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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Mechanical Power Transmission
October 7, 2009
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So, Who is an Engineer?

So, Who is an Engineer? That's the question posed by Burt Siegal in Machine Design magazine. Siegal is President of Budd Engineering, but is being prosecuted by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation for calling himself an engineer because he doesn't have a Professional Engineer (PE) license. He holds a BSME from the University of Illinois (an accredited engineering school) and has designed 'hundreds' of products. Siegal contends the National Society of Professional Engineers is trying to 'hijack' the name engineer and garner such professionals' licensing fees. A PE has generally been required for public works engineering, with other areas only needing a degree or demonstrated expertise.

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Predator® V-Belts
Gates Corporation

Predator® V-Belts Predator® V-Belt Powerbands Belts and singles are the most aggressive V-belts ever made for shock-loaded applications. These classical and narrow profile V-belts are designed for extreme shock loads typically found in rigorous industries like wood and lumber processing, mining, agriculture, oil field equipment, and heavy construction.

Custom Round Belts and O-ring Belts
Belt Corporation of America

Custom Round Belts and O-ring Belts When your equipment must meet demanding performance standards, belt engineering is critical. Belt Corporation of America specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of specialty endless belting. Our modern plant has the manufacturing capabilities to mold, wrap, ultrasonically weld, punch, grind, slit, and vulcanize to create virtually any endless belt configuration.

Gears & Gearbox Assemblies . . .
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Infinitely Variable Commercial Transmissions

Infinitely Variable Commercial Transmissions This infinitely variable transmission (IVT) uses steel discs and rollers (not tooth gears) for smooth acceleration and deceleration. They offer no 'emission spikes' from abrupt gear changes and very low engine revs at highway speeds for fuel efficiency. Maximum benefits are achieved with fully integrated powertrain control. Applications include off-road equipment. View the video.

Light Tractor CVT is AOK

Light Tractor CVT is AOK The continuously variable transmission (CVT) is available globally on lightweight tractors. With Diesel Saver Automatic Productivity Management control logic, the operator selects the desired working speed based on the specific application and time available. The control system adjusts [RPM with load changes] automatically and continuously.

Belts, Pulleys, Chains & Sprockets . . .
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Chains Linked to Energy Efficiency

Chains Linked to Energy Efficiency Mechanical designers often overlook improving energy efficiency with modern roller chains adding to savings from new motors and drives. Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain incorporates cylindrical roller bearings for lower friction and greater strength. It also cuts costs because smaller motors and chain sizes can be used. Stick-and-slip motion is also mitigated.

Site Gets You Belted Up

Site Gets You Belted Up Software design tools are just some of the features at this PT Design Source belt-design Web site. Case histories, application expertise, CAD models, and product information (including part searching) are also available. Design engineers can use the site's resources in optimizing designs for performance or cost requirements.

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RV-E Precision In-line Reduction Gears Offer One Complete Solution
Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc.

RV-E Precision In-line Reduction Gears Offer One Complete Solution Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc.'s RV-E Series reduction gears have a patented two-stage cycloidal design that provides higher shock resistance than traditional reducers. With large torque, high-ratio, and significant shock-load capabilities, the RV-E Series offers extreme precision and excellent quality in one complete, cost-effective solution.

Coupling Selection Guide

Mayr Corporation

Coupling Selection Guide Our new online tool assists in the selection of a backlash-free shaft coupling based on your design parameters. From our complete line of servo couplings to our large all steel industrial couplings, each offering multiple configurations and shaft mounting arrangements, Mayr has the right coupling for your application.

Brakes, Clutches & Couplings . . .
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Brakes Critical in Overhead Cranes

Brakes Critical in Overhead Cranes Brakes are a key item when considering overhead cranes. The Crane Manufacturers Association of America calls it a top 10 consideration in its buyer's guide. Because an overheated motor brake is dangerous, it has to be sized by service class and application. The guide covers controls, hoists, components, and operating environments.

Self-lube, Long Life

Self-lube, Long Life These Lube-for-Life pillow blocks are maintenance-free and offer a 3x longer life than blocks lubed during installation. Self-lubricating cartridges are pressed into each end of the block housing, plus initial EP2 grease on the bearing. The cartridge is under constant pressure, so a lubricant film between ball bearings and race is ensured.

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Convert Your Car to a Hybrid!

Convert Your Car to a Hybrid! In about three years and with $3000, you may be able to convert your gasoline powered car into a hybrid. Former IBM engineer Charles Perry is developing a retrofit kit to install electric motors on each wheel between the brake and the hub (along with batteries in the trunk). He is hoping to double vehicle gas mileage with the kit.

Tool Kit Tunes Sales

Tool Kit Tunes Sales The Power Transmission Distributors Association has just released its Custom Solutions Selling Tool Kit to help show a company's value beyond competitive pricing. The kit helps users pinpoint which products and services matter most to customers, and quantifies savings. The kit includes worksheets, templates, and value calculators.

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IronHorse™ Worm Gearboxes (Gear Speed Reducers)

IronHorse™ Worm Gearboxes (Gear Speed Reducers) Gearboxes, also known as enclosed gear drives or worm gear speed reducers, are mechanical power transmission drive components that can drive a load at a reduced fixed ratio of the motor speed. The output torque is also increased by the same ratio, while the horsepower remains the same, meaning less efficiency losses.

Fine Cyclo® Speed Reducers

Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America

Fine Cyclo® Speed Reducers Fine Cyclo® Speed Reducers from Sumitomo Machinery Corp., feature zero backlash, minimal lost motion, and high torsional stiffness. These reducers excel in applications that demand accurate positioning. Offering high shock load capacity and compact size and high torsional stiffness. Also:

• Small hysteresis loss
• High efficiencies and low vibration
• Multiple configurations for application flexibility

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Design for Loyalty

Design for Loyalty The market leaders in any industry provide quality products as a matter of course, observes SKF Director of HVAC Business Robert Leimkuhler, Jr. In this Machine Design guest editorial, he says that quality minimizes warranty claims and increases customer loyalty. But the effort to instill quality begins early in design, and OEMs should work with suppliers, particularly those that can offer virtual testing, lubrication recommendations, and benchmarking to ensure reliable performance, he adds.

Diversions . . .
Wisconsin: Still Hub of Outboard Universe

Wisconsin: Still Hub of Outboard Universe The outboard motor (a microcosm of power transmission components) is more than 100 years old, and the two biggest manufacturers over most of that time were headquartered in Wisconsin — Evinrude and Mercury Marine. The firms were bitter rivals, fueled by the antics of the paranoid engineering genius Carl Kiekaefer, who headed Mercury. He had employees make important calls from outside the company to avoid 'tapped' lines, and even sent 'industrial spies' to a restaurant frequented by Evinrude engineers.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Are You an Engineer?

Should only PEs be called engineers? Does either a degree or a license define an engineer? What role should the Professional Engineering Act adopted by many states have in this matter?

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