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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Industrial Automation
December 3, 2009  
Industry Trends & Events . . .
I/O on Demand is the CHARM

I/O on Demand is the CHARM Some say that Emerson's new concept of "electronic marshalling cabinets" is almost as revolutionary as the idea of fieldbus was 20 years ago. This new model of I/O wiring is intended to streamline the design and installation of horrendously complex I/O marshalling cabinets by eliminating nearly two-thirds of the wiring and connections that are normally needed. The key to the technology: single-channel CHARacterization ModuleS (CHARMS) which channel the signal from the field instrument, via an internal Ethernet, to the proper controller. It also simplifies the layout and makes it easier to change and adapt as the need arises.

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MGate™ Adds Intelligence to EIP/DF1

Moxa Inc.

MGate™ Adds Intelligence to EIP/DF1 Gateways Moxa's MGate™ EIP3000 gateways are used to connect DF1 devices and EtherNet/IP devices to provide Allen Bradley PLCs with remote maintenance capability. The ProCOM™ technology generates four additional virtual serial channels for Ethernet data pass-through and maximum network flexibility — all without needing to modify the existing system.

RISC Single Board Computer Offers
Unmatched I/O

Sealevel Systems, Inc.

RISC Single Board Computer Offers Unmatched I/O The SBC-R9 is an application-ready platform that provides RISC computing power using the latest CE 6.0 embedded software environment. Packed with a wealth of I/O features, the SBC-R9 is perfect for applications requiring small size, wide operating temperature range, and flexible I/O connectivity.

Go here for SBC-R9 information.

Compact Digital Torquemeters
Himmelstein, S. and Company

Compact Digital Torquemeters Compact digital torquemeteres are compact, non-contact devices, and have full scale ranges from 25 to 10,000 lbf-in. They have no pots or switches, and require no manual adjustments. Select from any of 10 supported units of measure without recalibration. Learn more...

Controls and Automation Systems
Bricmont Incorporated — An Inductotherm Group Company

Controls and Automation Systems Bricmont offers a wide range of control systems to the manufacturing and processing industries. From simple single-loop control to sophisticated PC-based systems, they integrate hardware and software from many different sources to build the most effective and efficient system possible for your needs.

Fulfill Cutting Needs . . .
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Feeding and Cutting Components
AZCO Corporation

Feeding and Cutting Components AZCO Corp's feeding and cutting units for flexible materials are designed to fit all your cutting needs. The high-speed Rotary Knife Assemblies deliver hundreds of cuts per minute. These knives, available in shear or crush cut, feature an extended shaft that can be fitted with a timing pulley or gear and are typically used on a moving web. Our complete line of modular assemblies can be installed as stand-alone or as in-line units.

Machine Control . . .
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Machine Safety Systems: All on One PC!

Machine Safety Systems: All on One PC! Not long ago the idea of basing a life-and-death machine safety system on wireless communications and personal computers (PCs)— considered risky at best — would have been heresy. Now ControlEngineeringEurope sheds light on opportunities to integrate PC-based applications, a standard PLC program, and safety program together on a single platform.

Brute Strength + Modern Intelligence

Brute Strength + Modern Intelligence When you want to transport a 500 ton payload you want to put it down in exactly the right place. That's why the builders of these heavy lifters selected an industrial panel PC: it controls the complex hydraulic system to within a thousandth of an inch.

Information & Intelligence . . .
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Video: Put the I/O Directly on the Machine

Video: Put the I/O Directly on the Machine In this 10 minute video Pete McHugh from Turck shows how his company's BL compact line of fieldbus devices can be used to construct control and I/O systems outside the control cabinet. The epoxy-filled modules are rated at IP67, which means they can be mounted directly on a machine without need of protective cabinets.

Simplifying RFID Connectivity

Simplifying RFID Connectivity RFID read/write units are often stationed in conveyor systems and assembly lines to pick up data from products during manufacture. This new RF182C module receives RFID signals and translates them into standard TCP/IP Ethernet. The solution makes feeding data directly into the plant communications network much easier.

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Moving Six Legs at a Time
Mikrolar, Inc.

Moving Six Legs at a Time Mikrolar provides custom six degree of freedom robotics for customers with demanding specifications or special requirements. Some applications require 360 or more degrees of rotation. With our patented R-Series you can have all the rotation you require and still maintain the benefits inherent in a Parallel Mechanism.

Performance Driven Automation Systems
Arthur G. Russell

Performance Driven Automation Systems AG Russell understands your automation needs. With 60 years of experience designing, building, and installing automation systems and equipment we have helped get thousands of products into the market place. We know that quality and dependability are as important on the assembly line as in the final product.

Motors & Drives . . .
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When Motor Reliability is Critical

When Motor Reliability is Critical Built-in springs featured in this motor base adjust to control belt tension as workloads increase or decrease. This eliminates the sudden shock and strains on belts, bearings, and pulleys in heavy duty industrial motor applications. Reliability and uptime increases can be realized in sawmill, compressor, and rock crusher operations.

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A New Category for Industrial Motors

A New Category for Industrial Motors Machine builders conventionally select motors based on price, size, and noise level. With the new U.S. energy legislation that comes into effect in 2010, efficiency will now be number one on the checklist. A new category of motors created by the law poses implications for manufacturers and end users alike.

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Instruments, Sensors & Networking . . .
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The Energy Harvest

The Energy Harvest What's the best route to powering wireless sensors? This company has advanced an unconventional idea for an energy source from thin air! Radio frequency energy harvesting takes power from radio waves, converts the signal, and conditions the output into steady DC. A new class of battery-free devices for varied applications is considered in Sensorsmag.

Measuring Temperature with Acoustic Waves

Measuring Temperature with Acoustic Waves High frequency acoustic waves travelling over the surface of an object are sensitive to its temperature. This is good news, because the detection of changes in acoustic waves by piezoelectric devices is well understood — and can be made to work by induction, which opens the way for wireless sensors.

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Tough as Nails
Northwire, Inc.

Tough as NailsNorthwire's CoilBoss™ Retractile Cords significantly improve wiring life spans by controlling motion and distributing flex for tough applications.

CoilBoss Retractile Cords are custom-configured to your requirements with no minimums, fast delivery, and performance guaranteed. Northwire offers free design services and no-risk prototyping. Stock constructions available online. +1 715-294-2121; 1-800-468-1516;

ControlNet Ring Over Fiber
Ultra Electronics formerly Weed Instrument Company

ControlNet Ring Over Fiber Process downtime eliminated! Single (SHR) and Dual (DSHR) Self-Healing Ring repeaters provide multiple communication paths in control systems when breaks occur. Product feature tour.

Local and remote diagnostic tools are incorporated into both models to enhance reliability and support preventative maintenance. Find more ControlNet fiber optic solutions at Weed Instrument.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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ISA: The Unfortunate Reality

ISA: The Unfortunate Reality The International Society for Automation (ISA) has recently taken a "hard look" at itself and concluded that, for financial reasons, it must change some operating procedures to become more relevant to its mission. Some of the decisions include reducing professional staff, reducing publications, and ending the annual trade show. These changes reflect budget cuts as casualties of current economic pressures. However, the call remains for member involvement and contribution of expertise to the professional nonprofit organization.

Diversions . . .
An SUV Snowmobile

An SUV Snowmobile Perfect for Santa or a casual Sunday afternoon driving up and down ski slopes: this 400 HP sports vehicle offers an ingenious alternative to snow tires. A snow track system takes the vehicle anywhere the white stuff is on the ground, no matter how deep. Watch driver Ken Block take it for a spin.

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December 3, 2009 - Volume 5 Issue 18
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