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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Is New Engine the Future for Hybrid Vehicles?

Is New Engine the Future for Hybrid Vehicles? If one professor's project proves viable, the answer may be "yes." Rather than using a piston, cylinder, and crankshaft to transmit power, the "disk wave" engine features a system of rotors with radial channels. The compressed air/fuel mixture enters at the rotor's center. Ignition generates shock waves that propel the rotors as they move through the system. Potential benefits are enormous. More efficient and less polluting, the engines are said to be smaller, lighter, and easier to manufacture. The research team anticipates powering a full-sized hybrid vehicle later this year.

We Provide Solutions to Your Problems

Acrolab Ltd.
Crosslinked Polyethylene for Automotive

Merryweather Foam, Inc.

We Provide Solutions To Your Problems Do you need your supplier to be more a part of the solution than part of the problem?

Then let us help. Acrolab, operating since 1948, offers thermal design and management solutions, custom industrial Heating and Cooling solutions, thermal consulting, prototyping, and R & D is what we do best.

Crosslinked Polyethylene for Automotive Dunnage Crosslinked Polyethylene products from Merryweather Foam are the perfect solution for automotive dunnage applications, providing high temperature resistance, enhanced vacuum formability, high-performance pressure forming properties, stiffness, and toughness.

Complete Testing for Automotive Components
Global Testing Services, Inc.
APDs for Automotive LIDAR
First Sensor AG

Complete Testing for Automotive Components Environmental testing solutions: corrosion, temp cycle, thermal shock, combined environment, and many more. GTS is accredited to a variety of specifications: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Toyota, VW, Volvo, ASTM, IEEE, and more. Multiple chambers result in a quick turnaround. We'll also build custom chambers, modify pumps, and spray patterns for your unique needs.

APDs for Automotive LIDAR First Sensor offers APDs and APD arrays which are perfectly suited for LIDAR-based advanced driver assistance systems. LIDAR provides a very high angular resolution and allows identifying the position and movement of surrounding objects with high accuracy and reliability.

Rapid Results . . .
The Need for Speed
Prosig USA, Inc.

The Need For Speed Nowadays, NVH engineers face increased pressure to test more vehicles and produce more results more quickly. Prosig's new RapidResults NVH software was designed with speed in mind. RapidResults NVH is fully integrated with Prosig's P8000 data capture hardware and provides results in seconds, not hours or days. The system is fully portable, making it ideal for the engineer on the move. Visit to find out more.

Electrical/Electronic Components . . .
Specifying Capacitors for Automotive Apps

Specifying Capacitors for Automotive Apps Selecting reliable capacitors for automotive applications can be tricky. But a report from EE Times makes this task easier by comparing professional grade tantalum capacitors with standard tantalum parts, as well as advanced niobium oxide capacitors. The article also explores performance of these capacitors under various electrical and mechanical conditions.

Hybrid Car Connector Challenges Abound

Hybrid Car Connector Challenges Abound Although a wide range of hybrid car configurations is becoming available, it is anticipated the different configurations will share a common electrical interconnect technology. According to this piece from Electronics Weekly, industry will look for connectors that can handle 250A to 300A spikes for minutes at a time. Testing protocols — and allowable connector temperature increase — will be "hot" topics for connector designs.

Materials . . .
Closing Down the Car Wash

Closing Down the Car Wash Some people love washing their own cars the old fashioned way, with a bucket and a sponge. Well, scientists have created a new self-repairing and self-cleaning coating that may negate the need to ever wash your car again. The coating contains nano-capsules that feature specific functional chemical groups needed for self-repair.

Carbon Fiber Wheel Gets Rolling

Carbon Fiber Wheel Gets Rolling The "world's first" one-piece all carbon fiber composite wheel is set to roll into commercial production, the result of years of R&D and road testing. Developed by Australia-based Carbon Revolution, the CR9 is constructed from continuous fiber and features a patented bolted joint system. The wheel is said to be up to 50% lighter than premium OEM equivalents made from aluminum and exceeds OEM standards in laboratories and on the test track.

Speed, Precision, Power
Aries Engineering Co., Inc.
Automotive Industry Product Pins and Stages

Speed, Precision, Power HyperCyl-EMA provides the speed, performance, and flexibility required for today's precision assembly applications. EMA can offer speeds reaching 500 mm/sec, repeatability of .00254 mm, and Output Forces from 5-230 kN. Add the HyperView-Press for Active-Cycle Quality Control to further reduce costs and part non-conformance, while improving competitiveness. Speed, Precision, Power.

Automotive Industry Product Pins and Stages MISUMI USA has expanded its line of Automotive (NAAMS) Style Locating Pins and holders enhancing our automotive product offering. Automotive OEMs/suppliers have relied on MISUMI for time-sensitive and cost-effective components.

MISUMI has added new Positioning Stages. New Dovetail Slide Feed Screw, Low Profile Cross-Roller, and Rotary Standard Precision Stages.

