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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Motion Control Components
May 6, 2010   Upcoming e-Events
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Register Today!Register Today! GlobalSpec's Motion Control Event — June 9, 2010
GlobalSpec's Motion Control Event — June 9, 2010

Register Today!  GlobalSpec's Motion Control Event — June 9, 2010 Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, including:

• The World of Motion Control
• Complex Linear Motion System Design, Made Easy
• Precision in Motion
• How Web Servers Cut Automation Costs
• Leveraging FPGA Flexibility for Drive/Motion Applications

Register Today! GlobalSpec's Motion Control Event — June 9, 2010

The Energy-efficiency Quest Intensifies

The Energy-efficiency Quest Intensifies Unless your head has been buried in a long-term design project, you've seen demand rise sharply for more energy-efficient motion systems. What may have escaped notice is the shifting attention away from easier pickings — like specifying smaller and more efficient motors and drives — and toward energy evaluation of everything in the system. As engineers consider options like reducing friction, eliminating components, or re-examining duty cycles and peak torque issues, they may seek assistance crunching the numbers. This Design News article presents some of the less-explored paths to energy savings and some of the analytical tools that might help in the quest.

Call for Speakers — GlobalSpec's Motion Control Online Conference & Tradeshow — 12/8/2010 & 6/8/2011
Call for Speakers — GlobalSpec's Motion Control Online Conference & Tradeshow — 12/8/2010 & 6/8/2011

GlobalSpec is seeking proposals from industry experts interested in participating in its December 8, 2010 or June 8, 2011 Motion Control online conference and trade show events. Open to GlobalSpec's 5 million registered users, this event will examine trends, technologies, and applications in the field of Motion Control. Speaking opportunities provide an opportunity for you and your company to participate in a high-quality, engaging production that will help increase brand awareness and influence key decision-makers. Learn more or submit your proposal today. Deadline for the December 2010 event is June 1, 2010.

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40 W to 150 W Low-Cost Power Supplies
with PFC

Triad Magnetics

40 W to 150 W Low-Cost Power Supplies with PFC Designed with a universal 85-264 VAC input and standard output voltages from 5 V to 24 VDC; operating temperature -10 to +60° C. They are available off-the-shelf from Triad's extensive distribution network. The 100 pcs MSRP is approximately $0.30 to $0.40 per watt. The supplies are RoHS compliant, designed for worldwide use, and have been safety tested by UL/TUV.

AEAT-6010/6012 Magnetic Encoder

Avago Technologies

AEAT-6010/6012 Magnetic Encoder Avago Technologies' AEAT-60xx series of magnetic encoders provides an integrated solution for angular detection. These 10/12 bit magnetic encoders are based on brushless technology. Request a sample...

DRAGON Rugged Motor Control System
Embedded Systems, Inc. (ESI)

DRAGON Rugged Motor Control System ESI introduces The Dragon line of ruggedized off-the-shelf motor controllers available in single- or dual-axis in a military-grade, submersible case.

The Dragon controllers excel in performance and power density across a wide temperature range (-40 C to 71 C), and include an integrated EMI filter. Read more.

Stock and Custom Nylon Strip Brush

Stock and Custom Nylon Strip Brush Many applications can be addressed with Sealeze straight, strip brushes, and aluminum holders. Made with Nylon 6 filament, these brushes have excellent abrasion resistance, flex life, bend recovery, and springiness (often called "flicking"). The brushes have good stiffness, resist set, and are effective in working temperatures below 230 F.

Delivering Solutions . . .
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The Case for Conversion to Electric Actuation
Thomson — A Danaher Motion Company

The Case for Conversion to Electric Actuation Replacing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with electrical linear actuators means a simpler and smaller installation, easier control, lower energy costs, higher accuracy, less maintenance, less noise, and a cleaner, healthier environment. Read more.

More information from Thomson.

Positioning & Sensing . . .
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Averaging for Positional Accuracy

Averaging for Positional Accuracy When the task is steering laser beams for marking or cutting, only the highest accuracy will do. One way to improve precision in positioning rotary tables is to average multiple feedback signals. This new dual-axis encoder is designed for the task, and to handle speeds up to 1300 rpm.

Video: Programmable Encoder Elite

Video: Programmable Encoder Elite Not all programmable encoders are created equal. While all start with high native resolutions, it's the algorithm that differentiates good from unreliable, and prevents the duty cycle from deteriorating. In the devices showcased in this video, resolution is stored redundantly in non-volatile memory, making them as reliable as fixed-disc encoders.

Motion System Hardware . . .
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Mini Metric When Size Matters

Mini Metric When Size Matters When loads are light and the job demands small size, close tolerance positioning, and high-speed, this 8x6 mm stainless ball screw stands alone in the market. It's specifically suited for medical applications, such as when rapid approach and retraction is required. Bonus: precision-rolling, instead of grinding, helps lower component cost.

Reducing Wobble in Rotary Work

Reducing Wobble in Rotary Work Getting tooling in exactly the right place when manufacturing semiconductors, fiber optics, and other precision products can be challenging. These compact stages — featuring low profile, anodized aluminum body, and pre-loaded ball bearings — are designed to rotate components or tooling within confined spaces, helping to deliver smooth rotation and minimum wobble.

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Plastic Bearings Deliver Longer Life

igus Inc.

