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March 5, 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 3
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WiMAX Research Readied

WiMAX Research Readied For companies who've been tempted to switch to WiMAX but need more information, world wide licensing requirements will soon be available in an easily searchable online database. According to a Canadian broadband wireless market research firm, the database search is customizable by country, frequency, and alphabetical sorting. The online version features a user-friendly search engine that includes searches based on country, frequency, and license holder. Reports can even be exported to Excel for further customization. Customers will save valuable time by searching only for the information they need right at the moment, enabling them to anticipate licensing requirements quickly, and avoid bureaucratic red tape.

Spotlight On . . .
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Trilithic Inc. — RF & Microwave Components Division
The Ideal Fixed Attenuators for High Power Amplifier Design

The Ideal Fixed Attenuators for High Power Amplifier DesignTrilithic's Model HFP-510-18 is ideal for high power amplifier design and defense and radar requirements. Featuring a frequency range of DC-18 GHz with input power rating of 50 W CW. Standard attenuation values are 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, and 40 dB and VSWR is rated at 1.35:1 at 18 GHz.

IEEE Communications Society

The Organization of Choice for Communications Engineering Professionals

The Organization of Choice for Communications Engineering ProfessionalsKeep up with communications sciences technical advances. Receive IEEE Communications Magazine monthly, discounts, networking opportunities, peer recognition. Join 40,000+ colleagues. Contribute to your profession. Where wireless, internet, and optical technologies meet.

INFOR Enterprise Asset Management
How RFID Technology Can Enhance Asset Tracking

How RFID Technology Can Enhance Asset TrackingRFID can be a powerful tool in EAM/CMMS. This white paper includes a comparison between using RFID and Barcoding for Asset Management, as well as real-life examples of how RFID technology is being used by enterprising organizations today to better track their assets and gain significant time savings.

Airbee Wireless, Inc.
Wireless Sensor Networking Software

Wireless Sensor Networking SoftwareWireless networking software like ZigBee not only promises to connect but also listen and take corrective action on sensor devices. Learn how software from Airbee is enabling manufacturers and integrators design everyday devices like thermostats, motors, actuators, valves, and gauges into wireless networks for monitoring and control applications. More...

RF Systems . . .
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Hands-Free RFID

Hands-Free RFIDNo longer tied to a desktop computer, this hands-free terminal-emulation technology enables speech input without losing scanning accuracy. Speech, bar-code scanning, RFID, and keyboard entry are all hosted on one hardware platform. Combined with mobile computers, this technology enables companies to increase distribution productivity while retaining legacy systems.

RF Electronic Warfare Systems Course

RF Electronic Warfare Systems Course Are you itching to get your hands on a realistic RF Warfare simulation program? In this course, engineers have the opportunity to develop modeling and simulation techniques for radar, communications, surveillance, and RF weapons systems. Topics covered include radar and basic RF modeling fundamentals, electronic attack, and electronic protection.

RF Waveguide Components . . .
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Narrowband Amp Negates Noise

Narrowband Amp Negates Noise These small footprint, narrowband amplifiers save RF components from early retirement by moderating against high levels of input power. Noise figure, output power, and linearity are preserved with minimal insertion loss. Passive or semi-active circuits can be used, with measured insertion loss as low as 0.8 dB at 18 GHZ.

Bi-Directional RF Power Amplifiers

Bi-Directional RF Power Amplifiers This miniature form factor amplifier receives and transmits within the 350 to 450 MHz range. The bi-directional application provides functionality for wireless data, telemetry, and communications systems without increasing real estate. Add custom frequencies to create a multi-task system that will increase the range of your RF system.

Accent On . . .
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Anatech Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of RF and MW Filters and Products

Manufacturer of RF and MW Filters and ProductsAnatech Electronics, Inc., (AEI) responds to the diverse requirements in the RF and microwave marketplace. Products include lumped elements, cavity, diplexers, dual-band diplexers, and bandpass filters for the communication and wireless industry. Experience and commitment to customer satisfaction make AEI one of the leading manufacturers of RF and MW filters and products.

Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
PCS Wireless Fiber Optic Repeater

PCS Wireless Fiber Optic RepeaterThe OFW-1900L is designed to provide full duplex communications signal transmission between a PCS base station and tower mounted antenna via optical cabling. The OFW-1900L system architecture consists of an antenna unit located on the tower structure, a receiver unit located in a ground-based equipment shelter, and optical cable as an interconnect.

Microwave Systems . . .
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The Goodbye Wave

The Goodbye Wave Depending on the Air Force's definition of humane and non-lethal, the goodbye weapon might soon be marketed as a crowd control tool. The system shoots a 94 GHz (3 mm wave) beam (longer in wavelength than X-rays but shorter than microwaves) into the victim, who falls to the ground, and later runs away.

ID via IR

ID via IR Ever wonder how police ID traffic violators so quickly? They might be using Automatic License Plate Recognition, a technology using infrared cameras to automatically and continuously read vehicle license plates, checking them against an installed database for rapid ID. Officers no longer need to send a dispatch to central headquarters to identify you.

Wireless Networking . . .
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Wireless Speeds to Market

Wireless Speeds to MarketMore mobile users require more bandwidth per second than ever before. Companies rush to deliver products to market by providing flexible high volume network applications that can be prototyped and ramped into production. System designers will choose this third generation wireless system because it will accommodate upgrades and migrations, thus reducing overall costs.

Census Bureau Goes Wireless

Census Bureau Goes WirelessThe Census Bureau is giving up its tried and true, paper-based collection methodology in favor of a wireless solution. For the upcoming 2010 launch, the agency will equip its temporary workforce with wireless computers linked to a national database. The devices are part of a five-year, $600 million contract to obtain field census data.

Focus On . . .
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Akon, Inc.
Microwave Components and Integrated Subassemblies

Microwave Components and Integrated SubassembliesAKON is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of microwave components and integrated subassemblies in 0.5 to 20.0 GHz range. They specialize in concept through hardware realization of "custom" microwave components and integrated subassemblies (MIC and MMIC). Please contact them directly to discuss specific applications to define a unit exactly tailored to your needs.


RFIDThe RFID industry today represents a dynamic attempt by manufacturers and users to build and deploy solutions reflecting trade-offs between a wide range of technical, political, and regulatory constraints. HUBER+SUHNER takes part in this dynamic environment by providing components such as antennas, cables, and connectors to reader manufacturers, system integrators, and end users.

Careers . . .
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design DiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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IEEE RFID 2007The IEEE International Conference on RFID 2007 in Dallas, TX, will emphasize how RFID technology will affect your future, in both large scale manufacturing and career growth opportunities. Wireless ID and sensing systems, design, deployment, and application of RFID systems are just a few of the many topics that will be covered.

Diversions . . .
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The 21st Century Cigarette The 21st Century Cigarette

We love our cell phones, but are they safe? A UK professor, chairman of a government-funded mobile telecommunications health research program and considered a world expert on mobile phone radiation, has suggested that cell phones are dangerous over the long term. He will monitor 200,000 users over a five year period to prove his theory that cell phones are the cigarette of the 21st century.

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