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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Machine Tools & Metal Working
May 7, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 5
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China Leads Machine Tool Investment Stakes

China Leads Machine Tool Investment Stakes The continuing ascent of China as a manufacturing force on a global scale seems unstoppable — at least if investment in machine tools is taken as the benchmark. Last year the country spent the equivalent of $15.4 billion on new systems, $2.3 billion more than in the previous year. In context, that means in 2007 China by itself accounted for nearly one quarter of total machine tool investment worldwide. The corresponding figure for the U.S., meanwhile, garnered by adding domestic production and imports minus exports, was slightly more than $6 billion, 3% less than 2006. Those are some of the highlights from the latest World Machine Tool Output & Consumption Survey, as reported in Production Machining.

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Quickmill Beam Drilling System

Quickmill Inc.

Quickmill Beam Drilling System Quickmill Inc. is a supplier of Drilling and Milling machines to the structural steel industry. Large scale beam drilling systems can process large structural beams from 18 ft. wide to 75 ft. long and 8 ft. high.

These systems eliminate many labor hours and manual drilling of holes. Contact Quickmill for details.

Programming Solutions for Multi-Tasking
Machine Tools

Gibbs and Associates

Programming Solutions for Multi-Tasking Machine Tools Working with machine tool partners, such as Mazak, Mori Seiki, Matsuura, Doosan, and Tornos, Gibbs and Associates has developed GibbsCAM MTM (Multi-Task Machining) to support programming complex multi-task machine tools. GibbsCAM's ease-of-use industry-leading interface allows the user to focus on machining strategies while the system manages all the critical details.

Flat Profile Deburring Brushes

Osborn International

Flat Profile Deburring Brushes Osborn International offers a wide range of products that specialize in deburring flat profiles. Our ATB Uni-Lok Disc brushes are ideal for in machine deburring of parts that go through a face milling operation. Our brushes significantly reduce cycle time and process burrs without altering the part's dimension.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with
High-Speed Machining

PTC — Pro/Toolmaker

Gain a Competitive Advantage with High-Speed Machining Learn how high-speed machining aids in the success of companies that specialize in toolmaking, prototype-manufacture, and other precision machining applications. See how high-speed machining can play a critical role in the design-to-part development cycle — while helping you gain and sustain a real competitive advantage. View the Webcast today!

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One Turret Does Front and Back

One Turret Does Front and Back Miyano has ramped up its range of turning centers with a new model that offers greatly enhanced live tooling options. The BNJ-51SY2 has a main turret with twelve live tooling stations, as well as a back turret with six static stations. But if the back of a part requires live tool machining, the back turret can index out of the way to allow access by the front turret.

Keeping a Safe Distance

Keeping a Safe Distance A five-axis machining center bought by a UK subcontractor to help its aerospace business is proving its worth for a different application — producing a vital component for a bomb disposal robot. The OKK VP400, normally used for aluminum parts, has proven ideal for machining the cylindrical, high-tensile stainless-steel component; it has had no problem with the potentially tricky task of drilling two closely-spaced holes in its side with a pitch limit of +50 microns, -0.

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Profits Leap Like the 'Roos

Profits Leap Like the 'Roos The Australian outback, where road signs warn of wandering kangaroos, is not the place you would expect to find a successful high technology metal working business. But with 400% revenue growth over the last two years, GMG in sub-tropical Queensland is just that. One of the reasons why is the company's strategic investment in state-of-the-art bending equipment for the steel and aluminum products it supplies to automotive and power industry customers. (Story begins on page six.)

Work Does Not Break Back

Work Does Not Break Back A laser correction system enables a 1350 kN press brake to be operated by a single operator, as this article from manufacturingtalk relates. Moreover, the combination of laser system and sheet following system enables heavy parts to be bent to high tolerances with no danger that they will "break their back" during processing.

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Try it Once, You'll Use it Forever!

Competition Chemicals, Inc.

Try it Once, You'll Use it Forever! Simichrome — the all purpose metal polish. Perfect for polishing molds, dies, and more. Great for product finishing. Excellent purging compound, too!

BlueAway — the fantastic cleaner to remove heat-caused discoloration or "blue-ing." Great mold cleaner, too. For complete information and a complimentary sample, visit our Web site or call Competition Chemicals at 641-648-5121.

Are Your Manufacturing Resources

Manuvis Corporation

Are Your Manufacturing Resources Synchronized? Manuvis enables real-time synchronization of your resources by providing superior analytical tools, eliminating manual data collection, and improving decision-making based upon the dynamic events affecting your business. Manuvis is the only event-driven enterprise manufacturing intelligence application — NO programming languages to learn or lengthy off-site training classes. Learn more

Participate in Metal Fabricating Salary Survey
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International

Biennial salary survey for engineering, management and professional staff conducted by Fabricators & Manufacturers Association. If your company participates, you get results at a 50% discount or at no cost if your company also joins or is a member of FMA. Benchmarks 38 position titles and 33 benefits. Learn more.

