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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Building & Construction
February 19, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 2
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Building the Great Green Escape

Building the Great Green Escape The design and construction of today's high-rise hotel is less about putting a roof over the traveler's head than it is creating a great escape. But just how does one go about designing the hotel escape experience? You start with the bathroom. Large, spacious bathrooms with powerful spa-like showers are all the rage these days. So are larger bedrooms. Less conservative design, accompanied by all manners of high-tech gadgetry — from plasma televisions to video game systems — is fast becoming the standard. But with all these changes in the way we view the hotel experience, have designers and builders lost site of the Green building movement? Not by a long shot, as Building Design+Construction explains...

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Double Dipping is Fun!
Nichiha USA, Inc.

Double Dipping is Fun! You are now free to DOUBLE DIP! With Nichiha panels, you save money and create beautiful exteriors. Panels install 9 sq ft each saving on labor, and our 50-year warrantied panels come in over 30 textures and colors. See how OFM Headquarters double dipped all the way to the bank.

Bollard Solutions for Your Decorative or Perimeter Security Requirements
Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Bollard Solutions for Your Decorative or Perimeter Security Requirements Reliance Foundry Bollards can be used for:

• Pedestrian and Vehicular Control
• Architectural and Landscape Highlights
• Pipe and Post Covers

All our Bollard models are produced in steel, ductile iron, or light-weight aluminum.

Many of our Bollards can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

Hilti PD4 — Laser Range Meter

Hilti, Inc.

Hilti PD4 — Laser Range Meter Slim, compact, and built to take the tough conditions of everyday jobsite use in its stride, this 100% waterproof and dust-tight laser range meter is the new measure of efficiency. Probably the simplest distance measuring device ever developed, the Hilti PD 4 delivers highly accurate measurements at the touch of a single button.

Are You Prepared to Manage the Complexities of a LEED Project?
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

Are You Prepared to Manage the Complexities of a LEED Project? Site development, water efficiency, energy usage, building materials, interior building systems, construction wastes, and increased recycling — you have to manage it all when you are building to achieve LEED certification. CSI's CDT certificate can help. Learn more at

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Sandwich Wall Saves Energy, Time

Sandwich Wall Saves Energy, Time Combat soaring energy costs with more efficient construction. Concrete sandwich wall construction, for example, combines the energy efficiency of high R-value insulation with the compressive strength of masonry. These panels are so strong, in fact, they can be utilized as load-bearing walls.

Capture Runoff Early

Capture Runoff Early More effective than their older cousins because of their high-capacity voids, newly engineered drywells gradually leach contaminated water into the soil without saturating it. The "plastic container" drywells, able to hold up to 50 gal each, capture runoff before it has a chance to spoil the surrounding environment.

Tools & Equipment . . .
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Tooling Up to Invade America

Tooling Up to Invade America Mechanized tool manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland are leading the global charge with innovative, environmentally friendly, hand-held construction equipment. But what's different about the way European tools are being crafted? Today's focus falls on the environmentally friendly tool as evidenced by new laws assigning manufacturers with the responsibility of properly disposing and/or recycling all used tool parts.

Pulverizing the Pavement

Pulverizing the Pavement If you're a contractor looking for a concrete slab buster that can both "pulverize" and "rubberize," you've come to the right place. This 1,130 lb hydraulic-cylinder-and-valve system attachment can be operated both vertically and horizontally. Its heavy-spring compression mechanism causes the 4 in., 388 lb impact bar "to fire" with such force that it demolishes flat reinforced concrete far faster than more traditional jackhammer methods.

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Infrared and Visual Images at the Push of a Button
Flir Systems Incorporated

Infrared and Visual Images at the Push of a Button ThermaCAM® B400 FUSION fuctionality allows for easier indentification and interpretation. Enhance the value of an infrared image by allowing the overlay directly over the corresponding visual image at the push of a button. Done in real-time, this function can be easily adjusted to suit applications including electrical surveys, building diagnostics, and mechanical inspections. Learn more.

