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Video: Workerbot Could Make Manufacturing Smile

Video: Workerbot Could Make Manufacturing Smile Manufacturing industries, particularly the automotive industry, have used industrial robots to assemble and manufacture products faster and more consistently than humans can, but many applications that require two hands confound the traditional SCARA robot. Workerbot, developed in Germany, uses resistance sensors and special programming to allow its two hands to work together for small, low-volume assembly tasks. More importantly, the robot is easily reprogrammed and cheaper than the large industrial robots typically used by manufacturers. Would this robot make your production line smile?

Introducing GlobalSpec's Video Archive

Introducing GlobalSpec's Video ArchiveNow in its introductory phase, GlobalSpec's Video Archive provides direct access to GlobalSpec's Online Trade Show & Conference educational sessions developed by leading manufacturers and thought leaders. Available now for your viewing:

The World of Alternative & Renewable Energy
Energy Landscape in 2020: Smart & Sustainable

View additional presentations in the area of alternative and renewable energy, power generation & distribution equipment, and plant & facilities engineering. Watch as we further develop our video selections to include manufacturer's expert videos, product videos, and more.

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Learn the Sounds of Your Environment

SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Learn the Sounds of Your Environment Listen to your plant through the headphones of your ultrasonic detector and hear an entirely different world. Your factory floor sounds different when audible noise is filtered out and ultrasound dominates. Familiarize yourself with the plant's "parasite" ultrasounds and then ignore them and listen only to the ultrasound you want to hear.

Distance Learning Courses for

Infraspection Institute

Distance Learning Courses for Thermography Now you can receive the world's best infrared training without leaving your home or office. Infraspection Institute's online Distance Learning Thermography Courses enable you to take your infrared training wherever and whenever it's convenient for you. Choose from Level I and II Thermography or several industry-specific and applications courses.

ECOsine™ Active — Power Quality for Plants
and Facilities

Schaffner EMC Inc.

ECOsine™ Active — Power Quality for Plants and Facilities Harmonic current compensation, inductive and capacitive power factor correction, as well as load balancing in one device. Schaffner ECOsine™ Active: find out how it can sustainably improve your plant or facility.

Learn About Autodesk Plant and Design

Meta Meta Technologies

Learn About Autodesk Plant and Design Suite Autodesk's Plant and Design Suite, available through Meta Meta Technologies, is a comprehensive plant design and engineering solution that combine several individual software packages into a single package for faster time-to-productivity and better project coordination. Visit for more information.

Delivering Solutions . . .
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New Maintenance and Inspection Technology
RF System Lab

New Maintenance and Inspection Technology This all new articulating video borescope from RF System Lab features joystick-controlled, 4-way camera articulation and on-board image, video and audio capture. New features include a larger, built-in 3.5 in. LCD monitor, 2X digital zoom, and steel-braided insertion tube. The ergonomic design allow easy one-handed operation of all key functions. This battery-operated borescope weighs less than 2 lbs, and is very competitive on price and features. Call or email now to request a no-obligation demo unit.

Mechanical & Electrical Systems . . .
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Peering Into Fieldbus' Future

Peering Into Fieldbus' Future Ethernet, and particularly Power over Ethernet (PoE), will be big in industrial automation while wireless is predicted to lag behind estimates, according to this industrial fieldbus specialist. Read this reality check for industrial fieldbus hype and learn how common programming standards and new technologies will really change plant data infrastructure.

Don't Get Burned

Don't Get Burned Electrical retrofit or expansion projects often require the work of multiple electrical contractors, resulting in a gap in responsibility when it comes to firestopping and meeting building codes; this gap can put your plant at risk. Learn about firestopping techniques, how to oversee contractors to make sure this critical piece of the project isn't overlooked, and what building codes require.

Automation & Instrumentation . . .
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Injecting Quality Into Paint Manufacturing

Injecting Quality Into Paint Manufacturing Dunn-Edwards Corporation has made specialty paints for tough applications since 1925. In the past, workers added special ingredients to the slurry to meet requirements, but the quality was low. By moving to a fully automated system with process monitoring, the plant has significantly improved product quality while cutting labor costs.

Automation Technologies to Watch in 2011

Automation Technologies to Watch in 2011 Control systems security, wireless, vision systems, and data mining are just a handful of the hot technologies to watch this year, according to a round table of automation experts. Learn how these top-5 technologies, from cloud computing to tracking systems to asset performance management, can help make your operation more efficient.