Plastic Bearings Deliver Longer Life igus' maintenance-free plastic plain bearings, spherical bearings, and linear bearings and guides are fast becoming a standard choice for design engineers around the world. They are self-lubricating and deliver longer life at a lower cost. Plastic bearings can be used in a wide array of applications. Download an informational brochure.

MSK Developing Rad Hard Motor Drives
for Space Use

M.S. Kennedy Corp.

MSK Developing Rad Hard Motor Drives for Space Use The M.S. Kennedy Corporation is developing radiation hardened motor drives for use in space applications such as satellites, planetary exploration vehicles, and launch vehicles. These motor drives are constructed with rad hard components and utilize hybrid microcircuit assembly methods to minimize size and weight while offering very high performance and reliability. Learn more.

Decelerate Loads, Improve Product

ACE Controls Inc.

Decelerate Loads, Improve Product Performance Industrial and safety shock absorbers decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, increase cycle speeds, and reduce noise. Ideal for medical, aerospace, and defense industries, packaging, printing, bottling, furniture, automotive, transportation, amusement, and more. Selected applications include: rotary actuators, slides, material handling equipment, assembly, pick and place operations, machine tools, and cranes.

Product of the Month — April

Festo Corporation

Product of the Month — April The EGC and DGC actuators are designed with the same external dimensions, for easy selection of the right motion technology for your application. Mix and match actuators with Festo, to combine the right performance with the right price.

For more information on EGC/DGC, please go here.

Motion Controllers . . .
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It's All in the Timing

It's All in the Timing In so many situations — from product introductions to telling jokes — success depends heavily upon timing. To make sure the timing is just right in a motion system, this new microcontroller incorporates multifunction timer-pulse units and a 16-bit general-purpose PWM timer. This allows for simultaneous control of up to three 3-phase motors.

Controller Cuts Unplanned Downtime

Controller Cuts Unplanned Downtime When thousands of motors operate in an industrial facility, just keeping them going can keep everyone on edge. This "universal" device offers uncommon assistance — help minimizing unplanned outages. Diagnostic and control functions, including pole reversal, load-shedding restarts, thermal load monitoring, help prevent motor overloads and correct faults quickly should trips occur.

Drives & Actuators . . .
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Dual Identity Drive

Dual Identity Drive Too often, engineers have sparse choices when tackling challenges like very low power range. This Swiss manufacturer improves designer flexibility, adding a new variation of its Acoposmicro drive. It can now support either stepper or servo motors and allows users to easily change over from stepper to servo and back again.

If you find this subject interesting, subscribe to the GlobalSpec e-Newsletter, DirectU2 The world of Drives.

Video: Slimmed-down Yet Twice the Torque

Video: Slimmed-down Yet Twice the Torque Downsizing drives remains the trend as companies strive to reduce machine size. Following the trend, hollow shaft actuators highlighted in this video are thin, compact assemblies incorporating servo motor, encoder, and harmonic drive gear. Harmonic's SHA series offers double the torque of its standard units — and max torque of 3400 Nm.

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Profile Rail Guides Have Unique Sealing

SKF/North America

Profile Rail Guides Have Unique Sealing System New SKF® "LLT" profile rail guides integrate a unique "all-around" sealing system and unprecedented design features to protect against contaminants, increase repeatability, provide smooth-running performance, and promote longer service life requiring minimal maintenance. These guides ideally suit linear motion applications in the material handling, injection molding, packaging, medical device, read more...

Super MX with C-Wiper Option

IKO International, Inc.

Super MX with C-Wiper Option IKO C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX is a high-performance roller type linear motion rolling guide with long term lubrication parts, featuring high reliability, high rigidity, high accuracy, which are required by machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing, and various equipments. Also MX can be equipped with ultra dust-proof seal C-Wiper.

View the Super MX brochure.

New Actuator Type GL-N

THK America, Inc.

New Actuator Type GL-N Made in the U.S., THK's new Actuator Type GL-N offers newly engineered enhancement to offer the best of all actuator features with the unique benefits of Caged Technology in one actuator. The new GL-N actuator is proven rigid, precise, and available for quick delivery and is also an upgrade and direct...

Better Encoder Accuracy = Faster
Motion Control

MicroE Systems

Better Encoder Accuracy = Faster Motion Control MicroE Systems' Mercury II™ encoders now offer improved accuracy. Using the newest signal processing technology, cyclical error is just ±20 nanometers, surpassing more costly fine-pitch encoders. The result is faster, smoother motion control with speeds up to 10 m/s at 1.2 nm resolution.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Manifesto Maps an Engineering Future

Manifesto Maps an Engineering Future Many nations face the challenge: how to maximize engineering's contribution to society. The dilemma inspired eight UK engineering organizations to publish a manifesto aimed at swaying pre-election opinion. Too often, it infers, public investing in engineering and turning it loose on society's biggest challenges gets talked about, but action isn't sustained. The call for action urges the political sphere to acknowledge engineering's role in fostering a stronger economic base.

Diversions . . .
Video: Solar Flight — On a Wing and a Prayer

Video: Solar Flight — On a Wing and a Prayer It was once thought impossible: a huge, lightweight emissions-free aircraft flying continuously through day and night using only energy collected from solar cells mounted on its wings. Yet, in April, the prototype Solar Impulse, weighing 1,600 kg despite its jaw-dropping 63 m wingspan, completed its inaugural flight over the Swiss countryside.

For more on this subject, subscribe to GlobalSpec's e-Newsletter, DirectU2 The world of Alternative & Renewable Energy.

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