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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Handheld Computers That Keep on Ticking

Handheld Computers That Keep on Ticking Some warehousing environments can be very tough on the handheld computers that many workers use today; and this article points out that it may make economic sense in some cases to kick in the extra amount for the most rugged devices on the market. These devices can survive drops and shocks, temperature extremes, immersion in water, and exposure to particulates.

The All-new I-Class Mark II
New Stainless Steel Wall Cabinets
Jamco Products, Inc.

The All-new I-Class Mark II Datamax-O'Neil's I-Class Mark II industrial printer is designed to outperform any printer in its class with 20% faster print speeds, 44% faster processing, and 61% lower power consumption. The printer offers 50% more memory with 64 MB Flash and 32 MB DRAM as standard features. Brochure, video, and more..

New Stainless Steel Wall Cabinets Jamco Products presents our new stainless steel wall cabinets. 304 stainless, premium polished, 18 gauge, fully welded, with smooth hemmed edges, these cabinets can be mounted on the wall for industrial grade storage use. Come see these new models here and experience the Jamco difference!

Check Out U.S. Plastic Corp.

U.S. Plastic Corporation
Bison Gearmotors Drive Cost Saving
Packaging Systems

Bison Gear and Engineering

Check Out U.S. Plastic Corp. U.S. Plastic Corporation is your source for a huge line of bottles, labware, tanks, tubing, barrels, containers, sheet, buckets, and many other plastic MRO products. Check us out from your desktop, cell phone, or from our traditional catalog.

Bison Gearmotors Drive Cost Saving Packaging Systems Bison Gear and Engineering draws from a long history of providing power transmission and motion control solutions to material handling and packaging applications. Conveyors, form/fill/seal, case erectors, storage, and retrieval — Bison offers a complete library of motor and gearmotor products to suit all your handling requirements.

Maximize Performance & Dependability . . .
Abrasive Material Wearing You Down?

Abrasive Material Wearing You Down? FLSmidth's abrasion-resistant feeder reduces life-cycle costs, increases running time, reduces down-time, and has three to four times longer life compared to other designs. Designed to handle the most abrasive materials, and lined with thick ceramic and tungsten carbide coatings, this exceptional feeder offers robust construction, seriously long life, and proven reliability.

Read our case study to learn more.

Conveyors, Overhead Handling . . .
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Automated Crane System Cuts Lost Time

Automated Crane System Cuts Lost Time A case study describes how a heavy metals manufacturing company boosted productivity by installing an automated overhead crane system. The new system handles loads of up to 40 metric tons and uses automatic identification to track inventory. Data on dimensions and weight of the load enable the system to optimize storage for easy retrieval.

Conveyor Turns on a Dime

Conveyor Turns on a Dime A conveyor element provides a 180-degree turn capability via a belt power curve. The unit features a small inside radius that is designed to conserve space in tight operations. The system is bidirectional, and features cylindrical end rolls that allow for easy material transfer. A video shows how it works.

Purchasing & Logistics . . .
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Keeping the Cold Chain Cool

Keeping the Cold Chain Cool Systems for temperature-controlled logistics and the associated distribution channels usually work effectively, but if there's a breakdown, the consequences can include illness and death. This article looks at the changes in practices of pharmaceutical distribution after a recent deadly incident; and at advances in cooling and monitoring technologies. Providers of cold-chain services have also grown from specialty operations to strong global operations.

Technologies Improve Logistics

Technologies Improve Logistics For some companies, logistics operations are slowly moving to smoother flows with mobile, wireless systems, while other companies are still mired in the old ways. This article looks at several factors that drive efficiency for the leaders: advancing cellular technology, declining device costs, and increasing use of mobile technology by consumers and corporations.

RFID Compliance — Stock/Custom Labels
and Applications

MPI Label Systems
Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment

David Round

RFID Compliance — Stock/Custom Labels and Applications Solutions for your RFID compliance needs from in-stock sizes, for fast response, to custom RFID label construction, printers, encoding software, readers, and applicators. MPI provides blank, pre-printed, variable print, serialization, and pre-encoded labels. MPI's experts will recommend the best face stock/adhesive combination and inlay type for your application and industry.

Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment Eliminate back-breaking activities. Highly maneuverable floor cranes are an ideal alternative to lift trucks for many situations. Tractor drives push or pull overhead loads with ease. Roto-Mate jib crane motorization kits eliminate dangerous operator strain when rotating the crane. Ask about our quick ship program on selected products.

Warehousing & Distribution . . .
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Packaging Machine is Versatile

Packaging Machine is Versatile This automated packaging machine uses both longitudinal and transverse cutting and creasing capabilities to enable a huge variety of packing options on a single device. With a vertical outfeed design, the machine occupies only 8 ft by 6 ft of warehouse space. Targeted applications include e-commerce fulfillment, window and door packaging, furniture manufacturing, and printing and marketing. A video explains how the machine can be used for "on-demand" packaging.

Tamper-proof Labeling

Tamper-proof Labeling Customized labels provide brand protection by using technology to deter tampering by even the most determined counterfeiter. Labels use holographic foils, paper, or plastic films that integrate a variety of taggant technologies; and make use of clear, ultraviolet bar codes as well. An embedded-film option allows for instant verification, as shown in this video.

Lift Trucks, Loading Docks & AGVs . . .
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Smart Systems Streamline Dock Ops

Smart Systems Streamline Dock Ops If costs are getting out of hand, take a look at practices in your yard and dock areas — there may be gold in them thar operations. Systems that link loading dock equipment with software to monitor, communicate, and manage dock status can help users reduce detention fees, spoilage costs, and accidents. The basis for many of these systems is radio frequency and GPS technology that begins tracking while materials are still on the road.

Nanoparticles for Nanofriction

Nanoparticles for Nanofriction Lubricating grease uses ceramic nanoparticles to offer low coefficient of friction and long life in a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures — ideal for lift trucks, conveyors, and other material handling applications. The material is food-grade certified and resistant to water, steam, and acids.

APU-9347-B02 Kiosk Printer
VS1 Vibration Monitor
Electro-Sensors, Inc.

APU-9347-B02 Kiosk Printer Rated for a minimum of 150 km total printing and at least 1,000,000 cuts, the APU-9347 from Telpar doesn't quit. A 10 in. diameter paper roll support means lower operating costs and an 8 in./second print speed. Support for a range of paper thicknesses ensures rapid delivery of receipts, tickets, or labels — every time.

VS1 Vibration Monitor The new VS1 vibration monitor from Electro-Sensors minimizes the risk of catastrophic equipment failure and expensive shutdowns by detecting both under and over vibration conditions that could signal trouble. Small, light, and economical, the new VS1 also features exclusive LED indicators that tell operators at a glance if a machine needs attention or preventative maintenance.

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July 18, 2012 - Volume 3 Issue 11
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