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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Industrial Automation
June 5, 2008 - Volume 4 Issue 6
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New Technology for Intrinsic Safety

New Technology for Intrinsic Safety Hannover Fair attendees got their first look at a new technology that could potentially change the way intrinsic safety is deployed in hazardous areas. Previously the technique involved using zener diodes as barriers to limit the amount of current going into dangerous zones. The new technology works quite differently: it allows much more current to go into explosive areas, so that much higher powered devices can be used there. But it carefully monitors the circuits and if a break develops it immediately (within 5 microseconds) shuts off the current so than an explosive spark won't develop.

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Latest in Technology and Fieldbus Capable!

Numatics, Inc.

Latest in Technology and Fieldbus Capable! Numatics continues to bring highly innovative pneumatic technologies and products to customers. Our complete line of cylinders, air preparation, motion control, valves and fieldbus I/O, and accessory products highlights Numatics breadth of Fluid Automation capability. This is exemplified from our latest development of the 2035 Series with integrated Fieldbus electronics!

Terminal Servers with Dual Network Redundancy
Moxa Inc.

Terminal Servers with Dual Network Redundancy The CN2600 series is the world's first terminal server armed with dual network redundancy. It offers data communication backup to reduce data loss risk. With built-in "Redundant COM" mode and dual Ethernet ports, dual Ethernet redundancy can easily be implemented without additional software development effort.

NetMax™ Ethernet Module for AutoMax™ Drive Systems
Avtron Manufacturing, Inc.

NetMax™ Ethernet Module for AutoMax™ Drive Systems The Avtron NetMax module facilitates Ethernet communications from AutoMax™ controllers to other plant devices such as PLC's, HMI's, DAQ systems, or diagnostics systems such as Avtron's Performance View™. Installed in-rack and multi-protocol capable, NetMax™ is now provided with an EDS file for direct integration with third-party software products. More info…

Ethernet I/O Modules with Peer-to-Peer and Graphical Condition Logic Functionality
Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation Group

Ethernet I/O Modules with Peer-to-Peer and Graphical Condition Logic Functionality The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has announced a new firmware enhancement for the ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O modules which adds advanced Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL) functionality. To learn more about this new enhancement, visit our Web site or GlobalSpec page.

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RFID-Sensor Combo Reduces Machine Errors

RFID-Sensor Combo Reduces Machine Errors Machines depend on sensors to tell them where parts are and what action to take on them. They are now teaming up with RFID to minimize errors. RFID tags — located either on the assembly or the pallet — can control what should be and what has been done.

Multi-Talented Robots

Multi-Talented Robots Modern assembly lines for car manufacturing need to use robots that can perform a variety of different tasks, such as welding, gripping, moving, lifting, sorting, painting, grinding, or holding parts of a car together while "colleagues" perform different tasks. And they need controllers to coordinate multiple robots.

Information & Intelligence . . .
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Human Factors in Alarm Systems

Human Factors in Alarm Systems Alarm annunciators are generally not included in safety-related shutdown systems because the reliability of a human operator is considered insufficient to meet the high reliability requirements. However, this article describes a device designed to perform a dedicated safety function automatically without operator intervention.

Developments in Temperature Measurement

Developments in Temperature Measurement Trends in temperature measurement develop slowly over time, but they are nevertheless ongoing. RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) and thermocouples will be with us forever, but the way they are wired into automation systems — or even connected with wireless transmitters — is a marvel of change, thanks to a number of new low-cost devices.

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Manufacturers Increase Production with "The Titan"
Cambridge Machinery

HVAC Manufacturers Increase Production with 'The Titan' Cambridge Machinery has created "The Titan" solution that will make your operations more efficient by reducing your overall labor cost, improving your up-time, and maximizing your production capabilities. This total work cell solution will more than pay for itself in a short amount of time.

Running Multiple Parts Just Got Easier!

Diamond Automation, Ltd.

Running Multiple Parts Just Got Easier! Flex-Gauge offers an economical and very effective solution: multiple nests can be mounted to each gauge arm and a built-in manifold allows for suction cup mounting. Units come with a configurable control package which can be localized or set up to run with your existing plc. Want to learn more?

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Motor Redesign Boosts Efficiency

Motor Redesign Boosts Efficiency WEG's new AC motor platform, the W22, has a reduced frame size per output and has cut losses by 10-40% across its range. To achieve greater efficiencies, the motor's ventilation fan and cover were redesigned, and aerodynamic software was used to achieve better airflows over the motor casing.

Resolver-Based Servo Drive

Resolver-Based Servo Drive This new servo drive allows the end user to choose his own level of control from basic torque and velocity applications up through fully programmable coordinated motion. It has an integrated resolver with a scalable emulated encoder output, which gives 15 options for positioning resolution.

Networking & Bus Systems . . .
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Security Myths in Industrial Wireless Systems

Security Myths in Industrial Wireless Systems Security in wireless networks is a hotbed for myths. Many think they can be easily hacked, but any hacking, interfering, or jamming would require in-depth knowledge and some very expensive equipment. However, not all security standards provide the intended confidentiality and need to be examined carefully. [Access to this article may require a short registration.]

Overcoming Wireless Challenges

Overcoming Wireless Challenges Wireless communications in industrial environments have their own set of unique challenges. This article reviews the currently available technology and shows how the problems associated with first generation wireless systems — echo, noise, interference, distance, and security — have been largely overcome.

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One-Stop Solutions for Your Automation Needs
LEESON Electric — A REGAL-BELOIT Company

One-Stop Solutions for your Automation needs LEESON Electric, along with Lincoln Motors, Grove Gear, and Electra Gear, offers the Automation industry with one of the broadest and most accessible ranges of electric motors, AC controls, and gear reducers. LEESON's "Packaged Solutions," are readily available for your application needs from their 26 warehouses located throughout the U.S.

Sony XCD Series

Industrial Vision Source

Sony XCD Series Sony, a renowned leader in digital camera technology, is introducing six new models to its XCD Series: the XCD-U100/U100CR, the XCD-SX90/SX90CR, and the XCD-V60/V60CR. Featuring outstanding picture quality, high-speed image capturing, and the digital 1394b interface, this new XCD Series is perfect for high-quality industrial imaging and manufacturing solutions.

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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Is IEC 61131 Really a Standard?

Is IEC 61131 Really a Standard? Many people think IEC 61131 is a programming standard, but it is actually a specification that machine builders can use if they want to develop a programming environment according to a set of guidelines. The trouble is, there's no way to ensure compliance to the specification.

Diversions . . .

These Pilots Stay Grounded

These Pilots Stay Grounded Many companies and governments across Europe are busy with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) projects, with some achieving test flight status. This article surveys a number of these new aircraft, from fixed-wing airplanes to dual-rotor helicopters. Among the smallest: 2.5 m in length with a 60 kg payload. [Access to this article may require a short registration.]

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