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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Sensors & Switches
December 14, 2010 Upcoming e-Events
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Automotive Sensor Market in 'Drive'

Automotive Sensor Market in 'Drive' A new market research report projects global demand for automotive sensors used by light vehicle manufacturers growing 11.8% annually through 2014 — a nice turnaround from the depressed levels of last year. The report's authors say that the market split in two during the recession: in developed markets, sales took a steep dive, while emerging markets continued to grow. Although emerging markets should continue to set the pace, growth-wise, revenues from sensor sales into emerging markets are lower than those for sales into developed-market vehicles. The former tend to use sensor technologies that have already been commoditized, and are thus lower in price.

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Media Isolated OEM Pressure Transmitters
Keller America, Inc.

Media Isolated OEM Pressure Transmitters The new "LY" series of OEM sensors from Keller add a new dimension of versatility to your pressure measurement application. With small size, wide available pressure ranges, outstanding EMI resistance, and active thermal compensation, the "LY" series bridges the gap between passively compensated and microprocessor-based pressure transmitters.

MSA Gas Detection Systems
MSA — The Safety Company

MSA Gas Detection Systems  MSA is dedicated to providing the highest-quality flame- and gas-monitoring fixed instruments for oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Globally-approved permanent instruments are reliable, easy-to-use, and durable. MSA provides complete gas detection solutions for your needs with the best products, service, and support in the industry.

Call 1.800.MSA.INST or visit for gas detection solutions.

Point Source LED
Marktech Optoelectronics

Point Source LED Improved spectral output and speed are features of Marktech's new 850 nm Point Source LED product series. The point source series has become the product of choice in applications such as Encoders, Linear Positioning and Edge Sensing, Optical Switches, and Machine Vision systems.

High Barometric Pressure NDIR CO2 Sensor
Prime Technology

High Barometric Pressure NDIR CO2 Sensor Prime Technology's new Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor is solid state based, requires no sensing element replacement due to aging, and is easily calibrated on site. The device has been specifically designed to operate in high barometric pressure environments including submarines, hyperbaric chambers, dive chambers, ROVs/AUVs, and many more custom applications.

Economic Precision Solutions . . .
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Precision Glass Pressure Tubes and Sensor Pedestals
IRD Glass

Precision Glass Pressure Tubes and Sensor Pedestals IRD annually manufactures hundreds of thousands of custom precision sensor tubes and pedestals for a variety of world class customers, each with specific exacting tolerances and unique materials. From critical flatness specs of .000004 in., to surface finishes with a 0/0 scratch/dig, IRD Glass offers economic solutions for your precision needs. IRD makes tubes and pedestals used in bomb sniffers, satellites, automobiles, aerospace, refineries, and more.

Electric & Electromagnetic Sensors . . .
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Video Tutorial: Making Sense of Position

Video Tutorial: Making Sense of Position Magnetostriction is a change in shape or dimension of a ferromagnetic material when a magnetic field is present. This video introduces magnetostrictive sensors and how they leverage the basic phenomenon to establish absolute linear position. Learn about the technology's benefits in linear position-sensing, some likely applications, and what considerations are involved in choosing the right sensor.

A New Twist on Torque

A New Twist on Torque Measuring torque can always be problematic when a shaft or other part is in motion. This torque sensor measures with strain gauges, and non-contact frequency-modulated RF transfers the data. That configuration requires no slip rings or other tricky arrangements to get the signal from the spinning, shaft-mounted sensor to the outside world, and none of the associated maintenance.

Switches & Solenoids . . .
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Contactors Keep Things Quiet

Contactors Keep Things Quiet For hospitals, hotels, libraries, homes, and other places that need and appreciate quiet, these 25 Amp contactors contain AC/DC silent coils with varistor protection, specifically designed to operate with a minimum of noise. The contactors come in 2-pole and 4-pole configurations, with a choice of contact materials to reliably handle various load characteristics.

Certified Safe

Certified Safe This family of miniature snap-action safety switches has received Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) certification and also meets IEC 61508-2 standards. The manufacturer notes that new safety standards are going into effect at the end of 2011, and using SIL 3 certified components makes it easier for machinery builders to get SIL certification for their own machines.

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Detect Toxic Gases in Harsh Environments
Detector Electronics Corporation

Detect Toxic Gases in Harsh Environments Det-Tronics' GT3000 toxic gas detectors are well-suited to harsh environments (third-party tested to the IP66 rating) and have third-party performance certifications. GT3000 detectors communicate via HART protocol and 4-20mA.

• Swap sensors without de-classifying hazardous areas
• Detect H2S, O2, CO, NH3, Cl2, H2, and SO2 gases

Honeywell Zephyr™ Digital Airflow Sensors Available at Digi-Key
Digi-Key Corporation

Honeywell Zephyr™ Digital Airflow Sensors Available at Digi-Key Reliable and accurate, the Zephyr HAF series high accuracy digital airflow sensor provides a digital interface for reading airflow over the specified full-scale flow span and temperature range. A thermally isolated and temperature sensing element helps this sensor provide a fast response to air or gas flow.