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Cimclean Products Get the Job Done


Cimclean Products Get the Job Done Cimclean® is an extensive line of products designed to meet the needs of the most difficult cleaning environments, is the product of choice among shop supervisors around the world. Cimclean is part of the CIMCOOL family of metalworking fluids, which include the most technologically advanced fluids available for industrial operations.

Increase Safety and Reliability with 3D
Animated Procedures

SteelWater Imaging, Inc.

Increase Safety and Reliability with 3D Animated Procedures 3D animation can increase safety and reliability, capturing the right procedures for your employees who may not have previous experience with a critical or expensive piece of equipment.

Through 3D animation, you can ensure that your employees know how to operate your equipment safely and effectively. Download our brochure.

SM High Pressure Flowmeter and Switch

KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

SM High Pressure Flowmeter and Switch The SM Series is a solution to your rotameter needs where high pressures are abundant. The SM Series are available in either Water or Air ranges with configurations of visual indication only, visual indication with switch, or switch only.

ISO Vibration Analysis Training and

Mobius Institute

ISO Vibration Analysis Training and Certification Improve your machinery Condition Monitoring program with more effective Vibration Training and Certification. Mobius Institute's courses and certification exams meet ISO 18436-2, and use 3D animations and simulators to explain complex concepts. Courses can be delivered over the Internet, CD or classroom settings with certified instructors in over 40 countries.

Maintenance & Management . . .
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Conserve with Mechanical Insulation

Conserve with Mechanical Insulation Maintenance departments often overlook the energy and cost savings potential of mechanical insulation for HVAC, boilers, and other industrial conduits. Learn about the differences between routine building insulation and mechanical insulation, proper maintenance of mechanical insulation, and how you can save on your electrical bills.

Benchmark Your Maintenance Department

Benchmark Your Maintenance Department Judging your employees and the quality of their work isn't bad, particularly when it comes to important industrial departments such as maintenance. To judge your maintenance department, you need to have the right metrics in place. Learn how to judge your crew the right way with data that is timely, meaningful, honest, consistent, and relevant.

Products & Services . . .
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Don't Be Penny Smart, Pound Foolish

Don't Be Penny Smart, Pound Foolish Automated condition monitoring and lubrication equipment can make your maintenance department more effective by alerting them to problems in real time without a personal visit to each piece of critical manufacturing equipment. Monitoring frequency, velocity, acceleration, and envelope signals can help you maintain your valuable assets.

Cold-weather Lubricants

Cold-weather Lubricants Choosing a lubricant for an extreme environment — specifically arctic cold — requires special consideration of the application and the forces that will affect the lubricant. Polyalphaolefins and other synthetic materials have the right performance characteristics to perform as oils and greases in cold environments, including a low coefficient of friction and resistance to contaminants.

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Exact JobBOSS: The #1 Leader in Shop
Management Software


Exact JobBOSS: The #1 Leader in Shop Management Software Exact JobBOSS Starter is designed specifically for job shops and specialty contract manufacturers that require a simple way to track jobs from quoting to delivery. View a quick product overview video online. For more information, visit our Web site and be on your way to a more efficient job shop!

Agglomerators and Fluid Bed Processing

GEA Process Engineering Inc.

Agglomerators and Fluid Bed Processing Systems Niro's Food and Dairy Dryer Division has been specializing in spray dryers/agglomerators and fluid bed processing systems for the food and dairy industries. We offer the latest technology and engineering expertise to help you face the challenges of a constantly evolving market.

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Attend GlobalSpec's On-Demand Events

Attend GlobalSpec's On-Demand Events Visit our On-Demand events to view leading-edge presentations, interact with manufacturer representatives via email, and download valuable resources including presentations, product information, technical articles, and more.

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No Paper Tigers Here

No Paper Tigers Here Chinese companies are generally considered to be behind the curve when it comes to competing with companies from developed countries, but that may not be true, according to this column. Supported by unprecedented levels of state-sponsored financing and technology transfers from global companies, China actually scores higher than the U.S. (or any other developed country) on Georgia Tech's "High Tech Indicators" list.

Diversions . . .
Busting Clean Energy Myths

Busting Clean Energy Myths MIT's Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change has developed a modeling framework to see the real possibilities and impacts of clean versus traditional energy sources. The study challenges commonly held conceptions such as that oil will run out, that renewable energy sources are neutral to the environment, and that transformative technologies are required to achieve greater energy efficiency around the world.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Can Robots Take Over Manufacturing?

Could a robot do your job? Is that ultimately a good thing for your industry? Are robot workers a good thing for society?

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