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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Electrical Components
April 15, 2010  
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Register Today! Register Today! GlobalSpec's Sensors & Switches Event — May 5, 2010
GlobalSpec's Sensors & Switches Event — May 5, 2010
Register Today! GlobalSpec's Sensors & Switches Event — May 5, 2010

Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, including:

• The World of Sensors & Switches
• Energy Harvesting Powers Synchronized, Secure Wireless Sensor Network
• How Everything Will be Tracked Wirelessly
• Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing
• Non-Contact Level-Sensing Using RADAR

Register Today! GlobalSpec's Sensors & Switches Event — May 5, 2010

Leveling the Load

Leveling the Load The on-demand power to which Western civilization is accustomed can be delivered only via excess generation capacity or storage capability. Renewable sources are rarely synchronized to actual demand, and even nuclear sources are not completely flexible in meeting demand peaks. According to this Power-Gen Worldwide opinion, the missing link is a load-leveling buffer. Some available options are compressed air storage, pumped heat, pumped hydro and batteries. Electric vehicles have garnered recent attention as distributed forms of energy storage that can be made available to the smart grid. The author sees a bright future in developing load-leveling components and technologies.

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HAL1500 SERIES Power Supply

Jasper Electronics, Inc.

HAL1500 SERIES Power Supply Jasper introduces the HAL1501 1500 W hot plug supply with I2C and standby with output voltages from 12-54 VDC. Features include universal input, front-end power supply, and 0.99 line power factor. All Jasper Electronics products are designed in the USA, then manufactured overseas.

Surface Mount Mini Gate Drive Transformer Resists EMI

Surface Mount Mini Gate Drive Transformer Resists EMI Low 4.31 mm profile SM580 Gate Drive Transformer provides pulse control in gate drive circuits for MOSFETs and IGBTs in Switch Mode Power Supplies. It features a pulse rating of 21 Vµsec (Typ) and hi-pot rating of 1500 Vdc. Metal cover helps resist EMI. Get our Short Form Catalog Selection Guide.

High-speed EtherCAT Interface AC Servo Amplifier
Sanyo Denki America, Inc.

High-speed EtherCAT Interface AC Servo Amplifier The SANMOTION R Amplifier with EtherCAT allows for 100 Mbps communication and increased motion control speeds.

Newly developed, highly versatile, and multi-functional software further enhances the performance of this amplifier. To aid in application development, a motion simulation function is included in the software. The simulation runs the same codes...

D-subminiature Connector Solutions

Positronic Industries, Inc.

D-subminiature Connector Solutions Positronic Industries offers the widest variety of high reliability D-subminiature connectors in the industry. A broad range of contact variants, package sizes, termination styles, and innovative accessories provide solutions to customers using D-subminiature connectors.

Power Generation, Distribution & Protection . . .
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ICs Make Meters Smart

ICs Make Meters Smart Smart meter designers have some new component options. Power Electronics Technology says these integrated circuit chips provide high-accuracy monitoring of active and reactive power — so that utilities can realize improved billing accuracy and power quality monitoring for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Some units also feature tamper detection.

A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind Compressed air storage is a grid-scale energy storage technology similar in concept to pumped hydro, except that air is compressed into large underground formations when surplus energy is available. says that upon demand, the compressed-air can return a large percentage of the energy stored. One U.S. facility using the technology has been operating for 25 years.

Connectors & Relays . . .
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Plugging into Alternative Energy

Plugging into Alternative Energy Renewable and alternative energy systems call for high availability in supporting elements at all levels, even connectors. Wind and solar systems often reside in challenging field environments, and of course nuclear applications have demanding requirements as well. In this article, looks at some considerations such as obtaining maximum energy transfer, providing touchsafe fittings for safety and selecting proper materials.

Common Coupler

Common Coupler The Society of Automobile Engineers has released the "SAE Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler" Standard J1772 for connections between plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles and electrical charging systems. The goal is to develop a standard corded connector and vehicle inlet, which together make the coupler. The development team included major automotive suppliers as well as electric utilities.

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JFETS-Second Source Replacements for Vishay/Siliconix
Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.

JFETS-Second Source Replacements for Vishay/Siliconix Second source replacement for discontinued vishay/siliconix JFETs. Monolithic Duals-JFETS: SST/U401-406 Series, ST/U440-441 Series. Current Regulating Diodes: J/SST500-511 Series. Pico Amp Low Leakage Diodes: DPAD/SSTDPAD Series - Dual, JPAD/PAD/SSTPAD Series - Single

Features include surface mount, thru hole bersions, ROHS-compliant versions, special selections available, spice models, and instant availability from factory. Learn more.

