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June 14, 2010 Upcoming e-Events
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Energy Star Certification Stiffened

Energy Star Certification Stiffened The EPA will no longer allow U.S. manufacturers to self-certify products for energy efficiency to gain the Energy Star (RM) label, reports Environment News Service. Now, companies must submit complete lab reports and results for review and approval by EPA prior to labeling. The action comes after the Government Accountability Office conducted an investigation, using four bogus manufacturing firms that submitted 20 fictitious products with fake energy-savings claims for Energy Star status. Fifteen of the products gained certification. Are there "seal of approval" programs within your industry that need closer scrutiny?

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Performance Testing
F-Squared Laboratories

Performance Testing F-Squared is an independent third party testing laboratory with years of engineering experience in the appliance-testing arena. We will work with you to develop a test program to substantiate your marketing claims, or we can test to recognized industry standards or industry programs. Go here for more information.

Red Dot Design Award for EVERSWITCH

Red Dot Design Award for EVERSWITCH The EVERSWITCH touch metal keypad for white appliances, integrated in an innovative ceramic Smoothtop cooktop, has been awarded the 2009 product design award by Red Dot.

The EVERSWITCH Metaltouch™ white appliance controls by BaranTec presents the most advanced features such as slide control and feather touch activation.

Consumer Electronics . . .
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Flexible and Touchable e-Paper: Video

Flexible and Touchable e-Paper: Video Bridgestone recently unveiled a flexible e-paper screen deemed safer, thinner, and lighter than other glass-based products. The Quick Response Liquid Powder Display is monochromatic, but a version supporting touch functionality and color images is previewed in this video. The display boasts low power consumption and a wide viewing angle.

e-Books are e-Normously Popular

e-Books are e-Normously Popular There's little doubt that e-books and e-readers have caught on. Industry analyst DisplaySearch reports that five million units were shipped in 2009, a better than 400% increase over 2008. Amazon's Kindle leads the pack for now, but the 9.7 in. TFT LCD iPad and the new Kindle DX anticipate a lot of new users.

Medical Products . . .
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A Take-off on Glucose Meters

A Take-off on Glucose Meters Frequent fliers may soon sport wearable lab-on-a-chip devices to assess travel-related thrombosis risk. A blood sample deposited in a cartridge is assayed by low-cost polymer electronics to determine clotting potential. Stroke patients, pregnant women, and others may be first-class candidates for the Fraunhofer Institute diagnostic system.

Mobility in Monitoring

Mobility in Monitoring Implantable cardiac device patients are typically tethered to home-based landline telephones to transmit data. Now data stored in implants can be sent by cell phone to clinics via an M-Link™ cellular accessory. Patients benefit from shorter hospital stays while staying in contact with health care providers by remote monitoring.

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ROLEI® BE 5 CS Unitec's ROLEI BE-5 deburring machine has 2 speeds, enabling fine and standard deburring at 600 RPM or 1200 RPM respectively. The ROLEI BE-5 is supplied with two 80 grit flap wheels and can be used with optional grits (40, 60, 80, and 120 grit) to suit the width and materials of particular applications.

Custom Touchscreen Solutions
PanJit Touch Screen Solutions Division

Custom Touchscreen Solutions PanJit's offers the broadest range of customization solutions to meet your next project specifications. Our NRE fees are the lowest in the industry. Combined with our short design cycles and customization offerings, we can meet project requirements in a timely basis. Review customization items for touchscreens.

Home & Office Equipment . . .
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Big Cooling from Mini Compressors

Big Cooling from Mini Compressors It saves space and weight. It can run off solar power or fuel cells. And it cools. Mini DC refrigeration compressors working with a high performance compressor now can be used in stationary appliances. International Appliance Design says evaluation by Purdue University proves mini compressors no longer need to run only small, mobile refrigeration products.

Getting to the Core of Motor Efficiency

Getting to the Core of Motor Efficiency Electric motors run about every appliance imaginable. And motors have been identified as a large user of electrical power. Newer designs are more energy efficient, but what can be done to raise efficiency and sustainability goals? Are lamination die systems the answer for motor designers seeking freedom in 3D part geometry?

Power Tools, Lawn & Garden . . .
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The Sun Can Grow and Trim Lawns

The Sun Can Grow and Trim Lawns This solar hybrid automower can sense its terrain and avoid obstacles. With a $3,000 price tag, it creates very little noise, can be programmed to your lawn, and finds its own way back to the charging station. The mower uses a combination of NiMH battery power (about one-hour of operation) and solar panels to get the job done.

Keeping Current on Lithium

Keeping Current on Lithium They got their start in pacemakers, but why are lithium batteries preferred in most advanced rechargeable tools and hand-held medical products? Extended temperature range and high specific energy make them suitable for hand-held medical devices and even lawn mowers. Medical Design uses experience gained in medicine to discuss various Li battery chemistries and applications.

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Ultra-safe Motor Thermostat — Model JS

Portage Electric Products, Inc.

Ultra-safe Motor Thermostat — Model JS In a fault condition, the Model JS opens the circuit, and an internal heat source holds it open until power is removed, and the unit is allowed to cool. The thermostat then resets, allowing continued operation.

Portage Electric Products, Inc. is a major developer and manufacturer of thermal controls headquartered in North Canton, Ohio.

High-current PPTC for Motors and

Tyco Electronics, Raychem Circuit Protection Products

High-current PPTC for Motors and Transformers The PolySwitch LVR series includes components that are rated for line voltages of 120 VAC and 240 VAC, for up to 2A of operating current at 20 C. Tyco Electronics is a leading global provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions, and wireless systems.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Wanted: Manufacturers Skilled in Lean

Wanted: Manufacturers Skilled in Lean As a tool to achieve continuous improvement, Lean is beating Six Sigma, according to a survey by the Avery Point executive recruitment firm. Appliance Manufacturer notes that this year's survey shows that corporate demand for Lean talent exceeded that for Six Sigma experts by almost 35%. That's a big switch from 2005, when requests for Six Sigma specialists outstripped Lean by 50%. More companies also want Six Sigma leaders to learn Lean skills.

Diversions . . .
Novel Spin on Appliances: Video

Novel Spin on Appliances: Video Creativity sprouted for two Rice University, TX, students assigned to create a low-tech means of diagnosing anemia for use in developing nations. They cooked up a human-powered centrifuge from a salad spinner. When spun for 10 minutes in tubes, blood separates into red blood cells and plasma. Hematocrit is then measured (see video) with a gauge to indicate anemia. The bioengineering and world health students will field test their device this summer.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Is Going Green Sustainable?

The Smart Grid is coming, will you take advantage of it? Can you prove the energy savings both in manufacturing and in product operation that you have been able to achieve?

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