Your Success Circulates at Every Degree
Thermo Fisher Scientific — Thermo Scientific Baths,
Circulators & Chillers
Leather-look Shift Boot
Midwest Rubber Company

Your Success Circulates at Every Degree When you need reliable, consistent performance. You can rely on the Thermo Scientific Horizon Fog Testing System to meet your needs when testing raw materials for SVOCs regardless of which standard you choose to follow (DIN, ISO, or SAE). Whether you are testing leather, vinyl, textiles, or plastics, your results will be consistent and accurate.

Leather-Look Shift Boot Problem: Replacing a leather cut-and-sewn leather shift boot application with an economical simulated leather shift boot that would be used across several truck lines.

Solution: MWR engineers created a leather-like shift boot using the slush molded process so authentic it fooled automotive reviewers and focus group participants.

Design & Assembly . . .
Speeding Up Inspection Times

Speeding Up Inspection Times The coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) used by General Motors to inspect their parts couldn't handle the product mix and the volumes necessary for a particular application. GM needed to more easily design the custom tooling probes that the CMM required while encouraging process compatibility across production locations around the world. This case study presents a solution that reduced inspection times by 40%.

The Wind-tunnel Effect

The Wind-tunnel Effect Reducing weight isn't the only technique available to improve a car's fuel economy. This video demonstrates a wind tunnel that shows one carmaker how to reduce air drag on its vehicles. A huge fan with 44 carbon-fiber blades that can produce wind speeds of up to 150 mph provides a model of the car's aerodynamics.

Powertrain Systems . . .
Economic Equality for Fuel Cells?

Economic Equality for Fuel Cells? The polymer fuel cell developed by ITM Power is approaching parity with internal combustion engines, according to the UK Carbon Trust. The technology surpasses the agency's target of $36/kW and is closing in on the U.S. Department of Energy goal of $30/kW at 500,000 units annually. Catalyst loading reductions and high power density performance account for the attractive economics.

Four-speed Transmission Geared to EV Use

Four-speed Transmission Geared to EV Use Oerlikon Graziano's e-DCT transmission is designed for electric vehicle use. The unit is clutchless, but makes use of dual-clutch transmission technology for smooth operation with an electric motor's linear performance characteristics — resulting in a claimed 15% efficiency improvement. Rather than clutches, the e-DCT uses two electric motors (one on each gear shaft) to effect gear changes.

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Best Tubes Provide the Best Bushings
Nova/TCB USA Inc.
New 5 Gas Emissions Analyzer Software
Emissions Systems, Inc.

Best Tubes Provide the Best Bushings Nova/TCB provides precision cut tubes from a variety of material in either seamless or welded products for bushings used in many well know models in the U.S. Automotive Industry. Our goal is quality at a very competitive price. Allow us the opportunity to see what we can do for you.

New 5 Gas Emissions Analyzer Software EMS announces our new LabView 5 Gas Emissions Analyzer software. Perform gas test in graph or numeric, perform live tests, recorded tests, and road tests. View recorded tests, analyze test as an average or in mass grams per mile.

Custom Clutches for OEM Applications

Helander Products, Inc.
Lumex SunBrite Modular LED Lightbars at

Digi-Key Corporation

Custom Clutches For OEM Applications SP-Series' Tiny-Clutches are versatile line of wrap spring clutches available in various configurations allow great flexibility in application. Available for shafts up to 16 mm, torque loads up to 250 in./lbs, they can perform many functions, including overrunning, on-off, indexing, and positive stop indexing. We can build special clutches for your application.

Lumex SunBrite Modular LED Lightbars at Digi-Key Lumex's SunBrite™ family of Modular LED Lightbar technologies combine high-performance, ease-of-installation, flexibility, and cost savings. Unlike many alternative lighting technologies, the SunBrite LED Lightbar can be installed with ease, without needing an electrician. SunBrite™ LEDs are ideal for garage lighting, under-cabinet, and display showcases. From Digi-Key.

Leica Microsystems' Webinar: Leica Microsystems' Webinar: Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science — 9/25/2012
Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science — 9/25/2012

Leica Microsystems' Webinar: Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science — 9/25/2012 On September 25th, Leica Microsystems will present "Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science". Join your peers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE webinar — right from the convenience of your desktop. Learn more about the history, technology, benefits, and use of digital and optical microscopy methodologies. Register today!

Industry Standards . . .
Automotive Specs for Gray Iron Castings

Standard Specifies Glycol Base Engine

Automotive Specs for Gray Iron Castings This ASTM specification applies to gray iron castings, cast in sand molds, used in the products of the automobile, truck, tractor, and allied industries. The values stated are in inch-pound units; no other units of measurement are included in the standard.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Standard Specifies Glycol Base Engine Coolants Directed at automobiles and other light duty service cooling systems, this specification covers the requirements for ethylene glycol or propylene glycol base engine coolants. When concentrates are used at 40% to 70% concentration by volume in water, or when pre-diluted glycol base engine coolants are used without further dilution, they will function effectively to provide protection against freezing, boiling, and corrosion.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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September 19, 2012 - Volume 5 Issue 13
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