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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Coatings & Surface Engineering
March 14, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 3
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Coatings that "Cure"

Coatings that 'Cure' Manufacturers who paint or coat very large vehicles such as heavy duty construction equipment, or produce components for large outdoor structures like bridges, are turning to reactive-cure coatings, also called two-component coatings, because they greatly reduce curing times. Along with other production improvements, reactive-cure coatings can help increase manufacturing production by up to 50%, all while minimizing exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Find out more about the three different types of two-component coatings and the application considerations related to their use. Could your company become both lean and green by coating components at lower temperatures for shorter curing times?

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Alunit® Ceramic Substrate — The Cool Solution for Electronic Power
CeramTec North America

Alunit® Ceramic Substrate — The cool Solution for Electronic Power CeramTec's Alunit® ceramic substrateoffers dramatically better heat dissipation for high-power electronic components. Alunit® offers a thermal expansion coefficient that is comparable to silicon. With a thermal conductivity rating of ~180 W/mK, the Alunit® material delivers 10 times more insulating power and heat conductivity than conventional aluminum oxide.

Powder Coating
TLF Inc.

Powder Coating State of the art powder coating facility with five station wash, environmental rooms with automatic reclaim booth, and four spray to waste booths. 1050 ft conveyor on-line with one oven. Three ovens off-line. Equipped to handle small orders or tractor trailer loads. Parts as large as 25 ft x 9 ft x 10 ft. TLF, INC.

Coatings . . .
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NanoTech Revolution

NanoTech Revolution Discover the future that nanotechnology will bring to the coatings industry, including 100%-solids UV-curable materials and nano-enabled moisture barriers. Nanotechnology may also address many of the health and environmental issues associated with existing technology, such as reducing the need to rely on certain solvents or lowering production energy costs.

Coatings for OLEDs, Solar Panels

Coatings for OLEDs, Solar Panels Two companies are collaborating on an extrusion coating system that will be used for the development of a proprietary photovoltaic project. The new extrusion technology, also used in the creation of organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, deposits layers of organic photovoltaic material with a minimum of waste and in a more efficient manner than traditional vapor deposition.

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Cleaning & Surface Preparation . . .
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Smoothing Out the Surface

Smoothing Out the Surface Fused-deposition modeling (FDM) builds stronger plastic prototypes than any other additive technology, but tends to generate rough surfaces that make components unacceptable for use in some applications. A new smoothing process removes the ragged edges using a phase-change reaction that occurs between the plastic part and an active ingredient, leaving the part smooth enough for plating or painting.

Curbing Surface Corrosion

Curbing Surface Corrosion Anti-corrosion coatings are indispensible to the petrochemical, wind power, transportation, and infrastructure industries to safeguard building materials against rust. Some of the challenges in this ever-growing market? Making materials that are water-based to reduce reliance on solvents and ensuring proper substrate preparation for quality adhesion.

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LS RB2002 Rim Blaster
LS Industries

LS RB2002 Rim Blaster LS Industries, Wichita, Kansas, is pleased to announce the RB2002 RimBlast System, the newest addition to its line of metal cleaning systems. The powerful new overhead blaster allows the user to clean up to 30 painted or powder coated rims per hour.

High Pressure Valve for Sealants and Grease
EFD Inc.

High Pressure Valve for Sealants and Grease EFD's unique 736HPA balanced-spool valve easily applies industrial sealants, grease and siliones at fluid pressures up to 2,500 psi (172 bar) while ensuring consistent dispensing. The 736HPA is designed for use with high pressure pump systems. Specify 1/4 in. NPT inlet size when ordering fluid inlet fittings from your pump supplier.

Substrate Modifications . . .
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Mixing Human and Machine

Mixing Human and Machine Advances in bioengineering and nanomaterials is making the interface between human body and mechanical device a much smoother one. Some examples: titanium components coated with ceramic nanowires makes metal implants more compatible with muscle tissue; porous surfaces promote bone growth in joint replacements; and aerosol-based three-dimensional printing techniques create seamless implants to repair broken bones.

Metal Finishing Business Flies

Metal Finishing Business Flies A family business in Hartford, CT foresees an expansion in their future to meet the demand of new, fuel-efficient aircraft. Specializing in heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings for machined parts for the aerospace industry, the company is looking to eventually house all of its processes, including heat treating and painting, under one roof.

Friction, Lubrication & Wear . . .
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Get Your Motor Runnin'

Get Your Motor Runnin' Learn everything you need to know to keep your electric motors lubed and running in this overview article from Machinery Lubrication. Some of the specifics include pinpointing likely causes of motor failure, from using an incorrect lubricant to overfilling the grease cavity. The article also discusses how to choose the right grease for the motor, build a preventative maintenance plan, and use feedback instruments.

Reducing Wear and Tear

Reducing Wear and Tear How do you protect a tire pressure monitoring system housed in the hubcap of a Boeing 777? You use a polymer that can handle the wear and tear of repeated takeoffs and landings, including temperature variations and exposure to caustic chemicals on the runway. Using the lighter weight polymer in the hubcaps instead of aluminum also lightens the load, making the plane more fuel efficient.

Focus On . . .
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Fluoropolymer Technologies
Tnemec Company, Inc.

Fluoropolymer Technologies Tnemec Company's Fluoronar provides long-term color and gloss retention for architecturally exposed metals. A premium fluoropolymer topcoat, Fluoronar's technology offers unequaled aesthetic performance for new construction and rehabilitation projects. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, including metallics, Fluoronar is easy to apply and resists chalking, fading, and weathering. Learn more.

Fluoride & pH Sensors for Acid
Fluoride Etching

Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.

Fluoride & pH Sensors for Acid Fluoride Etching Case Study No. 6 — pH & Fluoride Measurement in Acid Etching: A system to determine and control the acid etching strength of a given process solution

• High HF and High Acid (Low pH) resistant pH and Fluoride Element
• Custom Engineered reference system for acid etching media
•
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A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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FutureCoat Focuses on Global Resposibility

FutureCoat Focuses on Global Resposibility FutureCoat 2008, planned for October in Chicago, will focus on developing and manufacturing globally responsible coatings. The conference invites discussion on balancing manufacturing agendas with socially and environmentally sustainable production, including the promise (and challenges) of nanomaterials and the many different automotive coatings making their way to market.

Diversions . . .

Dreams of the Machine

Dreams of the Machine This gives new meaning to the idea of dream interpretation. Imagine watching a performance of a robot dancing to the "beat" of your brainwaves and REM sleep patterns. Two collaborators created the Sleep Walking art project to do just that, using a machine learning algorithm to process the data and a humanoid-like robot to interpret it into specific movements.

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