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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Electronic Test Equipment
December 27, 2010 Upcoming e-Events
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BIST is Not Just for Digital Anymore

BIST is Not Just for Digital Anymore Since its inception, built-in self-test (BIST) has always been confined to digital circuitry. But considering that even individual chips may include both digital and mixed-signal or analog elements, the time has come to overcome that time-honored limitation. This article from EDN explores the fundamentals of this new BIST dimension. The author begins by examining a less-than-obvious need to define "analog." Along the way he discusses how to construct a BIST, along with the technology's goals and its limitations.

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AC Power Sources — Model 5900
Actioncraft Products, Inc. / Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc.

AC Power Sources — Model 5900 The Model 5900 is a high general purpose audio generator. The circuit consists of a low distortion oscillator, a drive amplifier, and a bipolar FET class AB1 power amplifier with an output transformer.

• Output: Isolated output transformer; taps from 0-8 V to 0-260 V
• Input: 115 V or 230 V, 50 Hz, or 60 Hz Learn more.

E&I: Your Source of Pure Power
Electronics & Innovation, Ltd.

E&I: Your Source of Pure Power E&I announces the introduction of a new line of power indicators, enabling the measurement of forward and reflected power in one instrument that is portable and small in size. Our indicators range in different power levels to meet your specific needs. Visit our Web site or contact us for more information.

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Exceeding Your Instruments' Sampling Rate

Exceeding Your Instruments' Sampling Rate Digitizing a repetitive waveform using a digitizer or oscilloscope presents a challenge if the frequency of the waveform exceeds the Nyquist frequency — half of the instrument's sampling rate. Digitizing a waveform under those conditions would cause aliasing. This item describes techniques to take advantage of random interleave sampling and trigger-time interpolation to overcome that limitation.

Switching-matrix Flexibility

Switching-matrix Flexibility Showing off the architecture's versatility, this short video from National Instruments demonstrates the benefits of a PXI chassis containing switching-matrix modules, describing the different configurations available for diverse applications. Intrinsic to its implementation, graphical software allows users to connect nodes easily by simply identifying end points, using a grid-based diagram as a guide.

Board and Assembly Test . . .
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Getting Test Systems to Talk to Each Other

Getting Test Systems to Talk to Each Other Okay. You bought a tester from vendor A, another from vendor B, and inspection equipment from vendor C. Combining their data to profile your process has always involved implementing one of the prevailing general-purpose communication standards. But that may be changing. The Network Test Automation Forum is attempting to develop a standard plug-and-play protocol that will more completely meet testing's unique communication needs. The group held its first "plugfest" in October in Mountainview, CA.

Testing Options — Spoiled for Choice?

Testing Options — Spoiled for Choice? Test equipment has never meant "one size fits all." Each tester type has advantages and drawbacks. Understanding those factors can make the difference between a test strategy that works well and one that performs only marginally. In creating a strategy, this author recommends keeping your options open by including the most versatile equipment and thereby planning for your future needs.

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B&K Precision Continues to Grow
Generator Line

B&K Precision

B&K Precision Continues to Grow Generator Line Announcing the introduction of two new 50 MHz Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generators. These new 50 MHz models are quickly escalating the B&K product line following two 25 MHz generators launched earlier this year. This strong product line clearly indicates B&K's commitment to be the preferred supplier of affordable yet full-performance Waveform Generators.

CMC 256plus
OMICRON electronics Corp. USA

CMC 256plus The CMC 256plus is the universal solution for testing protection relays and calibrating electricity meters of up to class 0.2, transducers, power quality meters, and synchrophasor measurement devices (IEEE C37.118). It is the right choice for all applications requiring the highest versatility and precision. Learn more.

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Double GigE Bandwidth, Double the Fun

Double GigE Bandwidth, Double the Fun The primary reason for implementing gigabit Ethernet (GigE) for transferring images from inspection cameras to processing equipment is its speed. Yet high-resolution's large image files can tax even the GigE standard. So if one GigE data path is good, two must be better. Baumer's new dual-GigE cameras exploit that simple principle, permitting transfer rates as high as 240 MB per second.

Keeping Track of Vision Standards

Keeping Track of Vision Standards When you plan an inspection strategy, you can choose among a number of communication standards to carry your data. How do you know which one will give you the best results? How do you keep track of each standard's evolution so that you can make the right decision for now and the future? This quarterly newsletter from the Automated Imaging Association attempts to differentiate among the standards and report on changes as they happen.

Test Equipment . . .
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Getting Signals from Device to Chip Tester

Getting Signals from Device to Chip Tester However advanced the signals in and out of a device tester, an effective test requires that they reach the device cleanly and without skew. This piece from Evaluation Engineering explores the necessary characteristics of a load board or printed-circuit board that carries those signals, including the best substrate material, board layout, and components placement.

Improve Power-supply Testing

Improve Power-supply Testing A new family of signal injectors from Picotest promises to increase bandwidth and resolution measurements for voltage regulator, LDO, and power-supply testing. The injectors work with any manufacturer's oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators, and network analyzers for such measurements as input impedance, Bode plot, crosstalk, and reverse transfer, while allowing non-invasive in-circuit testing for load transients, stability, and output impedance.

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AC-T Series Pressure Sensors from EPCOS in Stock at Digi-Key
Digi-Key Corporation

AC-T Series Pressure Sensors from EPCOS in Stock at Digi-Key AC-T series pressure sensors compensate nonlinearity and temperature errors and supply precise calibrated outputs with high immunity against electromagnetic influences (EMI). Output voltage is proportional to pressure from 0.5 to 4.5 V, and with dual inline packaging, these sensors are ready for PCB mounting.

BK Precision 2640 RF Field Strength Meter on Sale
ValueTronics International, Inc.

BK Precision 2640 RF Field Strength Meter on Sale The model 2640 is a battery operated, hand held RF Field Strength Meter with a measurable frequency range of 100 kHz to 2000 MHz. It is optimized to analyze signals from many different sources for multiple applications.

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But Can You Concentrate?

But Can You Concentrate? Working effectively on a project involves a measure of single-mindedness and concentration on the task's many facets. But today's generations are growing up with constant distractions — such as e-mail, videos, cellphones, and texting, and old fashioned television. They are generally unaccustomed to functioning without those distractions. How will they fare in the real world? This article from the New York Times takes a look at the issues and challenges.

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Going to Work Without Going to Work

Going to Work Without Going to Work Don't want to go to work this morning? Send your robot alter ego in your place. Just get a $15,000 robot from Anybot and control it from the comfort of your arm chair. According to this video, you'll have to configure the robot's computer to link up with your home network and sign on to a communications service like Skype, but learning to drive it is pretty easy. Now that's telecommuting!

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Now You're Virtually Working

Sending an avatar to work in your place while you control it from home is nearing reality. Would you take advantage of it? How would your coworkers react? Would your robot be easier to get along with?

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