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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Food & Beverage Technology
October 15, 2010   Upcoming e-Events
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Portion Control

Portion Control A gathering of experts in the UK have arrived at a conclusion regarding nanomaterials in food. They used the discomfiting phrase "legal minefield" to describe the coming difficulty that food manufacturers will face in regulating and reporting on nanoparticle content in their products. The difficulties lie in questions of definition. For example, what constitutes an engineered particle? Should nanoparticles be defined by size alone? What is the data on how the nanomaterial affects the human body and how do you share that with consumers? Most agree that any sort of regulation will rely on a combination of these factors, but communicating these complexities to consumers is proving to be quite a challenge.

Register Today!Register Today! GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering Event — November 3, 2010
GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering Event — November 3, 2010
Register Today! GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering Event — November 3, 2010

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Save Money — Reduce Label Costs
Ms. Carita, Inc.

Save Money — Reduce Label Costs Whether you need one label or 10,000,000, align your company with a single source label and product identification component provider. We help our customers reduce their spend through our proven STAR-VALUE program, which includes consultation/ evaluation, concurrent engineering, information management, quality products, and inventory support.

High Visibility Tank Level Gauge
King Engineering Corporation

High Visibility Tank Level Gauge The new KING-GAGE® LevelBAR (v2) system monitors tank level by reading the proportional 4-20 mA signal output from level transmitter or can accommodate direct pneumatic pressure measurement (such as bubbler). LevelBAR indicators include custom graduated tank level scale in units of total volume, weight, or depth of the liquid contents.

Extech Video Borescope:
Bonus 1 m Extension

Extech Instruments Corp.

Extech Video Borescope: Bonus 1 m Extension Through December, Extech offers a 1 m Extension Cable at no charge with purchase of Extech's Wireless Video Inspection Camera/Borescope. Extech features a detachable, hold-in-your-hand, color display, 2GB JPEG and video capacity, 30 ft wireless range — plus the complimentary extension (a $49.99 USD value). Compare models, learn more, and get your bonus cable

Sanitary Bucket Elevators — Process and

Frazier & Son

Sanitary Bucket Elevators — Process and Packaging Frazier & Son designs and manufacturers sanitary bucket conveyors for the food industry, elevating/conveying snack foods, confections, chocolates, dried and fresh fruit, and more in packaging and process lines. Each bucket conveyor is manufactured to meet customer's sanitary and safety requirements. Let us show you how we convey quality.

Processing . . .
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You've Got to Cool It Down

You've Got to Cool It Down If you are planning to install new energy-efficient cooling or freezing equipment on your processing lines, this detailed article from Food Engineering can help you learn how to work around some of the limitations. For example, switching to new, greener refrigerants may require some system modifications. However, manufacturers are making equipment that can help, including systems that capture the lost heat of refrigeration and use it to heat water.

Whip It Good

Whip It Good Low-speed and high-speed settings are often not nuanced enough for bakers, whether they work in an industrial plant or a tiny boutique bakery. Variable speed mixers help give chefs the flexibility they need to properly mix their ingredients while avoiding disastrous over mixing, which can ruin the dough. Artisan bakers will also appreciate these mixers, as they allow for the careful incorporation of sensitive ingredients.

Packaging/Storage/Preservation . . .
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The Big Switcheroo

The Big Switcheroo A new format changeover system will help bottlers improve their efficiency, an important issue as product runs become shorter. The engineers who designed the semi-automatic system wanted to synchronize the time it took to change the mold with the time it took to change the filler, reducing system downtime by 50%.

Seal More with Less

Seal More with Less In hopes of saving the food industry tons of thin film packaging material a year, one company developed a new sealing technology for flexible packaging that promises better integrity, even with a narrower seal. The system is designed for use on vertical form fill seal and horizontal flow wrap machines. It produces a narrow bead seal that is only 1 mm wide, rather than the 15 mm wide seal that is typical for the conventional crimp technique.

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Food, Retail, and Vacuum Bags
Crystal-Vision Packaging Systems

Food, Retail, and Vacuum Bags If you're looking to package a candy, coffee, or a banana, Crystal Vision Packaging has the bag for you. With options including flat bags, gusseted bags, zipper bags, and more, we are confident that we have the right packaging solution for your products.

Parker Global Valves — Meet Your Needs
Automation Group — Parker Hannifin Corporation

Parker Global Valves — Meet Your Needs Parker Hannifin's extensive global valve offering delivers the solutions for demanding applications in industries including: food and beverage, medical, instrumentation, semiconductor, transportation, alternative energy, and industrial automation.

Our featured product: Isys Micro Valve, a compact valve manifold offering high flow and Preferred Connectivity to Rockwell Logix™ Architecture. Learn more about our Isys Micro Valve...

Velocity Continuous Motion Vertical Bagger

Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies

Velocity Continuous Motion Vertical Bagger Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies offers one of the world's fastest continuous motion vertical baggers! Complete with patented, dual, independent, rotary jaw technology, and reaching speeds of 200+ filled bags per minute, the Velocity has a small machine footprint, short film path, and delivers impressive speed and accuracy!

