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October 17th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 9
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Industry Trends & Events  Structural Success Story; Take Our
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Spotlight On  
  • Pipe Insulation; Eyewear; Infrared Cameras...  more >>
  • Custom Roll Forming; Alternative to Grade Five Bolts...  more >>
  • Construction and OEM Rollers; Patio and Decking...  more >>

Construction Products  Glass Panels Just Got Better; Retaining Wall Strategies...  more >>

Interior Systems & Architecture  Light and Design Award Winners; The Loft Life...  more >>

Tools & Equipment  The Smart HDD Rig; Way of the Snowplow...   more >>

Building Materials & Hardware  Rubber Flooring with a Flair; Hot-Applied Roofs...  more >>

Careers  A Better Job Search by Design; Continuing Education; Become a LEED Green Builder; Get Linked, Get Noticed...  more >>

Diversions  The Big Dig; High-Rise History...  more >>

Links of Interest  Additional Product-Centric e-Newsletters from GlobalSpec...   more >>

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Questions and Discussions
Structural Success Story

Structural Success StoryIs it possible for an 80 ft span of 8 in. thick reinforced concrete slab to be structurally supported without the use of steel beams and/or columns? This is precisely the challenge faced by structural engineers when designing the new 110,000 sq ft Architecture and Art Building at Prairie View A&M University. How did they tackle the problem of an unsupported floor slab? By creating an innovative composite tri-chord truss. While the single centenary-shaped bottom chord remains exposed, the two top chords are embedded in the concrete slab. The design has proved so effective, reports GoStructural, that even vibrations that commonly occur in pedestrian bridge-like designs have been virtually eliminated.

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Knauf Insulation
Top of the Class on IAQ

Top of the Class on IAQKnauf 1000° ASJ/SSL Pipe Insulation, unfaced, FSK-faced, and PSK-faced Friendly Feel Duct Wrap and thermal/acoustical batts meet the toughest industry IAQ standards—earning GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD For Children and Schools™ certification, as well as California Section 01350. The IAQ excellence and thermal performance of Knauf products insure healthy, energy efficient buildings.

Orange County Choppers Eyewear

Orange County Choppers EyewearThree street-smart frame designs with OCC logos, made from lightweight aluminum. Choice of high impact lenses. Wrap around coverage. Spring hinge temples and adjustable nose bridges for wider fitting ranges.

FLIR Systems Inc.
Order a FLIR BCAM before December 15, 2006 and Save!

Order a FLIR BCAM before December 15, 2006 and Save!FLIR's BCAM® infrared cameras offer a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing building conditions. The BCAM's high-resolution thermal imagery can find potential structural issues, moisture, pests, and more! Order a BCAM from FLIR before December 15, 2006 and save $250.

Construction Products . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
Glass Panels Just Got Better

Glass Panels Just Got BetterIn an ideal world, architectural glass panels would transmit 100% of the sun's natural light while blocking out 100% of its heat energy. Maybe engineers are not yet capable of pulling off the perfect light-to-solar gain ratio (LSG), but they're getting closer. Newly engineered solar controlled low-e glass panels are providing architects and builders with a vastly improved LSG ratio of 2.33. The result is "significant energy savings" for glass-based structures.

Retaining Wall Strategies

Retaining Wall StrategiesMost people think of retaining walls as the finishing touch to a beautifully landscaped residential property. But when it comes to heavy highway and commercial building construction, retaining walls are not only utilized for aesthetic value, but for brute strength. As Erosion Control magazine explains, these heavy cement and/or cement block products are expected to deliver up to 100 years of strength retention for roadways, embankments, and commercial/industrial structures.

Interior Systems & Architecture . . .
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Light and Design Award Winners

Light and Design Award WinnersTake away the element of architectural lighting and a building would simply become an incomplete shell, as these photo galleries indicate. The best of the best of the Architectural Lighting Design industry in 2006 are illustrated. Awards are granted based upon each designer's unique ability to integrate a lighting scheme within "the architectural whole."

The Loft Life

The Loft LifeWide open loft-like spaces, steel accessories, two skyline view balconies (one in the bedroom!), center baking island in the kitchen, a 15 1/2 ft long wet bar... These are just a few of the cutting-edge amenities that went into the contemporary interior design of one downtown Minneapolis high-rise living space.

Spotlight On . . .
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MP Metal Products
Custom Roll Forming

Custom Roll FormingMP Metal Products specializes in custom roll forming. They roll form ferrous and non-ferrous metals into a variety of shapes, moldings, channels, panels, angles, trim, frames, lock seamed profiles, and accessories. Design assistance is available to provide economical solutions and alternatives. MP Metal Products also offers value added services, which include stamping, press braking, slitting, inline piercing, and punching.