A Full Range of Computer Solutions

A Full Range of Computer Solutions offers a wide range of premium computer, audio/video cables, and accessories at low cost. We have a full line of SVGA, DVI, HDMI, USB, networking, telecom, fiber, coaxial, and power cords. We can custom manufacture assemblies to your exact specifications. Visit us at

For Tough Connections — Think Revos
Wieland Electric Inc.

For Tough Connections — Think Revos Wieland's revos multi-pole connectors feature powder-coated aluminum housings to protect connector inserts against wear, dust, rain, and splashing water. UL 50E approved, Type 1, 4, and 12, to solve tough connector requirements. Select your connector using our online revos configurator. For 100 years, Wieland Electric has designed innovative interface solutions.

Hermetic Connectors
Electronic Services International

Hermetic Connectors Hermetically sealed connectors provide performance in environments that cause ordinary connectors to fail. These connectors are the perfect choice for high-pressure, low-leakage applications in all harsh and severe environments. They are successful in many different sectors including military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial.

Sensors, RFID & Passive Components . . .
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Dream Machines

Dream Machines Sleep monitoring attempts to uncover sleep disorders that cause health risks, but monitoring is costly and cumbersome. This Small Times article says that a prototype device was recently validated for the task, and highlights key features for medical and recreational monitoring: small and comfortable size, low cost, wireless operation, low energy consumption, and long autonomy.

Human Size Hamster Ball

Human Size Hamster Ball Is it time to move aside the living room furniture and make room for the latest gaming accessory? See the linked video of the VirtuSphere "locomotion platform" shot recently at the Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco. Beyond gaming, the manufacturer and Popular Science see applications such as immersive training for dangerous tasks, virtual travel, and construction walk-throughs.

Electrical Design & Applications . . .
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Cut the Cable

Cut the Cable Wireless data is everywhere, but what about wireless power? Such a technology is desirable where the application requires freedom of movement, where batteries are not practical, or where power wiring has drawbacks. Sensors Magazine details one vendor's solution, with efficiency claims of up to 90%, far better that other technologies.

Cotton Conductivity is No Yarn

Cotton Conductivity is No Yarn Cornell researchers have treated cotton fibers with nanoparticles and semiconductor polymers to make the resulting threads conduct electrical current. The coating maintains cotton's flexibility and is robust. CNET News says that scientists are looking for related applications such as power generating fabric or clothing that monitors heart rates.

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Latching 350A Sealed Contactor Switches 12 to 750V

Latching 350A Sealed Contactor Switches 12 to 750V GXL14 latching contactor requires no coil hold power and switches DC and AC voltages. Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) RoHS compliant sealed contactor is just 2.25 in. (57 mm) tall, weighs 1.1 lbs (0.5 Kg), and operates in nearly any environment from -55 to +85 C. Optional SPST auxiliary contact. Learn more.

New Versatile AC Power Connection System

Americor Electronics, Ltd.

New Versatile AC Power Connection System3 to 5 pole flat plugs and sockets — part 166G
• Connection links — distribution links
• Lets you prefabricate whole systems ready to install
• Available with domestic and international power cords

Americor offers stocking/consignment programs, Kanban, Just-In-Time, and specializes in custom designed solutions

48 V 150 Ah LiFePO4 Battery for Golfcarts

Heter Battery Technology Co., Ltd

48 V 150 Ah LiFePO4 Battery for Golfcarts Safe, light, small, long life, and RoHS compliant. Other batteries for E-bikes, E-scooters, E-trucks, and E-cars also available.

Three-year warranty. We have an automatic prodcution line, and rich experience in cell production, BMS design, and pack assembly. CE, RoHS, ISO, MSDS, UN38.3.

Electrical Sleevings — Complimentary Samples
Varflex Corporation

Electrical Sleevings — Complimentary Samples Varflex Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of electrical insulating sleevings that meet many UL, CSA, and military requirements, including flame retardation. All our sleevings are RoHS and REACH compliant. Contact us for a complimentary portfolio of sleeving samples. View our extensive product offerings.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Poisonous Personnel

Poisonous Personnel We've all worked around them — poisonous employees who negatively impact you, your coworkers and the company as a whole. Managing Power identifies nine nefarious types with memorable names like the "politician", the "rooster", and the "funeral director". More important than the catchy names are the strategies offered to deal with each type.

Diversions . . .
Steal Your Best Work

Steal Your Best Work Check out this video for a different perspective on how we innovate. The speaker makes a case for not just "copying" superficially, but for "stealing" underlying principles to make a completely innovative "new" work. The concept has applications in technology fields as well as artistic endeavors. This author would never endorse theft, but often the nature of innovation involves standing on the shoulders of giants.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic The Independent Inventor

With all the technology and information available today, does the "little guy" stand a better chance against large firms in efforts to invent the next great thing?

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