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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Packaging & Labeling
April 3, 2007 - Volume 3 Issue 4
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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Technology Responds to "Wrap Rage"

Technology Responds to 'Wrap Rage' It's called "wrap rage" — consumer frustration with difficult packaging. During each month in Britain in 2004, an average of 5,500 people visited hospital emergency rooms because of injuries from stubborn packaging. Yet, on the other hand, U.S. statistics in 2005 show a total of nearly $30 billion was stolen from retailers. The relationship between difficult packaging and retail theft is one of opposing interests. The answer is somewhere between better theft prevention and universal package design — ensuring that packaging is easy to access for everyone. New technology will help: RFID, miniature wireless visual recording systems, fingerprint recognition, and electronic wallets. When integrated with packaging and retail display systems, they can advance the battle against shoplifting.

Spotlight On . . .
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Increase Your Purchasing Power
with Affordable Equipment Financing!

Increase Your Purchasing Power with Affordable Equipment Financing! You found the right equipment. Now how do you fit it into your budget? Contact FirstCorp today for convenient and affordable business equipment financing. Since 1980, FirstCorp has provided thousands of businesses with flexible leasing and financing terms for a wide range of equipment. Learn more at our Web site.

Altech Packaging Company Inc.
Sustainability in Packaging

Sustainability in Packaging Sustainability: Tomorrow's value established in 1904, Altech Packaging advises clients on the opportunities associated with corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Altech seeks solutions to environmental challenges that deliver long term value. We understand business and what society expects of it. Contact us for further information.

Form, Fill & Seal Equipment . . .
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Keeping Coffee Drinkers Caffeinated

Keeping Coffee Drinkers Caffeinated What do you do when demand exceeds supply of portion-packed coffee? Invest in new form, fill, and seal equipment and produce more product. This solution includes a new servo-driven bag maker sitting beneath a pair of servo-driven auger fillers, and farther downstream, a checkweigher connected directly to the filler to tell it to increase or decrease the portion.

Robots Fill a Food Industry Niche

Robots Fill a Food Industry Niche Robots are finding a happy home in food packaging lines, where they are very adept at material handling — picking and placing products as they flow down the conveyor lines. New modular control platforms have allowed their operation to be integrated with filling equipment, and for highly regulated industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, robots help satisfy validation and traceability requirements.

Rigid & Flexible Containers . . .
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Advanced Blister Pack Design

Advanced Blister Pack Design A European manufacturer has introduced High-Pressure Cold Forming (HPC) technology to lower material costs in blister package making, reducing the aluminum needed and allowing 20% to 30% smaller cards. There are several other advances, such as new child resistant (CR), senior friendly (SF) fold over blister package design composed of a blister unit sandwiched between multiple layers of paperboard.

Eco-Friendly Juice Bottles

Eco-Friendly Juice Bottles A Florida-based company is the first to offer its fruit juices in bottles made from NatureWorks® polylactide resin (PLA). The polymer material is derived from renewable resources such as corn and is biodegradable, and can be used in the same molds as the previous polyethylene terephthalate bottles. Since the juice is cold packed, the PLA's lower melt index is not an issue.

Accent On . . .
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Alpack Associates
Custom Packaging and Labeling

Custom Packaging and Labeling Alpack Associates specializes in custom-design carrying and shipping cases. Styles include the following: ATA Spec 300 shipping cases, sewn fabric carrying cases, vacuum-formed plastic cases, blow-molded carrying cases, roto-molded shipping cases, and more. Alpack Associates also has in-house capabilities which include die cutting, die manufacturing, laminating, hot stamping, silk-screening, and digital printing.

Product Identification

Product Identification LGInternational offers a wide range of product identification technologies to maximize brand association and ease of product use. LGI's labeling solutions include domed labels, molding, product decoration, regulatory labeling, front panel overlays, nameplates, barcode, and serialized labels. LGI offers the latest in barcode and serialization technology for unique identification of individual products.

Labeling & Coding . . .
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Corn-Based Labels

Corn-Based Labels Label makers who manufacture both shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive type labels have discovered PLA (polylactic acid), an environmentally friendly substance made from corn, works as an effective substitute for oil-based films, and may have a lower and more stable price. Not everyone is convinced, however. Some say its shelf life is limited, and it has different shrink characteristics.

Smart Labels Take Product's Temperature

Smart Labels Take Product's Temperature How do you know if a package has been shipped and stored properly through the supply chain? European smart label specialist Timestrip has developed a new label for the pharmaceutical industry called iStrip to determine if a product has been frozen at any time between the manufacturer and consumer. It can also be used in many other industries where the products are temperature sensitive over a specific time span.

Automation & Control . . .
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Servos Do Battle for Market Attention

Servos Do Battle for Market Attention Two German companies recently rolled out integrated servo products aimed specifically at the packaging industry. The appeal is to save space and cabling costs, and move power supplies to reduce heat generation. Packaging machinery manufacturer KHS, who helped develop one of the new drives, says it requires 85% less cabling on a typical ten-servodrive machine, saving 15% in overall costs.

Automation Innovations Benefit Packaging

Automation Innovations Benefit Packaging Packaging machinery OEMs are faced with three issues from their customers: to increase performance so the machines can package more goods, increasing performance so the machines can package more goods, reducing costs so they can be more competitive, and making it easier for manufacturers to service their machines. Automation and control system providers are now addressing these challenges with better servo powered systems coupled with predictive maintenance.

Focus On . . .
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Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd
TOY-C2 Package/Film Oxygen Permeability Tester

TOY-C2 Package/Film Oxygen Permeability Tester • Equal pressure principle that is more like actual of production
• Function of temperature and humidity control
High resolution, accurate test data
• Two test models such as package and film, and easy-to-change
• Professional software, perspicuous test course
Learn more about Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

Precitech, Inc.
Glass Container Inspection — CHRocodile M4

Glass Container Inspection — CHRocodile M4 The New CHRocodile M4 from Precitec, Inc., is a multi-point, non-contact instrument for measuring glass container thickness in a production environment. High temperatures of 700°C (1200°F) are not a problem for the robust optical probe, which makes this high-speed measurement system ideal for hot-end or cold-end applications.

Careers . . .
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise.

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Good Package Design for Students

Good Package Design for StudentsThough they share similar characteristics, graphic design and packaging design are two very different disciplines and require different education, according to the authors of a new book. The authors' goals are to provide packaging students with an understanding of the process and business of packaging design, and to be a single resource and reference for the subject.

Diversions . . .
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A Heart-Breaking Package
A Heart-Breaking Package
London-based Stephen Einhorn markets all sorts of specialty gifts from his Web site, ranging from wedding rings to Rock Gothic paraphernalia. But the ultimate delivery system for romantic gift giving, he says, is his red plaster heart. For about $35 he'll encase your gift inside and the receiver has to break it open to receive the gift. Silver, gold, blue, or pink hearts are optional.
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