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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Wireless Technology
September 7, 2010 Upcomign e-Events
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Smart Grid Networks are Anyone's Game

Smart Grid Networks are Anyone's Game The emerging Smart Grid will not rely on any one networking technology, according to a new report from Pike Research. The report indicates that the grid's communication nodes found in people's homes will be developed and supplied primarily by proprietary vendors. Pike estimates that there will be over 17.5 million proprietary wireless mesh nodes; thus proprietary technology will generate a large portion of available revenue. This came as a surprise to many who have been listening to policy makers' support for a standard, non-proprietary-based smart grid. While, in theory, non-proprietary technology could offer more of a cost savings, Pike's report highlights that those costs would not be evident any time in the near future.

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Trouble Sourcing PLL Products? We Have the Solution..., a division of Symmetry Electronics Corp

Trouble Sourcing PLL Products? We Have the Solution... offers Fujitsu Semiconductor America's BiCMOS family of single/dual PLL frequency synthesizers, designed for local oscillators for use in modern radio systems. Ranging from 600 MHz-6 GHz, Fujitsu's PLLs support many communication standards, offer very low power consumption, and feature ultra-fast frequency acquisition times, excellent spurious, and phase noise performance.

Introducing the Industry's First PXI Vector Network Analyzer
National Instruments

Introducing the Industry's First PXI Vector Network Analyzer Get more than 8x the measurement density in the footprint of a single traditional VNA with NI's entry-level addition to a new RF PXI product line of VNAs. The flexible LabVIEW API significantly reduces development time of automated test sequences. View the Webcast to learn more.

How to Simplify the Design of an RF Remote Control
Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

How to Simplify the Design of an RF Remote Control System-on-chip transmitter solutions greatly simplify the process of designing a remote control by eliminating the need for numerous discrete components. This in-depth white paper addresses the three most common challenges when designing RF remote controls: maximizing transmission range, ensuring battery life, and maintaining low system costs.

Download the white paper now. (PDF)

Solving Today's Ka Band Measurement Challenges

Solving Today's Ka Band Measurement Challenges MetricTest brings you the Advantest U3700 Series — the only portable (14 lbs) 2-Channel Battery Operated Spectrum Analyzer up to Ka Band. Monitor RF (C/X/Ku/Ka Band) and IF (L Band) frequencies independently with simultaneous sweeps with VNI.

Schedule a demo. Request for quote. Email

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Base Station RFICs for 3G/4G
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.

Base Station RFICs for 3G/4G TriQuint has introduced a wide range of base station RFICs that offer greater levels of integration and efficiency for pre-amplifier and driver stages of base station RF 3G/4G designs. These new products offer integration levels not available before. Integration increases efficiency, saves PCB space, and reduces overall costs.

Industrial RF Systems . . .
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The 9-1-1 on European Firetrucks

The 9-1-1 on European Firetrucks A leading manufacturer of firetrucks and firefighting equipment plans on integrating a wireless gas- and radiation-sensor system into its line of hazardous-material (HazMat) response trucks in Europe. A built-in radio frequency modem transmits real-time data to a centralized database about the incident scene. This information is communicated to first responders and other units to facilitate real-time collaboration.

Too Clothes for Comfort?

Too Clothes for Comfort? In a move to gain better control of its inventory, retail giant Walmart recently began putting RFID tags on clothing. The removable smart tags reflect radio signals to scanners to help staffers locate products more quickly. Within seconds, staffers can identify which sizes are missing or in the stock room. Walmart claims having this real-time information will improve customer service; some believe their shopping habits will also be tracked.

Aerospace & Aviation . . .
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The Scoop on Netherlands' Scope

The Scoop on Netherlands' Scope What is being dubbed the world's largest radio telescope, LOFAR (low-frequency array), will enable European astronauts to gain a new perspective of the sky from its core base in The Netherlands. Using sophisticated computing and high-speed Internet to combine a network of antennae, the giant telescope will be used to detect radio emissions from other planets and stars and to study how black holes and galaxies take shape.

Flyers APPreciate New App

Flyers APPreciate New App The first generation of a business aviation application from Flight Options gives users the ability to build custom trips, compare aircraft performance, and search flight availability at 5,000 airports. This app's introduction follows the company's other products for wireless post-flight capabilities for pilots and a spokesperson says follow-up apps will further enhance aviation management for jet travelers. The app can be downloaded at no cost from Apple's App Store.

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MGA-63xP8 High Linearity Low Noise Amplifiers
Avago Technologies

MGA-63xP8 High Linearity Low Noise Amplifiers The new MGA-635P8 ultra low-noise amplifier from Avago completes a family of new LNAs covering 450-4000 MHz suited to high volume GSM, TDS-CDMA, and CDMA cellular infrastructure applications such as the first stage of cellular base station radio cards, tower mounted amplifiers, combiners, repeaters, and remote radio heads.

Smallest High Frequency Fundamental VCXOs

Taitien Electronics Co., Ltd.

Smallest High Frequency Fundamental VCXOs Introducing the latest HFF VCXOs, the VW Series from leading frequency components manufacturer Taitien Electronics. This new Series is capable of providing frequency up to 175 MHz in fundamental mode in a 5x3.2 mm SMD package. Ideally suited for high-speed communication systems, the VW Series can deliver extremely low phase noise performance.