Spooner's Diverse Range of Food
Manufacturing Equipment

Spooner Industries Ltd.

Spooner's Diverse Range of Food Manufacturing Equipment Spooner Industries have provided the food industry with innovative proving, baking, drying and cooling solutions since 1932.

Spooner offers a range of bespoke equipment including ovens, dryers, provers, toasters, coolers, and air conditioning systems for industrial food manufacture.

A test and R&D centre is available for trials and testing.

Materials Handling . . .
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Grocery Service Goes Green

Grocery Service Goes Green Perhaps you've seen the yellow trucks with images of mouth-watering foods printed on the side: for many years, Schwan's Food Service has delivered specialty groceries to consumers' homes. The company has now gone green: almost 90% of the trucks in Schwan's fleet run on propane, which produces fewer emission contaminants. The trucks are also lighter (by nearly 6,000 lbs), increasing fuel economy, and are safer and quieter to operate.

A Deluge of SKUs

A Deluge of SKUs It used to be when you were thirsty, you bought a soda. But now, you can choose from water, flavored water, diet soda, tea, vitamin-infused drinks, ultra-caffeinated drinks, and the list goes on. How can bottlers manage this deluge of stock keeping units? Flexible manufacturing is a good start, with equipment that can manage multiple changeovers and different packaging shapes and sizes. Secondary packaging is also affected, so production lines must also use nimble shrink wrappers and case packers.

Inspection/Quality . . .
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Mars Needs Prepackaged Food

Mars Needs Prepackaged Food When you open a packaged food product, you assume that it has been inspected for quality and safety. Well, astronauts and military service members who have to eat rations and freeze-dried food deserve no less. Creating shelf stable food that does not require refrigeration is not easy. As this report from Food Quality explains, it typically involves heating or irradiation that can unfortunately compromise taste and nutrition.

X-ray Specs?

X-ray Specs? Installing an X-ray inspection system may seem complex and expensive, but this technical paper from Ishida, steps you through the decision-making process. If you have a product sensitive to contamination or want to improve product quality, an X-ray system may be a good investment. The inspection system can detect a variety of foreign substances, from metal to bone to rubber. To learn more, watch the video of the system in action. [Access to this article may require a short registration.]

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Eriez' Feeders Handle Tough Tasks
Eriez Magnetics

Eriez' Feeders Handle Tough Tasks Eriez' complete line of sanitary feeders moves all varieties of powdered and bulk materials. Eriez' electromagnetic and mechanical vibratory feeders can handle everything from granular ingredients and fine fluffy powders to sticky and even leafy products. Our feeders work with the toughest demands of the food processing industry.

"Always On" Spray Dispenser
Oil-Rite Corp.

'Always On' Spray Dispenser A standard spray dispenser uses a pressurized vessel to spray a lubricant or industrial fluid. It needs to be shut off periodically and re-filled. The Auto-Fill Spray Dispenser utilizes alternating reservoirs to attain an "always on" status. Recommended for conveyors and chain drives that run 24/7.

All Strainer Components — Same Day

Newark Wire Cloth Company

 All Strainer Components — Same Day Shipment Celebrating Newark Wire's 100 Years of Service with quality crafted products SaniClean™ Strainers for the food and beverage industry. Our SaniClean™ Strainers are ideal replacements for industry standard inline and side inlet sanitary strainers. All products meet industry standards and 3A sanitation requirements. Available for same day shipment!

Customized Solutions for Your Fluidic

Bio-Chem Fluidics

Customized Solutions for Your Fluidic Applications Bio-Chem Fluidics designs and manufactures high-quality Bio-Chem Valve™ brand solenoid operated Micro-Pumps, Isolation Valves, Pinch Valves, and Electric Rotary Valves. Through our customization expertise and the integration of electrical connectors, specific material selections, and related accessories, we offer complete system solutions to your fluidic applications. Read more here

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Sweet Sell

Sweet Sell Smart creative people know when to hire a business person to help manage the enterprise. Two chefs who specialized in exotic desserts for high end restaurants brought on a CEO when 80-hour work weeks consumed all of their time and energy. The combination proved fruitful, and now the company has two plants churning out innovative sweets. They also weathered the recession by making sound business decisions, like working odd hours to take advantage of cheaper transportation.

Diversions . . .
Self Serve Sauvignon

Self Serve Sauvignon Here's a trend that gives new meaning to bring your own bottle (BYOB)! Self service wine kiosks are popping up in the U.S. and France, allowing consumers to become their own sommeliers. Supermarkets in France feature a wine pump that can dispense volumes of vino from a vending pump that holds 500 to 1,000 liters of wine. Consumers simply bring their own container. In Pennsylvania, self-serve wine vending kiosks dispense wines by the bottle, but require that consumers pass a breathalyzer test before they can make a purchase.

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