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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Introducing a New Class of High-flow Polycarbonate Copolymers

Introducing a New Class of Highflow Polycarbonate Copolymers Are you looking for better toughness and low-temperature ductility at the same melt flow? Do you want longer flow lengths and lower temperature processing capability at the same impact as standard polycarbonate? What about improved mold-release properties? This in-depth report describes how a new range of polycarbonate copolymers, commercialized as Lexan HFD resins, delivers a better balance of melt flow and ductility compared to standard polycarbonate, without sacrificing optical clarity. The article compares the new class material to standard polycarbonate across a range of mechanical, impact, rheological, and injectionmolding properties.

tesa Tapes Solutions for Appliances

tesa tape, inc.

tesa Tapes Solutions for Appliances From permanently adhering appliance panels to temporarily securing appliance components, tesa tapes offer the holding power you need! Every roll of tesa tape offers process improvement for every stage of your production process, including pre-foam, pre-assembly, assembly, and packaging stations. Request a complimentary sample today!

View video to learn more.

Environmentally-friendly, Thermally-efficient Polyurethane Foams
Foam Supplies, Inc.

Environmentally-Friendly, Thermally-Efficient Polyurethane Foams Ecomate® is an affordable, non-ODP, non-GWP, VOC-exempt blowing agent and family of polyurethane foams, providing excellent insulation properties for appliances, while helping protect the environment. We help customers produce better products and reduce costs through superior foam systems, advanced equipment technology and unparalleled technical support. Compare and you'll choose ecomate®.

Appliances & White Goods . . .
Appliance Giant Following PLM Roadmap

Appliance Giant Following PLM Roadmap To some design engineers, PLM still looms as a bureaucratic monster that stifles creativity and wastes time. Not so, argues global manufacturer Whirlpool. In this report from Eureka magazine, the appliance company cites evidence of how PLM can deliver solid benefits to designers and their companies. Learn how Whirlpool is harnessing PLM ­to create more product variants with fewer product platforms. Among the prime solutions: PTC's Creo 2.0, which incorporates 2D sketching and both direct modeling and parametric modeling.

Hands-free Faucets Come Home

Hands-free Faucets Come Home Hands free or "touchless" faucet systems have been common fixtures in the world's airport and shopping mall bathrooms for nearly 30 years. But rarely will you find one in the kitchen or bath of a private home. But now, a new line of more dependable motion-sensor-equipped faucets are finding their way into everyday households. Key to their success: not one, but two sensing zones that allow for hands-free multi-tasking.

Health & Fitness . . .
A Pump for the Pocket

A Pump for the Pocket It looks like a cell phone and has the footprint of a credit card, but the device showcased in this video and Medgadget is the t:slim™ Insulin Delivery System. The 300 unit insulin pump is designed to be user-friendly and is the first such device to be approved by the FDA with a touchscreen.

T-shirt's "Tentacles" Monitor Exercise Routines

T-shirt's 'Tentacles' Monitor Exercise Routines Sewn into a compression shirt, EMG (electromyographic) sensors measure muscle use during resistance training. The shirt plugs into a clip-on electronics box that powers, filters, and amplifies the sensor signals. This data, sent wirelessly to a smartphone, can be downloaded to a Web-based account for tracking workout progress. This short video explains.

Smaller is Better

Smaller is better In the quest for smaller more compact designs engineers are faced with less space for the design. PIC developed the world's smallest magnetic Level sensor and sensor solutions for easy and space-saving assembly.

Built to Last
Veetronix, Inc.

Built to Last  Unlike mechanical switches, Veetronix switches are magnetically actuated. No moving parts touch the switch contacts. The contacts are hermetically sealed, thus preventing air containing dust, moisture, or gases from contaminating the contacts. Switch reliability is monitored constantly, and field failures are almost unheard of...even after millions of actuations!

Outdoor & Recreation . . .
Personal Airplane is Lightweight, Affordable

Personal Airplane is Lightweight, Affordable It lands and takes off on water. It is entirely made of carbon fiber. It weighs only 70 kg (about 154 lbs). Perhaps best of all, this single-seat electric aircraft sells for less than $40,000. Flight tests in Finland have been completed and delivery of the first 35 planes — already sold in advance — is scheduled for 2013.

Sip-n-Puff Rod-n-Reel

Sip-n-Puff Rod-n-Reel Set the hook, cast, play out the line, reel in a catch... A motorized rod and reel, manipulated with familiar sip-n-puff controls, brings the joy of fishing to people with disabilities. Key component for the design's success: PSF100A pressure switches from WorldMagnetics.

Office Technology . . .
"Controllable" Light Bulb Lasts Longer
Hands-free, 3D Control

'Controllable' Light Bulb Lasts Longer Controllable and networked, this smart LED might be one of the greenest light bulbs available. The 8 W, screw-in style bulb provides a distinct advantage over a standard 60 W incandescent in that it 1) saves energy over a longer period of time and 2) can be controlled by a handheld remote or even a smartphone.

Hands-free, 3D Control Gesture-control technology called Leap 3D lets you interact with your computer via touch-free controls. The system translates subtle hand and finger movements into commands, with sub-millimeter accuracy. More responsive than a touchscreen or mouse, Leap 3D promises to enable modeling and manipulation of complex 2D and 3D data visualizations and even lets you sign digital documents by writing in the air.

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No-mix LED Curable Polymer System
Master Bond, Inc.

No-Mix LED Curable Polymer System Master Bond LED401LV is a one part LED system that will cure when exposed to a light source emitting 405 nm wavelength and where the presence of any UV light is minimal. LED401LV cures tack-free in sections of 1/8 in. thick and is used for bonding, sealing, coating, and encapsulating.

Rechargeable Energy Storage Device
Cymbet Corporation

Rechargeable Energy Storage Device The EnerChip™ CBC005 is a solid state, thin film, rechargeable energy storage device rated at 5 µAh at 3.8 V. It is ideal as a localized on-board power source to retain memory or maintain real-time clock function in mobile systems when main power is interrupted. From Cymbet Corporation.

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August 13, 2012 - Volume 5 Issue 7
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