The Safety Switch and Sensor Solution
Zippswitch Products

The Safety Switch and Sensor Solution Zippswitch Products manufactures several safety sensors and switches. Zippswitch safety mats, safety bumpers, safety edges, machine stop switches, and control relays provide high-quality, durable safety switch solutions. All sensors are UL508 certified and CE compliant. Reduce downtime and increase productivity with safety sensors from Zippswitch Products.

New Generation Pressure Sensors
Switching Solutions Inc.

New Generation Pressure Sensors The SPA pressure switch was designed for demanding applications where space and price are strong concerns. Switching Solutions Inc. engineers, designs, and manufactures a wide range of pressure, temperature, and vacuum switches. We provide high-quality products, quick delivery, and competitive pricing combined with exceptional customer service and product support.

Thermal, Mechanical & Pressure Sensors . . .
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The Kilogram has a Weight Problem

The Kilogram has a Weight Problem The official international standard for the kilogram is a platinum/iridium cylinder kept under glass in Paris, in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. Read what extremes scientists go to, to keep this measurement standard pristine and unaltered, and how, despite their efforts, the primary standard has mysteriously lost weight over the past few decades — about half a microgram per year.

When Part Dimensions are Critical

When Part Dimensions are Critical It's relatively easy to get the exact dimensions on a critical part before and after it's been through temperature or other cycling in an environmental test chamber. But what happens to those dimensions during a thermal cycle, for example? This in-chamber system uses photogrammetry to capture (at up to 35 µm accuracy) part dimensions at hundreds of points throughout the test cycle.

Optical & Ultrasonic Sensors . . .
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Car (Almost) Parks Itself

Car (Almost) Parks Itself This active parking-assist system uses ultrasonic sensors to determine if a prospective parking space is large enough for the vehicle and does the steering as the car backs into the spot (you handle the brakes and transmission). On the rear bumper, another detector lets you know when you're close enough to the car behind you that you need to stop.

Strain Measurements Come to Light

Strain Measurements Come to Light This optical strain gauge uses light — rather than electricity — to measure strain, so that it's immune to electromagnetic interference and inherently less risky in explosive atmospheres and around high voltages. It uses fiber Bragg gratings to take the measurements. Really three gauges in one, it can measure at angles of 0 deg, 60 deg and 120 deg.

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New Energy Scout Watthour Meter from Ohio Semitronics, Inc
Ohio Semitronics, Inc.

New Energy Scout Watthour Meter from Ohio Semitronics, Inc The Energy Scout Watthour meter can be used to measure energy at the input to electrical load centers or branch circuits. Models are available to display volts, amps, watts, and power factor as well as energy import/export. CT options include solid and split core. Indoor and outdoor installations.

High-precision Version of the World's Smallest Digital Humidity Sensor
Sensirion AG

High-precision Version of the World's Smallest Digital Humidity Sensor Sensirion launched a high-precision version of its new generation of humidity and temperature sensors. The fully calibrated SHT25 offers an improved accuracy while maintaining all other features of the standard version SHT21: I2C interface, excellent stability, ultra-low power consumption. Complimentary samples of the standard version SHT21 can be ordered online!

Alternating Controllers from Time Mark
Time Mark Corporation

Alternating Controllers from Time Mark Time Mark Alternating Controllers are used to sequence pumps, compressors, etc. to insure that each receives an equal run time. Duplex (2-pump) versions are socket-mounted, triplex (3-pump), and multi (4-pump) versions.

Contact a Time Mark Sales Representative about our entire line of Alternating Controllers at or call 800-862-2875.

Magnasphere's TW Series Magnet Switch in Stock at Digi-Key
Digi-Key Corporation

Magnasphere's TW Series Magnet Switch in Stock at Digi-Key With a robust, all metal construction that is highly resistant to magnetic tamper, defeat, and permanent contact welding from power surges, Magnasphere's TW series magnetic switch is used in the security industry for door and window sensors in closed loop alarm systems. Buy now!

Careers & Commentary . . .
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There's a Tech Job in China for You

There's a Tech Job in China for You There's the possibility of a job — if your IQ is at least 125. That's just to get your application considered by this Shanghai-based IT outsourcing company. (Chinese applicants need an IQ of 140 or higher.) An IQ test is the first screen for applicants. The company says that 1% or less of the thousands who apply weekly get hired.

Diversions . . .
Airport Security Controversy

Airport Security Controversy Heightened air-passenger screening at major U.S. airports is whipping up a whirlwind of personal privacy complaints from air travelers. Passengers who don't want to go through high resolution body scanners are getting extreme pat-downs that many say amounts to groping.

Share Your Thoughts . . .
About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic What's Your View of Air Passenger Screening?

What's your take on the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA's) heightened security measures for U.S. airline passenger screening? Necessary? Effective? An unwarranted privacy violation?

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