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Industry Trends & Events . . .
New U.S. Nukes Coming

New U.S. Nukes Coming It's been more than 30 years since the last nuclear power plant was built in the U.S. Yet according to, construction of multiple new plants is now underway — even in the face of the Fukushima crisis in Japan. That accident will cause U.S. nuclear regulators to demand new inspections and more oversight at the plants, but it won't stop plans for new facilities. Two new projects, from Southern Company's Georgia Power unit and SCANA Corporation's South Carolina Electric & Gas Co unit, are on track. Both companies want to add two Westinghouse Electric 1,154 MW reactors at existing sites.

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Tower Power: Baldor's Cooling Tower
Motor and Drive

Baldor Electric Company

Tower Power: Baldor's Cooling Tower Motor and Drive Baldor's RPM AC® Cooling Tower Direct Drive Motor is designed exclusively for cooling tower applications. The motor mounts directly to the fan, eliminating high-maintenance gearboxes, drive shafts, and couplings. Combined with Baldor's VS1CTD proprietary adjustable frequency drive, this combination offers improved reliability while greatly reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Power Systems Engineering — Online
Graduate Programs

Worcester Polytechnic Institute — Corporate and Professional Education Division

Power Systems Engineering — Online Graduate ProgramsAdvance your career in Power Systems Engineering! Earn an online Master's degree or graduate certificate.

•  Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering
•  Graduate Certificate: Protection and Control

Currently accepting students for both programs. Classes start Fall 2011.

Learn more about WPI — a technological university located in New England.

LIQUI-CEL® Gas Transfer Technology

LIQUI-CEL® Gas Transfer Technology Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors remove or add gasses to liquids. These devices are capable of removing CO2 <1ppm and O2 <1ppb without using chemicals. Liqui-Cel® Contactors have displaced many older degassing technologies in applications throughout the world. Our case studies describe how Liqui-Cel® Contactors have reduced costs and improved efficiency. To learn more, review our Product Tour.

Monitor Plant Equipment with ASME's PTCs

Monitor Plant Equipment with ASME's PTCs As the lifetime of plant equipment is lengthened, operators need up-to-date information on monitoring its performance. ASME's PM-2010 Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Power Plants provide fundamental considerations, program implementation, best-practices, and diagnostic examples. Visit us here for more ASME PTCs, including Hydraulic Turbines, Steam Surface Condensers, and Thermowells.

Battery Condition Monitors . . .
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Reliable Remote Battery Monitoring for Substations

Reliable Remote Battery Monitoring for Substations 15+ years track record of providing the most cost-efficient and reliable battery condition monitors:
1) The proven and effective online internal resistance monitoring has been recognized as the industry standard.
2) Real-time remote monitoring, alerts, and data trending via Ethernet or wireless.
3) Centralized management and data accessible from anywhere. Open protocol for easy integration into SCADA or Energy/Power management systems.

Electrical Power Generation . . .
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Video: Meet the World's Biggest Wind Turbine

Video: Meet the World's Biggest Wind TurbineThe new V164-7.0 machine from Vestas Wind Systems towers over even today's 2 and 3 MW turbines. Why? Because at 538 ft tall, it's taller than a soccer field is long. Given normal weather conditions, its annual output is estimated to be 30,000 MWh. This video puts the mammoth turbine in perspective.

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Better Biofuel Burning

Better Biofuel Burning A better understanding of biofuel properties will reduce complications for plants planning a transition to biomass co-firing or total conversion from coal. explains how to avoid fuel feed pitfalls, optimize overfire air systems, and reduce emissions and fuel costs in light of biomass characteristics.

Designing & Installing Power Systems . . .
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Boeing to Go Solar with South Carolina Plant

Boeing to Go Solar with South Carolina PlantRenewable energy will supply all the power for Boeing Co.'s new 787 jet assembly plant in South Carolina. More than 18,000 thin solar panels will cover the space of about eight football fields atop the roof of the massive building, producing up to 2.6 MW of electrical power.

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Massive Power/Seawater Plant Inaugurated

Massive Power/Seawater Plant Inaugurated One of the world's largest combined power and desalination plants is online in the United Arab Emirates. The facility generates 2,000 MW of electricity and can produce up to 130 million gallons of water a day. Three gas turbine combined-cycle blocks drive the Fujairah F2 Power and Seawater Desalination Plant.

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Diesel Generator Sets
Cummins Power Generation Americas

Diesel Generator Sets Diesel powered generator sets remain the number-one choice for standby and emergency power systems worldwide. Able to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step, Cummins diesel generator sets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance.

DHI Industrial Enclosures for Utilities and

DHI Buildings

DHI Industrial Enclosures for Utilities and Energy DHI Buildings is an established manufacturer of equipment enclosures and NEMA cabinets used in the utility, energy, oil and gas, and communication sectors to house electrical equipment, among other applications. Learn more.

