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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Industrial MRO
April 4, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 4
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Spare Parts: Real or Reproductions

Spare Parts: Real or Reproductions It's tough enough to keep sufficient spare parts in inventory, but what if those parts aren't any good? The risk of buying counterfeit electrical goods rises daily as emerging industrialized nations acquire the manufacturing expertise to copy and counterfeit goods. High-volume, low-cost electrical devices such as circuit breakers are the most likely to be counterfeited. Where can you turn to stay informed of the latest counterfeit notices? The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recycler's League, an association dedicated to the safe remanufacturing of electrical devices, collects and displays counterfeit notices in its news section as a service to the electrical industry.

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Split Pillow Block Assembly for Easy Installation
SKF/North America

Split Pillow Block Assembly for Easy Installation New SKF® Type SAF Split Pillow Blocks incorporate unique design features to enable easy alignment and installation, proper bearing lubrication, and longer bearing life. These two-piece assemblies mount quickly to shafts and can accommodate heavy radial loads. Applications include fans and blowers, conveyors, and other. . . (read more)

Permabond Threadlockers Prevent Loosening of Fasteners

Permabond Threadlockers Prevent Loosening of Fasteners Permabond threadlocking sealants are a cost-effective and superior alternative to lock washers and locking threads. They prevent loosening and provide inherent corrosion prevention. Permabond's complete line includes permanent and removable, high-temperature resistant, and NSF/ANSI 61 certified grades in a range of viscosities, from wicking grades to high viscosity gap filling products. Learn more.

Inventory & Asset Management . . .
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Preventive Maintenance in a Box

Preventive Maintenance in a Box With the goal of simplifying lifecycle management for industrial drives, one vendor offers preventive maintenance kits. These kits contain all the spare parts common to scheduled service on industrial drives. It also minimizes the time it takes to find, order, and locate separate contacts, harnesses, and other common parts.

Disposable FR Garments for Petrochem

Disposable FR Garments for Petrochem To cut costs, MRO professionals look to extend the life of equipment and consumables. Dealing with fire-resistant (FR) clothing in petrochem, studies show that hydrocarbons can reduce the effectiveness of FR clothing for arc flash and flame protection. Find out how disposable garments match up to traditional fire protection.

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Who Put the Wrench in the Gear Box?

Who Put the Wrench in the Gear Box? When a gear fails, we commonly replace it and move on. But if the cause of the problem remains, then all you've done is guarantee the need for more repairs. This article starts outside the gear box, and walks the reader inside to understand the common causes and diagnostic techniques for gear box and reducer failure. What inspection/evaluation rules do you follow?

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Pumps: Don't Get Busted by the Big Three

Pumps: Don't Get Busted by the Big Three Diaphragm pumps use compressed air to keep coolants and other liquids flowing through your plant. Poor pump design can lead to the three most common failures: freezing, stalling, and poor efficiency. Don't become a percussion maintenance practitioner, because the pump itself may not be the problem. Put your hammer down and read how to avoid choosing the wrong motor.

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Tough and UL94V-0 Listed — Flx-thane SE

Tough and UL94V-0 Listed — Flx-thane SE Flexaust® Flx-thane® SE is a clear polyurethane hose, UL94V-0 listed (self-extinguishing and halogen-free), has a smooth interior, and is reinforced with a coated steel wire helix. This hose is a good replacement for neoprene coated polyesters, PVC, and TPR hoses. Flx-thane® SE is ideal for ventilation, evacuation, and material transfer applications.

Your Hand-Protection Needs are
Our Business

United Glove, Inc.

Your Hand-Protection Needs are Our Business Established in 1984, United Glove is a manufacturer and importer of high-quality, industrial work gloves and arm apparel. United Glove possesses a unique combination of manufacturing and direct importing, custom imprinting, packaging, and distribution capabilities. Our glove experience and customer-oriented philosophy enables us to provide an unsurpassed level of personalized service.

Energy Saving Solutions . . .
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Better Boilers Beat High Heating Bills

Better Boilers Beat High Heating Bills There's no way to avoid paying higher rates for heating oil these days, but a better boiler can help mitigate the cost. Ways to improve your boiler with minimal capital include increasing the temperature differential between input and output liquid. You also can add boiler modulation and consider condensing tubes to trap lost energy.

Energy Star Goes Industrial

Energy Star Goes Industrial Rising costs and environmental concerns grab management's attention when it comes to saving energy. But where is the information you need to choose between different motor designs or competing air handlers? The government might actually be able to help, thanks to the U.S. EPA's Energy Star Industrial program.

Preventive Maintenance . . .
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Ounce of Prevention Worth a Dozen Breakers

Ounce of Prevention Worth a Dozen Breakers Engineers at Canada's Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie prefer preventive maintenance on HV breakers to keep the electricity flowing. This article suggests the most important PM activities for breakers. It covers dynamic contact resistance, arcing, vibration, and travel distance. Finally, it looks at the tools that help accomplish these tasks.

Don't Let Humidity Dampen Productivity

Don't Let Humidity Dampen Productivity Humidity can ruin raw materials, foil lubricants, and short a circuit. But making accurate humidity measurements isn't as easy reading the nearest barometer. One humidity sensor supplier offers complimentary educational seminars around the U.S. in 2008. Find more information on humidity sensors and the dates and locations for the seminars.

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Designed Prevention, Rather Than
Unplanned Reaction

GP Solutions, Inc.

Designed Prevention, Rather Than Unplanned Reaction Take charge of your maintenance and spare parts inventory control operations. GP Mate will help you schedule your activities, ensure proper parts and procedures are followed, and provide management reporting in an easy to use solution.

Flexible work flow is customized to adopt current business practices and accommodate future needs.

Drylaid, Wetlaid Nonwovens

Drylaid, Wetlaid Nonwovens Using a variety of drylaid and wetlaid nonwovens, Ahlstrom has developed an extensive range of products serving niche applications in the air filtration market:

• Evaporative cooling
• Paint arrestor
• Kitchen range hoods
• Vacuum cleaners
• Floor vent filter media
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Employees Hate Supers, Not Companies

Employees Hate Supers, Not Companies Most employees leave their jobs or their companies because of a problem with their supervisor, not a problem with the company. This article suggests several ways to start improving worker retention, starting from the initial interview. Communication remains critical to developing and retaining good employees. To motivate your best workers, a clear career path needs to be in place and updated regularly.

Diversions . . .

Vote Year 'Round

Vote Year 'Round Manufacturing has become a hot topic in the U.S. as outsourcing overseas tussles with the falling dollar and rising U.S. exports. In this election year, the lens of public opinion has been focused on U.S. manufacturing, but as this column says, manufacturing interests can do more than vote in November to make sure U.S. manufacturing stays strong. Check out these programs and associations that offer you ways to get involved 365 days a year.

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Join a Conversation About This Month's Topic... Buy New, or Have It Reconditioned?

Do you use remanufactured equipment if available, or do you buy new when electrical devices fail? Can you tell if remanufactured parts are real?

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