics of a bygone era in commercial buildings as advances in glass technology now let the window itself control the sun's heat and glare. One new architectural glass gaining rapid acceptance is SageGlass, which uses a patented nano-based ceramic glazing technology that allows the window to automatically or manually change from a clear to a tinted state, without ever impeding the outside view, as demonstrated in this video.

Plastics & Composite Materials . . .
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Carbon Fiber Wheel Gets Rolling

Carbon Fiber Wheel Gets Rolling The world's first one-piece all carbon fiber composite wheel is set to roll into commercial production, the result of years of research, development, and road testing. Developed by Australia-based Carbon Revolution, the wheel, called the CR9, is constructed from continuous fiber and features a patented bolted joint system. The CR9 is said to be up to 50% lighter than premium OEM equivalents made from aluminum and exceeds OEM standards in laboratories and on the test track.

Bioplastic Made From CO2

Bioplastic Made From CO2 Using CO2 from flue gas and electricity at a nearby cement plant, a California company has successfully made a bioplastic polymer. Silicon Valley technology firm Oakbio Inc. captured the CO2 and successfully converted it into a renewable and biodegradable bioplastic, proving that the technology exists for large-scale bioplastics production using greenhouse gas emissions as a feedstock for mass scale manufacturing.

Metal Injection Molding Technology
Qingdao Eversun Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd.
CopperPlus™ by Heyco Metals
Heyco Metals, Inc.

Metal Injection Molding Technology Eversun's fully production executed in-house, including tooling and machining. We use BASF catamold and can also finish the feedstock preparation by ourselves. The commonly material is low alloy steel, stainless steel, soft magnetic materials. MOQ:1000 pcs, Max weight/pc: 200 g, L/T: 25 days for mold and samples.

CopperPlus™ by Heyco Metals CopperPlus the revolutionary copper-clad stainless architectural strip, combines the aesthetic beauty, corrosion resistance, formability, and durability of copper with the increased strength, erosion resistance, reduced thermal expansion, and lighter weight of stainless steel.

Ideally suited for architectural applications, such as roofing, mansards, flashing, and fascia.

Fibers & Fabrics . . .
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World's Lightest Carbon Fiber Fabric

World's Lightest Carbon Fiber Fabric Weighing in at a scant 43 gsm, or a mere 1.5 oz per meter, a European company has unveiled the world's lightest carbon fiber fabric. The newest version of TeXtreme fabric from Sweden's Oxeon AB is made by spreading carbon fiber yarn into thin flat tapes which are then woven into a fabric. The fabric enables the creation of composite reinforcement parts that are 20% to 30% lighter with improved mechanical properties.

Hot Pants Power Cyclists to Gold

Hot Pants Power Cyclists to Gold Could it have been their hot pants that propelled the British cycling team to gold at the Summer Olympic Games last month? Well, they certainly didn't hurt. The team was outfitted pre-race in Adidas Adipower apparel, dubbed hot pants by the athletes. The warm-up apparel is literally just that. It incorporates a fabric panel heating technology that contains electronics to warm riders' muscles before they train and race.

Metals & Alloys . . .
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Microneedle Used in Eye Treatment

Microneedle Used in Eye Treatment Tiny stainless steel microneedles may soon become the delivery system of choice for treating a variety of eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University have demonstrated that an intraocular microneedle less than a millimeter in length can effectively deliver drug molecules and particles to the eye. The minimally invasive technique could represent a significant improvement over hypodermic needles or eye drops in some cases.

Silver Lining Found in Strawberry Leaf

Silver Lining Found in Strawberry Leaf Strawberries are delicious, especially with ice cream, but who would have thought their leaves could contribute to advanced technologies ranging from electronic devices to catalysts. Academic scientists in Europe have found that adding an extract of the strawberry leaf to an aqueous solution of silver nitrate is an easy and low-cost way route to producing silver nanoparticles. The recipe is simple: just mix and stir over low heat.

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Custom Injection Molded Parts
Proto Labs, Inc.
CeramTec, A Leader in Advanced Ceramics
CeramTec North America

Custom Injection Molded Parts Protomold®, a Proto Labs service, is the world's fastest source for custom injection molded parts. The company fills a unique niche in the manufacturing of plastic parts, using a combination of advanced, proprietary software and sophisticated equipment to produce prototype and low volume runs of custom injection molded parts.

CeramTec, A Leader in Advanced Ceramics We specialize in the design and manufacturing of highly specialized, high-performance ceramics that demonstrate a unique array of mechanical, electrical, thermal, and biological/chemical characteristics. Our knowledge of advanced ceramics ensures that no project is too complex, while our production flexibility ensures that no production run is too large or too small.

Register Today! Register Today! GlobalSpec's Material Aerospace Technology Event — September 19, 2012
GlobalSpec's Aerospace Technology Event — September 19, 2012

Register Today! GlobalSpec's Aerospace Technology Event — September 19, 2012 Join your peers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Meet with leading manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services and technology offerings. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions including: New Standards Address Counterfeit Parts, Vehicle Health; Benefits of Multidisciplinary Model-Based Design, and more — all designed to meet your information needs. Don't miss out. Register today!

Industry Standards . . .
Testing Tensile Properties
Glass Used to Reinforce Plastic

Testing Tensile PropertiesThe test methods in ASTM D4018, now available from IHS, cover the preparation and tensile testing of resin-impregnated and consolidated test specimens made from continuous filament carbon and graphite yarns, rovings, and tows to determine their tensile properties. ASTM D4018 also includes procedures to determine the weight percent sizing and the weight percent moisture adsorption of carbon or graphite fiber.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Glass Used to Reinforce PlasticThe ISO 2559 International Standard, available now from IHS, provides a basis for specifications applicable to textile glass mats made from chopped or continuous strands bonded together by chemical or mechanical means. These glass mats are used for the reinforcement of plastics.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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September 25, 2012 - Volume 1 Issue 3
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