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GlobalSpec: Power Supplies & Devices Special Edition
Power Supplies & Devices
Solving the Designer's Dilemma
Solving the Designer's Dilemma

Consumers are constantly raising the bar, asking designers for devices with more features and higher performance. No matter how energy-frugal the circuitry of the device, battery chemistry can't keep up with these demands and provide reliable power over prolonged periods. Voltage drops nonlinearly, according to load and capacity, and these fluctuations can damage the electronics. To stretch batteries' power budgets, designers should consider modular DC-to-DC regulators, which convert inconsistent voltages up or down to deliver stable outputs. Electronics News looks at the strengths and weakness of both linear and switching regulators and offers rules of thumb for the selection process.

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3-Phase UPS Systems Isolate Power Problems
3-Phase UPS Systems Isolate Power Problems
Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite's 3-Phase UPS Systems provide on-line double conversion operation that continuously delivers pure sine wave output, isolating connected systems and equipment from power problems. Compact footprint saves valuable floor space for critical systems and with up to 96% efficiency, saves on power and cooling costs too.

Conduit and Cable Support Systems
Conduit and Cable Support Systems

Underground Devices

Underground Devices is a manufacturer of duct spacers, bore spacers, and several styles of nonmetallic cable racks for underground power and communication installations. Nonmetallic cable racking is ideal for all manhole installations since it is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and high strength.

Powering Portables with a Drop of Liquid

Powering Portables with a Drop of Liquid Researchers have developed technology that converts enough energy to power a portable device from the motion of a single droplet of mercury or an ionic liquid. Low-frequency sources, such as the motion of the human body, are enough to slide the electrically conductive droplet along a microfabricated electret film and generate as much as 0.18 uW.

1/4 in. High A Series Converters
1/4 in. High A Series
EMCO High Voltage Corporation

The new A Series from EMCO High Voltage is a line of ultra-miniature, DC to HV DC converters that set a new industry standard in high voltage miniaturization.

•  Input to output galvanic isolation
•  Low turn-on voltage < 0.7 V
•  Meets RoHS/REACH directives
•  No external components required

Download Standards for Power Supplies
Download Standards for
Power Supplies
American National Standards
Institute, Inc.

Download standards for power supplies. ANSI has standards for power supplies from CSA, IEC, IEEE, BSI, and many others. These standards cover general requirements, testing, safety, and energy efficiency. Conduct a keyword or document number search to find just the standards you need.

The Perfect Control for DC Gearmotors
The Perfect Control for
DC Gearmotors
Dart Controls, Inc.

A general purpose, economical variable speed control for small DC and universal motor applications featuring: dual input voltages of 12/24 VAC or 120/240 VAC with DC output current rating of 2 Amps, adjustable trimpot settings, and quick connect terminal pins. Learn more...

Getting the Most from Lithium Technology

Getting the Most from Lithium Technology This in-depth study reviews the current state of lithium-based battery technology and examines a design approach for portable electronic device power systems that aims to extract optimal performance from whatever battery type is used. The piece factors in issues such as current and power output, safety and diagnostics, and thermal management. Also discussed are the challenges that arise from using wireless and conductive charging.

Smart Power Management
Smart Power
Data Device Corporation (DDC)

DDC Solid State Power Controllers provide...

•  Smart power management (network control; programmability and flexibility; vehicle health; and diagnostics)
•  Reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP)
•  Very high reliability and long life
•  Battle Proven Technology — More than 500,000 DDC SSPC nodes installed on military vehicles since 1988

More info...

760 W High Density Front-ends from UNIPOWER
760 W High Density
Front-ends from
Unipower Corporation

SGL3000 Front-ends are 1U (1.57 in.) high and feature a power density of 17.5 W/in³ with efficiency levels to 92%. The units operate from a universal 90 - 264 VAC input with a minimum power factor of greater than 0.95 and output voltages are 12 VDC and 5 VSB. A 48 VDC input version is also available.

High-rel 200 W Power Supply
High-rel 200 W Power

Abbott Technologies, Inc.

The new family of AC-DC supplies from Abbott Technologies can withstand condensing and other extreme environments. Weighing less than 2 lbs with output voltage from 12 to 48 VDC, the AM200 family employs innovative lightweight circuit board coatings and desiccants to handle condensing atmospheres involving high humidity and low temperatures.

Ultracaps Primed for Next-generation Portables

Ultracaps Primed for Next-generation Portables Despite the fact that they hold hundreds of times more energy than their predecessors and deliver almost instant power, ultracapacitors have lingered on the sidelines, held back by a high price tag. But that's about to change. The rise of inexpensive, compact ultracapacitors could trigger a convergence of batteries and ultracapacitors to meet the insatiable demand of consumer electronics for smaller form factors and greater power budgets.

Painted Power

Painted Power Researchers have developed a rechargeable 2.4 V lithium-ion battery that can be painted on almost any surface. The scientists created the form-fitting device by airbrushing two current collectors, a cathode, a polymer separator, and an anode in five layers onto the base material. By freeing energy storage devices from limitations imposed by traditional packaging, the technology opens a range of design and integration possibilities.

Build Your Own Isolated Power Supply

Build Your Own Isolated Power Supply Prefabricated isolated DC/DC modules convert distribution bus voltages to isolated low voltages, but they are expensive and don't always have all the functionality required by the application. ElectronicsWeekly describes how designers can avoid these shortcomings and simplify the development process by implementing a discrete design that uses a forward converter chipset that includes active clamp reset.

Creating Electricity from Wasted Energy

Creating Electricity from Wasted Energy More than 50% of the energy generated in the U.S. is wasted each year, primarily in the form of heat released into the environment. Scientists have developed an energy harvester that harnesses this thermal energy, converting it to electricity using the pyroelectric effect. Essentially, the nanogenerator's array of zinc oxide nanowires produces electricity as its heated structure cools.

Optical Microchips Power Energy Savings

Optical Microchips Power Energy Savings To offset the vast amounts of energy consumed by electronic devices, researchers are turning to microchip technology that transfers data using light pulses instead of electrons. IBM's Holey Optochip module boosts bandwidth but uses dramatically less energy than more traditional semiconductor technology. The shift to optical communications sidesteps the physical limitations now encountered by efforts to enhance transistor efficiency using standard materials.

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