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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Electrical Components
November 19, 2009  
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Batteries Advance, Find New Applications

Batteries Advance, Find New Applications As battery technology advances, applications are being found in non-traditional areas. Design News reports that the Port of Hong Kong uses battery subsystems for dockside cranes to reduce fuel use and associated emissions. Also, lithium ion batteries aren't just for portable PCs, they are also being used in servers to directly protect volatile semiconductor memory. When contemplating battery use for your next project, a key design decision is balancing battery life versus instantaneous power. Safety or environmental concerns might require a nickel-based chemistry. Finally, evaluate whether you have the expertise to design charging circuits as opposed to purchasing battery packs.

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Sealed Electrical and Fiber Optic Cable Connectors
PAVE Technology Co.

Sealed Electrical and Fiber Optic Cable Connectors Hermetically sealed for low or high pressures and vacuums, fluids, or gases. Insulated wire or cable seals with NO leakage including thru stranded conductors, shielding, or Teflon insulation.

Single or dual sided hermetic connectors. Signal, power, thermocouple, optic, D-sub, round, or flat cable hermetic seal. Web site in-stock price list!

Components for Your Project


Components for Your Project As the premium provider of precision CNC manufacturing services for the aerospace, military, medical, telecom, industrial, and transportation sectors, Loutech is looking to serve your needs. With over 22 years of experience, AS 9100 certification, and unsurpassed quality and pricing, we are there for you.

High-temperature IGBT Capacitor — Electric Vehicles
Aerovox Corp.

High-temperature IGBT Capacitor — Electric Vehicles Aerovox Corp. has successfully modified its popular IGBT line of capacitors to achieve operating temperatures of +125 C. Available in voltages from 600 VDC to 1,600 VDC, this product family features a very low inductance and high dV/dT. Custom designs are available upon request.

Electrical Engineering and Circuit Design

Indesign, LLC.

Electrical Engineering and Circuit Design Indesign offers a wide range of electrical engineering product design and development capabilities. They can satisfy your electrical circuit design needs with a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians with decades of experience in analog and digital electrical circuit design.

Power Generation, Distribution & Protection . . .
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First Smart Grid Standard

First Smart Grid Standard The National Electrical Manufacturers Association recently announced that the first official original Smart Grid standard is complete. The formal title is SG-AMI 1-2009, Requirements for Smart Meter Upgradeability. T&D World says that the standard was completed in roughly 90 days, and it offers guidance for utilities and state commissions.

Resourceful Dryer

Resourceful Dryer One major appliance manufacturer says that all its products will be capable of communicating with the smart grid by 2015. Stimulus funds for the program were supplied by the U.S. Department of Energy. Sensors reports that intelligent appliances can adjust consumption to reduce peak electrical demand and save consumers money.

Connectors & Relays . . .
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Industrial Ethernet Handbook Available

Industrial Ethernet Handbook Available Ethernet is becoming more pervasive in industrial environments, and a copy of the Industrial Ethernet Handbook is available for technical users. Topics include cabling interconnect hardware, topologies, and Power-over-Ethernet. Also addressed are application guidelines and industry standards. A glossary offers common Ethernet terms and acronyms.

Extreme Connections

Extreme Connections Many factors affect connector choice, but the definition of a 'harsh environment' isn't always straightforward. Some connectors are used in many situations, but extreme conditions often require application-specific designs. ConnectorSupplier presents environmental characteristics and connector variables, with examples of extreme service.

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PFP Freeze Protection Series
NSI Industries LLC

PFP Freeze Protection Series PFP Series offer what the competition can't: the same load break and 7.5 HP as the time switch — no need for OMRON relay to be wired in parallel. Thermostat device available!

Simplifies all aspects of freeze protection. Easy field wiring terminals in the front of the mechanism save time and effort.

Custom Manufactured Coil Cords
Coast Wire & Plastic Tech., Inc.

Custom Manufactured Coil Cords Coast Wire's custom manufactured coiled cords are used in automation and robotics industries, medical equipment, telecommunications, computers, bar code readers, material handling equipment, commercial vehicles, and a growing market in the instrumentation, sensing, and testing devices industry. Coast Wire can assist you in designing your products.

Sensors, RFID & Passive Components . . .
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Up to Speed with RFID

Up to Speed with RFID Auto manufacturer Aston Martin uses battery-powered RFID tags to track completed windshields in facility finishing and outside storage areas. RFID Journal says readers track the car location within 6 in. Software associates vehicle data with each tag. Personnel can locate cars and track progress when off the normal production line.

Innovative Multi-touch Interface

Innovative Multi-touch Interface Everyday devices are being upgraded with displays having touch capability. This Sensors article looks at a new multi-touch controller touchscreen offering with application for smart phones, media players, and the like. Features include tracking up to four simultaneous touch points, 500 dpi resolution and fast response.

Electrical Design & Applications . . .
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Carbon Nanotubes Up Efficiency

Carbon Nanotubes Up Efficiency Microscopic carbon nanotubes are cylinders rolled from honeycomb sheets. Connector Specifier says these structures have excellent strength along with superior electrical, thermal, and mass properties. They offer potential to further miniaturize electronics and improve energy efficiency. Honda is reporting improved success rates in growing nanotubes.

Diode Miniaturization at Molecular Levels

Diode Miniaturization at Molecular Levels Miniaturizing electronics gets harder as components shrink to tens of nanometers, around 20x larger than a molecule. Arizona State University researchers have recently found a way to create a molecular diode. Key challenges included how to connect the molecule to electrodes, and orienting the molecule within the device.

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TerraStat® Charge Dissipation Terminals

Alltec Corporation

TerraStat® Charge Dissipation Terminals TerraStat® is the latest design in modern lightning protection technology. Features Include:

• High grade stainless steel construction, corrosion resistant, and low wind loading.
• UL® listed* and recommended as per API 2003 and five-year warranty.
• For more information, please visit our Web site at

High Current Density Modular Power Connectors
Positronic Industries, Inc.

High Current Density Modular Power Connectors Positronic Industries is proud to announce the latest addition to our extensive power connector line — the Scorpion series. This innovative product's "Next Generation" features provide solutions for today's power interface applications.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Surcharge for Success?

Surcharge for Success? Even with the global economic recession, prices seem to keep going up on everything, including education. University of California officials have looked at but postponed a proposal to increase tuition rates for engineers and business students. Other universities often charge differential fees for those subjects due to higher faculty costs and because graduating students have a greater chance for higher paying jobs. The LA Times says that faculty are concerned that surcharges would drive students away.

Diversions . . .

Moonstruck This video shows how the NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite crashed into the moon's surface as planned. "We were blown away by the data returned," said the mission's chief scientist Anthony Colaprete. Plummeting at a velocity of around 6,000 mph, the upper stage struck first and was followed minutes later by the spacecraft that returned data until impact. The real prize would be if the $80 million mission discovers signs of water that could sustain human presence.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Engineers – The Next Generation

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