Customized Operator Training, Inspections, and Consulting Services
Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau

Customized Operator Training, Inspections and Consulting Services CICB has been providing training, inspections, and consulting services for the Crane, Lifting, and Heavy Equipment Industry since 1969. Our training can be provided onsite at your facility or at one of our training centers in Orlando, FL or Houston, TX. Scheduled classes are also available. Contact us at 800-327-1386 or visit us at

Special Invitation for Globalspec Subscribers: Try Mathcad 14.0 at No Charge!

Special Invitation for Globalspec Subscribers: Try Mathcad 14.0 at No Charge!  Download your 30-day complimentary trial of Mathcad 14.0 now and see how you can optimize your engineering calculations with:

• Enhanced calculation power and clarity
• Improved differential equation solving
• Full Unicode support!

Learn more.

Residential Stainless Steel Sinks

Elixir Industries

Residential Stainless Steel Sinks There are several qualities about stainless steel sinks that make them a valuable asset in the home. It is much more durable than porcelain or cost iron. Stainless steel will not rust, stain, or lose its luster. It is easier to clean and resists scratches better than other sinks.

Building Materials & Hardware . . .
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The Versatile Metal Roof

The Versatile Metal Roof With the Green, "Save-a-Tree" movement in full swing, metal roofing is fast becoming the popular choice for commercial complexes such as urban apartment towers, museums, and medical facilities. Aside from its environmental friendliness, metal roofing boasts outstanding aesthetics and low maintenance. It also eliminates shrinking seams and the cracking rubber normally associated with aging EPDM roofs.

When the Lights Go Out!

When the Lights Go Out! It's something we rarely think about until it happens: power outage! Unless your office or apartment building is supplied with the right kind of emergency lighting, chances are you'll be fumbling in the dark. From decorative sconces to rechargeable fluorescent floodlights, here's the latest in high-tech, state-of-the-art, emergency lighting.

Green Design . . .
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At the Big Apple's Core

At the Big Apple's Core Believe it or not, New York City's Times Square is home to some of the most cutting-edge Green and LEED Certified construction projects in the world. Nothing exemplifies that new Green commitment than the 48-story Conde Nast Building located at Four Times Square. This multi-use glass-and-chrome steel structure sets the bar for "energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and indoor environmental quality."

"And the Green Globe Award Goes to…"

'And the Green Globe Award Goes to…' ...the NewPage Corporation, a producer of coated paper products. The award, presented by the Green Building Initiative, recognizes the company's new headquarters building for minimizing harmful air emissions, use of energy and water conservation strategies, and the integration of recycled materials.

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High-Performance Erlau PAGWOOD Outdoor Furniture

High Performance Erlau PAGWOOD Outdoor Furniture PAGWOOD is extremely durable and after years of exposure to the elements develops a patina whereby the seating elements become a tone darker and the warm character of the natural wood is enhanced. Anti-graffiti-coating. For very difficult environments we offer an additional clear lacquer coat which reduces dirt retention and allows the removal of graffiti.

Glass Fabrication Capabilities

CRYSTEX Composites LLC

Glass Fabrication Capabilities CRYSTEX COMPOSITES has over 60 years experience in the machining of glass bonded mica material. Its modern machine shop offers fast turnaround with exceptionally tight tolerances. Since Mykroy/Mycalex is easier to machine than all other machinable ceramics on the market, fabrication is easy and fast, hence intricate and complex shapes.

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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Earn Professional Development Hours

Earn Professional Development Hours Are you an engineering professional looking for a flexible way to earn continuing education credits? New development opportunities exist by simply logging on to the Web and reading specially selected engineering articles from a variety of online trade publications. Once an article is reviewed, the student completes the attached quiz. If 80% of the questions are answered correctly by the completion of the course, the student is awarded with 1.0 to 2.0 Professional Development Hours — the same as 0.1 to 0.2 higher education credits in many U.S. states.

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Rise of the Vertical Farm

Rise of the Vertical Farm Las Vegas, the world's flashiest gambling capital, just might become home to the world's first vertical farm. This proposed $200 million, 30-story engineering marvel could feed an estimated 72,000 people per year. Its series of steel and concrete platforms will grow apples, winter squash, and other organic products. Even more interesting is the project's potential as a tourist destination. Word is, the millions it could make in tourist dollars will easily pay for projected operating costs.

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