Mini Mill 2 with Extended Travels
Haas Automation, Inc.

Mini Mill 2 with Extended Travels For 2008, Haas introduces the Mini Mill 2, a versatile CNC machining center with all the attractive features of the original Haas Mini Mill, but with extended travels.

Built in the USA by Haas, the new Mini Mill 2 is backed by the worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets.

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Easy Change for Cartridges

Easy Change for Cartridges High performance and flexibility of application are the key features of two new drill ranges from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. The AMEC Revolution and Core Drill are both indexable carbide drills with the former intended to drill from solid with no pilot hole and the latter to open out pre-drilled pilots. A shared economical feature: cartridge assemblies can be replaced, if worn or damaged, without need for a new toolholder.

Tooling Change Goes with the Flow

Tooling Change Goes with the Flow The last thing you want to bite on in a tub of cottage cheese or fruit preserve is a metal impurity that has escaped detection during the filling process. A company whose business is to make sure you don't is Cesco Magnetics of California, which makes the stainless steel filters used by the food processors. Read here how a tooling upgrade has helped the company keep its production processes up to the challenge.

CNC, Programming & Controls . . .
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Production Line Suggests Improvements

Production Line Suggests Improvements Computer-based systems that can simulate the operation of production lines or even control them in use are one thing. Systems that can actually analyze their efficiency and suggest improvements are something else. But that tantalizing prospect has come a step nearer reality with the Intelligent Networked Manufacturing System, developed by Germany's Fraunhofer Institute. At its heart is a system that helps people and machines work together more effectively, without need for further programming.

Getting Right Getting Started

Getting Right Getting Started Making the right choice of CAM programming software was the crucial task facing Dale Greife when he left the safety of his job at a large machine shop to set up on his own with just two milling machines. He opted for Mastercam Solids because it would allow to make the most of any opportunity that came along. Now, two years on, he has turned an initial series of one-off jobs into steady contracts that have allowed him to get the company firmly established.

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Kurt Manufacturing Offers Industrial Products
and Turn-key Solutions

Kurt Manufacturing

Kurt Manufacturing Offers Industrial Products and Turn-key Solutions Kurt Manufacturing offers turn-key manufacturing solutions to OEM's. Kurt has over 60 years of experience in complex CNC machining, aluminum die casting, precision assembly, and complex gears and gear boxes. Kurt is also a full service provider of custom and standard work-holding. Kurt Manufacturing Company is ISO9001:2000+AS9100B certified and recently achieved TS16949 Status.

Greenleaf's New Excelerator® XF

Greenleaf Corporation

Greenleaf's New Excelerator® XF Greenleaf's Excelerator® XF - An Extreme-Feed Milling Cutter System engineered for high-feed milling on a wide variety of materials. Excelerator® XF cutters are designed to use Greenleaf's advanced ceramic and carbide inserts for extreme metal removal rates in the most demanding applications. Cutter sizes range from 1 in. to 12 in.

Large Component Five Axis CNC Machining
Centers Aerospace/Molds

CMS North America, Inc.

Large Component Five Axis CNC Machining Centers Aerospace/Molds CMS Model Poseidon - Large Components

A range of CNC machining centers for Aerospace, Automotive, Molds, Marine, etc. with five interpolated axes, for the high speed/high precision/high power machining of large components made from light alloys, composite materials, reinforced plastics, tooling board or wood.

Envelopes up to 28 W x 136 L x 13 H feet.

Direct Metal Marking Solutions

Epilog Laser Corp.

Direct Metal Marking Solutions Permanently mark metal components with Epilog's FiberMark system. Featuring a 24 in. x 12 in. engraving table, this system costs nearly 30% less than traditional YAG systems.

Mark metal components:

   • Barcodes
   • Text
   • Logos
   • …and more!

Improve ID processes, quality control, and traceability with an Epilog FiberMark. Learn more here.

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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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On Course in Moose Jaw

On Course in Moose Jaw A Canadian machining company has come up with a useful way to get young people interested in a career in the business and to get a few odd-jobs done as well. DynaIndustrial Inc. in Moose Jaw is working with a local college to give students practical experience in the school's Grade 10 machining class. As this story from the local Leader-Post explains, particularly promising students get a bonus.

Diversions . . .

A Non-Killer Application

A Non-Killer Application A small boat packed with explosives can be a big danger to much larger ships. It is a threat that the Boat Trap system, a helicopter-deployed net that will tangle propellers, is intended to avert in a non-lethal manner. Key components of the system are being made in a $1m contract by Moscow Mill Manufacturing of Vermont. Read here how the company's CAM software system helped secure the deal.

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