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Survey Says U.S. Consumers Want Energy Efficiency

Survey Says U.S. Consumers Want Energy Efficiency American consumers do want to save energy via energy-efficient devices, but only 9% of households are actually using energy-management programs to cut utility bills, according to a recent survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association. Although not yet very sophisticated or widespread, smart grid electronics — some employing smartphone apps — are now being made available for consumers to control cooling, heating, appliances, and more. Of 1,250 interviewed consumers, 60% are concerned with electrical costs, but only 36% know about energy management programs. Not surprisingly, a significant minority of 27% know about the smart grid. Apparently, education is needed.

Register Today! Register Today! GlobalSpec's Machine Tools & Metal Working Event — August 10, 2011
GlobalSpec's Machine Tools & Metal Working Event — August 10, 2011
Register Today! GlobalSpec's Machine Tools & Metal Working Event — August 10, 2011

Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, and register today!

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Iridescence Where It Should Be
Tekra Corporation

Iridescence Where It Should Be Introducing Marnot Advanced Hard Coated Films with ultra-low iridescence! Using refractive index matching technology, Tekra has created a scratch and chemically resistant polycarbonate film designed for appliance overlays and membrane switches. Jet blacks and crisp metallics with no oily sheen. Contact Tekra Corporation at 1-800-491-9578.

Sound Dampening Foam for Appliances
Can-Do National Tape

Sound Dampening Foam for Appliances This foam product is manufactured and assembled by Can-Do National Tape, and it is used as a sound dampening component for the appliance industry. Large jumbo rolls of polyether foam with black polyethylene film laminated to one side are required to produce this product. This material is UL listed and flame retardant.

Consumer Electronics . . .
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Sneaky Sunglasses to Video the Masses

Sneaky Sunglasses to Video the Masses Consumers into taking candid videos will no doubt appreciate a pair of fashionable sunglasses (prescription optional) with a built-in micro video camera that records at 720p. Featuring 8 GB flash memory, ZionEyez is a Bluetooth compatible device that wirelessly transmits to an iOS or Android device and can stream to social networking sites. Tap the power sensor to record for three hours.

How to Catch Gadget Thieves

How to Catch Gadget Thieves Today's software routinely protects electronic gadgets from thieves. One Macbook owner used Hidden to locate and identify the thief, who was later arrested. For Windows users, LoJack for Laptops allows owners to locate computers, remotely lock, delete info, recover erased data, and call police. Similarly, smartphoners can utilize Lookout Mobile to perform similar tasks and activate "Scream mode."

Medical Products . . .
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Device Enables Disabled to Drive

Device Enables Disabled to Drive Designed to permit the disabled — those with little or no mobility in upper and lower limbs — to drive with one hand, a prototype device utilizes motors to provide haptic feedback just like sensing a steering wheel. Developed by Spanish researchers, the electronic device handles acceleration, braking, gear changes, and steering for those with reduced strength in one hand.

Infection-sensing Smart Bandage

Infection-sensing Smart Bandage Bandages that change color to indicate an infection have been developed by Melbourne researchers. A color-changing fiber is woven or knitted into a textile wound dressing. The smart bandage changes color via temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees. The technology allows health professionals to identify problems with healing, including infections and blood supply interruptions.

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Built to Last
Veetronix, Inc.

Built to Last  Unlike mechanical switches, Veetronix switches are magnetically actuated. No moving parts touch the switch contacts. The contacts are hermetically sealed, thus preventing air containing dust, moisture, or gases from contaminating the contacts. Switch reliability is monitored constantly, and field failures are almost unheard of...even after millions of actuations!

Performance Testing
F-Squared Laboratories

Performance Testing F-Squared is an independent third party testing laboratory with years of engineering experience in the appliance-testing arena. We will work with you to develop a test program to substantiate your marketing claims, or we can test to recognized industry standards or industry programs. Go here for more information.

Home & Office Equipment . . .
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Torture Testing Tablets

Torture Testing Tablets Tablets used for home and office are convenient but not indestructible, so guess what happens when drop tested the old-fashioned way (video)? Well, if you have a protective smart cover for your iPad2, you're definitely better off — at some heights. However, the intended underlying moral of the story is to purchase an extended warranty from the videomaker, Square Trade. Would you?

Inkjet on Steroids

Inkjet on Steroids Anyone who does a lot of color printing at home or the office will welcome the arrival of LG's Machjet. The speedy printer, which is based on Memjet technology, delivers 60 pages/min. at 1,600-by-800 dpi resolution. Utilizing MEMS, the printhead contains 70,000 nozzles (fabricated on microchips) that cover the width of a page. Vs laser counterparts, the new printers use less power and ink.

Power Tools, Lawn & Garden . . .
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World's Safest Chainsaw

World's Safest Chainsaw Sporting a jaw-like frame with gripping steel teeth, an electric chainsaw for pruning and trimming up to 4 in. thick branches was selected by Popular Science for its July 2011 Greatest Gadgets article. Claimed to be the world's safest chainsaw by its maker, the JawSaw automatically oils the bar and chain and features a patented chain tensioning system that automatically determines tension when tightening.

DIY Solar Mower

DIY Solar Mower Cutting the lawn via battery- and electric-powered mowers is certainly catching on to some extent vs the gas-powered polluters of the past. And for those who prefer the greener cutter, there's now the do-it-yourself solar lawn mower. According to the DIY project creator, you essentially hook up a 12 V solar panel to your existing battery-powered mower.

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Ultra-safe Motor Thermostat — Model JS
Portage Electric Products, Inc.

Ultra-safe Motor Thermostat — Model JSIn a fault condition, the Model JS opens the circuit, and an internal heat source holds it open until power is removed, and the unit is allowed to cool. The thermostat then resets, allowing continued operation.

Portage Electric Products, Inc. is a major developer and manufacturer of thermal controls headquartered in North Canton, Ohio.

Holding Power Inside and Out
tesa tape, inc.

Holding Power Inside and Out  From permanent bonding to temporary holding, tesa tapes have the holding power you need! Solutions for pre-foam, assembly, and packaging. The tesa offering includes: high-performance products with dependable track records; availability of the products when you need them; and access to technical advisors. Learn more about tesa tape, inc.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Social Networking Counts on Your Job App

Social Networking Counts on Your Job App In case you don't already know, your job application at any company could include checking your profile on social networking sites. What companies discover there may help you to get or not get the position. Social Intelligence Corp. just received the OK from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to include Facebook posts and activity in background checks for potential employees.

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App Detects Disease Symptoms
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About This Month's Topic

App Detects Disease Symptoms After creating a baseline of mobile phone activity, a DailyData app tracks deviations from a user's usual communications pattern. Data is compared to an individual's past behavior or demographics of others of the same age. The app should be useful in detecting the behavior of bipolar patients, for instance, when a spurt of multiple phone calls or texting instances may indicate a manic episode.

About This Month's Topic Are Extended Warranties Worth the Cost?

Selling extended warranties on electronics devices is big business. Do you think the cost is justified?

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