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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Booming Business Predicted for Boom Lift

Booming Business Predicted for Boom Lift A new generation of self-propelled boom lift is about to be unveiled in Europe this fall. The first of its kind for the machine's Finnish manufacturer, the 54 ft platform articulated "rough terrain" boom lift boasts a heavy-duty platform capacity of 250 kg at a maximum reach of 11.7 m. Combined with a four-wheel drive and an over-center dual riser mechanism, the lift offers 360 degrees of uninterrupted slew, plus 150 degrees of jib articulation. Get more uplifting news about this machine at

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Safety Combined with Optimal Functionality

  R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

Safety Combined with Optimal Functionality ProFlex® 900 Impact Gloves offers tactility and impact protection.

Perfect for construction, assembly, sanding, deburring, drilling, riveting, drilling, and demolition. Lightweight spandex between fingers reduces friction and improves dexterity

R.S. Hughes — Global Distributor of Industrial Products

Pullmaster Model M75 Planetary Hydraulic Winch
Pullmaster Winch Corporation

Pullmaster Model M75 Planetary Hydraulic Winch The Model M75 optimizes winch performance to hydraulic system, promotes extended seal life and provides both static and dynamic braking functions; no couterbalance valve required. Pullmaster® planetary winches are backed by the strength of TWG, a global leader of standard and engineered winch, gearbox and load information systems for worldwide industries.

Trucks, Cranes & Earth Moving Equipment . . .
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Big Bucket for Big Rocks

Big Bucket for Big Rocks The bigger the rocks to be moved from one location to another, the bigger the bucket that's required. Here's a rock bucket engineered for "severe" excavating and rock/boulder loading projects. Available in three different models from 4-6.5 cu. yds., the pin-on-mounted, spade design buckets feature standard weld-on teeth and rugged construction.

Plowing Through Winter

Plowing Through Winter September is the perfect month to begin thinking about winter conditions on the construction site, which means snow removal. Now there's a "revolution" happening in commercial snow removal applications with a newly engineered section snowplow that helps the operator move through and over obstacles while adjusting to specific contours of the plowing surface.

Construction Tools . . .
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A Cut Above

A Cut Above A series of four 10 in. blades recently introduced to the global construction market is claimed to provide speedier, more accurate cuts while also offering extended blade life. The turbo-rim style blades derive their superior cutting ability from a relatively thin diamond matrix design, making them a cut above any blade that's come before.

Chain Saw Massacres the Competition

Chain Saw Massacres the Competition Re-designed to provide a patented "Diamond Chain Technology," this new 18 lb commercial grade chain saw is also said to be lighter yet more powerful than previous models. Armed with a 4.2 hp 64 cc gas power-head, it cuts not only through wood, but stone, concrete, and more.

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SureTork® "Bolt-Thru" Click-type Torque Wrench
Lowell Corporation

SureTork® 'Bolt-Thru' Click-type Torque Wrench The Lowell SureTork® wrench is a click-type torque handle with a quick release socket head that accepts "Bolt-Thru" sockets.

• The wrench is 20 in. long, weighs 5 lbs and is 100% made in U.S.A.
• The torque setting is field-adjustable from 30 to 150 lb-ft.

To the Max
Amphenol Industrial

To the Max High speed data transmission connection systems have traditionally been implemented into commercial applications with little consideration for demands in harsh environment applications….until now. Presenting the M12 connection system the perfect solution for the ultra rugged applications that can exist in the Heavy Equipment industry.

Contact Amphenol Industrial to learn more.

Safety, Maintenance & Repair . . .
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Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber After fuel, tires are the most expensive item on an operator's equipment check-list. Yet too many take tire life for granted, preferring to simply burn rubber with little thought to extending tread life. With the variety of tires and tread designs available, it pays to learn which are right for your machines. (Scroll to the page after the advertisement for the story).

LED Shines on Safety

LED Shines on Safety Hazardous locations, such as construction vehicle maintenance facilities where dangerous gases or fumes are present, can benefit from a little more light. The LED linear "safe" light fixture operates at peak performance under hazardous conditions, and the ceiling-mounted linear fluorescent lighting replacement provides top-quality visibility along with energy efficiency.

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Smart Machines & Management Software . . .
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Telematics Fuels the Future

Telematics Fuels the Future Equipment data tracking is becoming more popular with fleet managers as fuel prices increase and budgets shrink. Grading and Excavation Contractor reports on a standardized telematics system that provides improved efficiency in collecting fuel usage data. In addition to time saving advantages, information is delivered accurately while offering advanced tracking of overall operating expenditures.

Lean Design Builds Fat Profits

Lean Design Builds Fat Profits By significantly reducing time needed to perfect designs for commercial projects, the computer-based lean design concept is rapidly gaining strength as the "cross-functional" design tool of the future. With construction decisions made collaboratively rather than individually between architect, construction manager, and engineer, final design issues are resolved sooner than later, thus reducing project risk and maximizing construction savings.

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Custom Casters Provide Application Solutions
RWM Casters Company

Custom Casters Provide Application Solutions The right caster, wheel, or material handling solution may not always be straight from the catalog. RWM Casters offers full in house engineering services to design, build, and test the ideal material handling products for your application.

Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters produced in the U.S.A.!

Mobil Hydraulic Solutions

Mobil Hydraulic Solutions Sure you know Hydac as a leader in hydraulics, but Hydac's product range extends from simple pressure transmitters to the intelligent multiple pressure switches with customized software. Using different techniques, Hydac offers the most appropriate solution to your specific application. All products are CE approved and certified to ISO 9001.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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"Dirty Jobs" are Fun

'Dirty Jobs' are Fun Being in the construction trades, working with heavy construction equipment, or moving earth with your back and hands might seem like "drudgery" to some young individuals. But according to Dirty Jobs television star and construction worker spokesman Mike Rowe, it's a lot more fun and rewarding than it appears. Watch a video showing Mike encouraging today's generation of job hunters to seek out getting dirty as a career choice.

Diversions . . .
From London to Sydney in One Hour

From London to Sydney in One Hour For all construction pros dreading another 13 hour flight to their next overseas project, engineers at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed a hypersonic jet capable of winging it from London to Sydney in about an hour. The part rocket, part power glider climbs into the upper atmosphere before shooting back down to earth, attaining speeds up to Mach 20, or 13,000 mph. Originally designed as a rapid nuclear bomb deliverer, this plane promises to deliver tomorrow's travelers to exotic destinations faster than they can locate the National Geo channel on their satellite remote.

Share Your Thoughts . . .
About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Video Games Gear Up for Virtual Simulators

What do you think about the use of video game-like simulators to train novice construction machine operators?

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September 8, 2011 - Volume 3 Issue 9
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