World Leader in Technology Education at a Distance
Excelsior College

World Leader in Technology Education at a Distance Capitalize on the demand for skilled technology managers. Earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management from Excelsior College. This highly flexible, career-oriented degree program allows you to apply your existing knowledge and training. Up to 45 elective credits from may apply toward degree requirements. Military-friendly. Learn more.

Development Tools for Wireless Applications


Development Tools for Wireless Applications element14 carries a wide range of products to make wireless communication implementation easy. Here's just a sample: Microchip MRF24J40MA/MBPICtail™/PICtail Plus Daughter Board designed for the MRF24J40MA or MRF24J40MB RF Transceiver modules. Texas Instruments CC2530 Development Kit — a second-generation ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 compliant System-on-Chip. Keep up to date on all our new wireless offerings at

Telecommunications & Entertainment . . .
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Building a Better Wireless Mouse

Building a Better Wireless Mouse A wireless mouse is nothing new. But, a wireless optical mouse with 4D trackball is something to notice. Once plugged into a USB port, the mouse can work up to 32 ft away from the computer, and is highly accurate, sensitive, and fast tracking. The company claims the mouse is extremely comfortable, can reduce repetitive strain injuries, and can be used in either hand. The mouse retails for around $30.

Video: India's $35 Answer to the iPad

Video: India's $35 Answer to the iPad Indian engineers have developed an iPad look-alike for 1/14th the cost of its brand name competitor. Powered by solar energy, the touchscreen tablet is aimed at students and supports Web browsing, video conferencing, and word processing. The tablet features memory card storage, 2 gigs of RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a Linux operating system. As seen in this video, engineers expect future R&D will drop the cost below $20.

Security & Wireless Networking . . .
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Tire Hackers Could Tread on You

Tire Hackers Could Tread on You At the recent USENIX Security conference in Washington, D.C., researchers showed how easy it is to hijack a car using the wireless pressure sensors embedded in many of today's vehicles. A 2008 congressional act mandated that all new vehicles produced and sold in the U.S. have the wireless technology. By simply using a laptop, programmable radio, and custom circuit board, a criminal could track a vehicle and then force its electronic control system to malfunction.

Wired and Wireless Come Together

Wired and Wireless Come Together As wireless LANs become the status quo in organizations, integrating wired with wireless becomes a top priority, especially in the area of security. The goal is to manage the two as a single entity, but — here's where the waters get muddied — not as a single network. The community is looking to WLAN providers to offer solutions; some have responded with common capabilities for wired and wireless users.

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Global Electronic Buyers Meet at TAITRONICS

Taitronics-Taipei Int'l Electronics Show

Global Electronic Buyers Meet at TAITRONICS 36th Taipei Int'l Electronics Show (TAITRONICS) will unfold October 11-14, 2010 in Taiwan, gathering 1000 exhibitors using 2,000 booths to display electronic components, LED, meters and instruments, manufacturing equipment, wires and cables, and other exciting gadgets! Find your nearest TAITRA branch and inquire about our Buyer's Incentive program!

Temwell 7S Series Filter for SMD Size Requirement
Temwell Corporation / Temstron Co., Ltd.

Temwell 7S Series Filter for SMD Size Requirement Temwell released the new 7S Series to replace SMD sized products for wireless technology. You can have a small size filter as SMD and great performance. We provide customized service to modify specs into the best condition for your current product and new design project with acceptable initial charge. Please contact us for more details.

MMBX — RF Board to Board Solution
Huang Liang Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd.

MMBX — RF Board to Board Solution MMBX offers quick and easy connection and allows misalignment.

"Feature of blind mate" of BMA
is suitable for wireless infrastructure, satellite equipment, and test and measurement.

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition
IEEE Communications Society

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition Join an elite group of professionals — get certified in wireless communications technologies. Understand your strengths and broaden your background as you supplement your current professional experience with the IEEE Wireless Communications Professional® credential.

Applications for the Fall 2010 testing window must be completed by September 17, 2010.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Some Actually Got Raises This Year

Some Actually Got Raises This Year "A shortage of good-quality IT people will create a vacuum and a demand for higher paid salaries," said one IT manager in Seattle in the 15th annual Redmond Magazine survey of IT managers. The sentiment sounds optimistic, but the reality is that those earning between $20,000-$40,000 and anyone earning more than $95,000 saw salary increases in the past year, while those in the $40,000-$75,000 range did not, on average.

Diversions . . .
ZOMM Kind of Wonderful

ZOMM Kind of Wonderful Seeing dogs on leashes is pretty common. Some parents even put leashes on their toddlers to keep them from wandering away in crowded areas. Now there is a wireless leash for cell phones. ZOMM uses Bluetooth technology to pair with any Bluetooth cell phone. When the two units are separated by more than 30 ft, ZOMM vibrates, flashes its lights, and sounds an alarm. In this video, the device's creator demonstrates how ZOMM can prevent cell phone users from losing and misplacing their phones.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Is Wireless Steering Us in the Wrong Direction?

There is a push by some senators to provide $60 million to technology developers to create wireless, in-vehicle technology that would recognize whether the driver is drunk. Should the industry get involved in what proponents call a non-intrusive detection system or would industry be helping create a nanny state?

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