Alcoa Fastening Systems
C50L® LockBolt

C50L® LockBoltThe rugged C50L® PowerBolt fastener, from Alcoa Fastening Systems, is an alternative to Grade 5 bolts. Available in diameters ranging from 1/2 ft to 1-3/8 in., a variety of materials and head styles. Ideal for applications where consistent, uniform clamp force is required. For railcar, bus, and RV frame; ship manufacturing; bridge and building construction; and more.

Tools & Equipment . . .
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The Smart HDD Rig

The Smart HDD RigHorizontal Directional Drilling has never been an easy operation. But it is getting simpler and smarter. Advanced drill rigs now feature improved electronics, controlled threading/unthreading, automatic pipe loading, and even cruise control. Fact is, HDD rigs are getting so "smart" that they are now being utilized in an ever expanding list of construction applications including auger boring, pipe bursting, and geothermal HVAC installations.

The Way of the Snowplow

The Way of the SnowplowWinter is coming. For builders who work year round in all kinds of weather, the snowplow becomes an essential piece of on-the-job equipment. Before you build it, you gotta plow it. From access roads to job sites, last night's snow fall has to be cleared before the hammers and mason trowels come out. How do you choose the right plow for the job? Experience and "a keen understanding of your iron," reports Compact Equipment.

Building Materials & Hardware . . .
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Rubber Flooring with a Flair

Rubber Flooring with a FlairCommercial grade polished terrazzo floors with a silk finish that never require polishing, sealing, or waxing. How can this be possible? It's not terrazzo at all. It's rubber. Designed for heavy traffic areas, norament® luxor floors are Greenguard indoor air quality certified®.

In Appreciation of Hot-Applied Roofs

In Appreciation of Hot-Applied RoofsThe traditional four-layer Hot-Applied Roof has realized a decline in popularity in recent decades, giving way to newer cold adhesive and self-adhered systems. But are these more modern systems necessarily better? You might be surprised to discover that many experts, including engineers and roofing experts, still consider the four-ply Hot Built-Up Roof of mop-applied coal tar and/or Styrene Butadiene Styrene (STS) as the best possible maintainable commercial roofing system money can buy.

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Hilman, Inc.
Construction and OEM Rollers

Construction and OEM RollersFor moving from less than 1 ton to more than 1000 tons. (The capacity of the largest Hilman Roller manufactured to date is an amazing 5000 tons!) Hilman Rollers in this grade are ideal for civil engineering, heavy construction, and OEM applications involving basic linear motion to permanent or repetitive moving projects.

Turtle Plastics
Patio and Decking

Patio and DeckingFeatures include:
• Standing water drains away under tile
• UV stable — prevents fading
• Slip resistant
• Anti-Bacterial
• Choose from a rainbow colors
• Easy to Install — just snap together
For more information contact Turtle Plastics.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs Go Here
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by DesignDiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

Click Here
100% Online CE!

100% Online CE!RedVector provides continuing education for the Construction and Design Build industries — 100% online. 850+ courses, including Greenbuilding courses. Search all courses now or call us at 1.800.471.5166!

Become a LEED Green Builder

Become a LEED Green BuilderLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design: it's the Green wave of the building future. Becoming a LEED certified builder is just the start. The U.S. Green Building Council's primary goal is to educate architects, engineers, and builders in the practical knowledge and application of environmentally sound construction practices in an age of ever-depleting energy resources. Web-based learning and workshops are available.

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Get Linked, Get Noticed

Get Linked, Get NoticedWant to get yourself noticed by prospective commercial building clients? There's a Web site dedicated to providing the building client with a list of reputable commercial and general contractors who specialize in every type of construction from Call Centers, Data Centers, Flex Tech Buildings, Manufacturing Buildings, Warehouses, and more.

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CR4 — GlobalSpec's Engineering Community.

Diversions . . .
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The Big Dig

The Big DigNews has not been good for Boston's nearly $15 billion Big Dig. The country's largest urban construction project — taking the city's elevated highway and moving it below sea level — is beset with troubles. Discovery.com reviews the project and shows why it was considered a pinnacle of engineering mastery before tragedy and problems claimed the headlines.

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High-Rise History

High-Rise HistoryThe detractors were so sure it would collapse that one journalist camped out all night outside the brand new building just to see her fall. But the Cincinnati, OH, Ingalls Building did not fall. In fact, it's been in constant use since its final floor was completed in 1902. Constructed of solid columns and foundations, the 210 ft structure was the first ever high-rise to be engineered with steel reinforced concrete.

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