General Purpose Distribution


General Purpose Distribution Transformers SolaHD offers efficient dry-type transformers (encapsulated, ventilated, or non-ventilated), 600 Volt Class, isolation type, single and three phase, through 500 kVA. Indoor and outdoor models are available. They are designed to meet the high energy-efficiencies required by NEMA Standard TP-1, T2, T5 and S5. More details...

New Intelligent OXITEC® 5000 Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer

New Intelligent OXITEC® 5000 Flue Gas Oxygen AnalyzerENOTEC Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzers outperform other systems with unique product design features, cell construction, and operating temperature incorporating more than 30 years of design and technology.

Features include real oxygen sensor lifetime indictor, real process gas system response time, real time clock and event logger, and more.

High Voltage Power Lines . . .
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Grid Project Aims to Prevent Blackouts

Grid Project Aims to Prevent Blackouts As we've seen in recent history, the blackout of a major power grid can be devastating for homes, businesses, emergency services, and city governments. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is funding the development of a cable that could link substations, and guarantee that the nation's utilities could withstand power surges.

ABB Scores $900 Million Power Superhighway
Deal in India

ABB Scores $900 Million Power Superhighway Deal in India ABB has been chosen to deliver an ultrahigh-voltage $900 million transmission system to India. According to Automation, the link will supply hydropower from northeastern India to the city of Agra, covering 1,728 km. ABB will work alongside Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, and the project is worth more than $1.1 billion total.

Power Distribution . . .
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Building the Case for Smart Meters

Building the Case for Smart Meters Moving to smart meters, and the advanced metering infrastructure that goes with them, requires significant investment and time commitment. Costs include system hardware (primarily meters) and software, installation, education, and integration. Even so, Electric Light & Power magazine makes the case that it's a wise investment for many power companies.

How One Zimbabwe Community is Seeing
the Light

How One Zimbabwe Community is Seeing the Light Thanks to Schneider Electric South Africa, a small community in eastern Zimbabwe is benefiting from a mini hydroelectric installation that generates 24 kVA from a hydro-driven turbine on the Wengezi River. According to SA Instrumentation & Control, there will be 100 power connections once the electricity distribution system is completed.

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Shrink Covers for Power Equipment

Transhield, Inc.

Shrink Covers for Power Equipment Applications Transhield's shrink wrap covers for power equipment applications are an alternative for heavy, expensive custom tarps or conventional shrink wrap. Covers are engineered for your applications for shipping and storage protection with anti-corrosion protection for expensive components. Easy to install with the added ability to shrink for a tight fit.

Multifunctional Power Quality Transducer
HC 6620

Hsiang Cheng Electric Corp.

Multifunctional Power Quality Transducer HC 6620 The HC 6620 Digital Power Transducer is a microprocessor-based instrument intended for power and energy measurement. Additional functionality option to provide control function as synchro check, function as undervoltage, overvoltage, etc. The HC 6620 is an Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) and stores these measured values and setting parameters in internal registers for communication.

Practically Universal Packing for Pumps
and Valves

Palmetto, Inc.

Practically Universal Packing for Pumps and Valves Our most popular packing for power plants, Palmetto 5080 is a near universal packing for pumps and valves. Flexible graphite with carbon corners delivers the exceptional performance you demand. Ask for Palmetto 5080.

4x4 Industrial Bypass Optical Switch

Lightwave Link, Inc.

4x4 Industrial Bypass Optical Switch (Advance) The 4x4 Industrial Bypass Optical Switch (Advance) utilizes fiber-to-fiber technology over an angled surface to achieve ultra-low losses and crosstalk. It is an external Optical Bypass Box for 10/1 Gbps fiber Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Learn from the Pros Who Write the Codes

ASME Training & Development

Learn from the Pros Who Write the Codes In-Company Training delivers group training at your company's site. ASME-approved experts — often Code Committee members — instruct best practices in mechanical and chemical engineering. Contact Paul Francis at +1-973-244-2304.

Video: Obama Says Clean Energy Key for
Job Growth


Video: Obama Says Clean Energy Key for Job Growth Clean energy is the way for the U.S. to stay ahead in the economic race, according to President Obama. When the President addressed the nation from the assembly floor of a hybrid vehicle transmission company in Indiana, he elaborated on how investments in a clean energy economy are America's best option for the future.

Diversions . . .
Chernobyl: 25 Years Later

Chernobyl: 25 Years Later Considering the nuclear disaster in Japan several months ago, and all the reflection and debate that's gone on since then, it seemed especially noteworthy when the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster arrived in April. To mark the occasion, the editors at assembled a huge collection of online information about the Ukrainian disaster, from photo galleries to articles to commentary about what can be learned — including how to turn the disaster into a tourist attraction.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Is the U.S. Ready for New Nukes?

Is it too soon to start building new nuclear reactors in the U.S.? Or has technology evolved enough that it's now safe to build new nukes?

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